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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day at Mom and Dads

I had to work this morning 5 to 10 and so Scott did all the driving and I napped on the way up and a little more on the way back from my parents' place. I got a few picture's of some of the children and then the rest of the time was spent eating and chatting with family we have not seen in awhile. It was a good day!
Phoenix (My Brother Jack's youngest child)

Abby ( Jack's daughter)

Dougie (Jack and Nichole's Oldest - recently graduated kindergarten)

And the teens - "DON"T TAKE OUR PICTURE GIRLS!"                           
Kandise (Sister Hazel's daughter) and Kayla (Brother Charles' daughter)
Somehow I missed getting a picture of our youngest little fellow - Austin (Charles son). 
My sister Robin and Family were not there and were missed.

OH..... OH.... OH....
Before I forget today is the day I got Scott to pull a comment from a basket and.....

Drum Roll........

If you will email me your address at playsinsoil1ATyahooDOTcom I will get it right out in the mail for you.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time for another walk by the river

Toad Sentry at the beginning of our walk.
Scott and I sitting by the river together.

Dead Man's Finger's and another Fungi on a stump.
Paw Paw's - We can hardly wait for these to ripen so that I can try to make some Paw Paw Bread.
It was wonderful just sitting and watching the River go by for awhile.
English Ivy

Curious Box Turtle

Mating Skinks.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I was reading a blog the other day and she was writing about her memories of places from her past so I thought I would go through some old photos and see what I could come up with for a post of my own. I don't have but one or two of me as a baby and only a few of my early childhood; the rest were left with my Grandmother when I moved South and now it appears they are lost.But here goes.....
1968-1969 Me on the Farm in New York with Katy as a puppy.

Me in my Grandma's "wash tub" - she would put water in it to let me play.

Me - Huge pony tails and belly hanging out in front of Grandma's Dahlias.

Me with Katy again on the lower side of the farm house where I started my life.

Me and Katy again with the "garage" in the back ground. The building behind the garage is the old "carriage" shed where we stored straw for bedding in the loft and equipment below.

"Flower Room" on the front of the Farm House. I had my "doll hospital" in there where I would take my sick dolls and care for them.

1978 - A little snow! Something I rarely see here in the South.

1978 more snow.
I don't know the dates on most of these pictures as it wasn't written on the backs but I'm pretty sure they were all in the 1970's.

Too Early

We went to try to pick blackberries but as you can see they aren't quite ready. We did find enough to make a batch of Blackberry Muffins. I just use the same recipe as I do for Blueberry Muffins but use the Blackberries instead; I've even used Strawberries in the same recipe. 

So we will wait a couple weeks and go back to pick berries. Since we couldn't pick today we scoped out a LOT more patches and have plans to pick a bunch - some for jam and some to freeze for pies and cobblers later in the year. While we  were looking for berry patches we spotted some other interesting things along the way. Here is a pictorial tour....
On the way home I felt something under my right arm... a tick... YUCK! I could hardly wait to get home so we could check for others. They just creep me out SO BAD!

Don't forget to visit yesterday's post to join in a fun give-a-way

Friday, May 27, 2011


Today I bought some patterns at Jo-Ann Fabrics while they were 5 for $5 - thats right $1 a piece. Well when I got home I found I all ready had this pattern in my pattern stash and I did think about taking it back; but then I decided it would be more fun to offer it up as a give-a-way and this time it's open to everyone. So just leave a comment if you would like a chance to win this pattern. It is a size L - XL. LET THE FUN BEGIN!

I'll draw a winner on Memorial Day - Monday.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

On My Mind... Projects Waiting Completion

I have had this skirt cut out for WEEKS and now it sits waiting for me to complete it and it's been joined by fabric for a blouse to match it... go figure... yet another project. I have got to work hard on that character flaw... too many projects waiting to be finished.  UGH! But new ones are so very hard to resist.
A weekly feature at Down To Earth

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Working my way through the frogs....

I'm trying to wrap up a swap so that I can get it in the mail before Memorial Day as that is the mailing deadline. If you look back here you can see how I started to use this fabric....
that an on-line quilting friend, Carrolyn sent me awhile ago as her "ugly fabric". My task was to turn it into something(s) a little more "pretty". This is what I've made so far; A tote with interior pockets, a magnet closure and a bit of frill AND a Microwave Potato cooker. (I'll send the instructions on how to use it along in the package). The little pile of fabric to the right in the picture is what I have left of the yard that she sent to me... But I'm not finished yet! I'll use as much of it as I can.
Microwave Potato Sack and tote bag.
Inside of tote

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lovely Outcome

Do you all remember the BUTT UGLY peachy fabric from this previous post? Well Diane in Maine worked her magic and sent me back the cutest fluttery little bag with many interior pockets for the odds and ends that we all carry in our bags and then can't locate because they've all "hit the bottom". 

I think it's an adorable Summer bag... now to make some clothes that it will go with; but no more peach - I'll focus on the other colors. Perhaps a sweet little white or purple sun-dress.

Diane also sent me some cute Eye Spy squares for that swap that we are doing together. 
I just realized I sent an 8" square instead of an 81/2" square to Diane and Carrolyn - I'll remedy that and send an extra 8 1/2" square to each the next go around. Diane sent 3 of each size so I owe her more squares too. Perhaps I will cut a bunch of squares today since I'm not up to anything to strenuous after yesterday's bout in the yard.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Backyard Clean up and Garlic Harvest

I spent several hours in the backyard this morning; twas out there until about 2 this afternoon. I got the grass all mowed and then about half of it trimmed back from Jungle. Here are my results...
Back left corner of the yard.
"Chestnut tree sporting it's dread locks"
Magnolia Blooms
Lantana (by hunk of wood) that I need to relocate as it doesn't get enough sun here.
Chestnut "Bloom"
Bernadette aka My little Helper
Under the Chestnut - as you can see we are painting the shed "Georgian Yellow"
Freshly transplanted plants I bought a couple weeks ago.
Scott's AMAZING garlic.

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