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Friday, January 31, 2020

Feb 2020 - in less than an hour

It is currently 11:10 PM January 31rst... can you believe a month is GONE already? WOW! I have been a horrible Blogger once again and we have fallen off the Vegan Wagon. I can do it... Scott seems to need the "meat".  Perhaps I just need to do more research on how to get alternative proteins. If anyone has any recommendation on a book or website with GREAT info on getting all the right Nutrients from a Vegan diet; please let me know in the comments below.

Saturday, January 04, 2020

2020 is HERE!

Today is January 4th, 2020... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I remember my 16 year old self standing in the barn on the farm thinking ... wow I will be OLD in the year 2000... woo hoo a whopping 36! I never thought I would live to 2020 at that time. Not sure why but I thought my life would be so short. I am so thankful I found Scott and had Greg; they have filled my life with so many happy memories. May 2020 be filled with many more special moments.

We worked on the house over the Christmas Holiday and I will be painting in my old hobby room the next time we are down there. I have primed everything and even got  the ceiling painted so next I will paint the trim, inside of the closet and the walls. Scott will work on replacing the two windows while I paint. We are hoping to have it completed so we can move our bedroom furniture into that room so we can get started on the Master bedroom next. We also need to sand and paint  the closet and room doors in a nice crisp white. Just doing that makes the rooms look fresh and bright as well as larger. All the little things ad up and we are hoping will give us a better chance at getting top dollar when we sell.

Scott has some repairs to make in the sheet rock in the Master bedroom before I can start painting in there. Baby steps but we are planning to list the place in May. I have a list of tasks to complete by then and we are slowly getting things checked off that list.

While Scott starts  the sheetrock repair work in the Master bedroom later this month and in February I want to clean the yard up really well and mulch all the flower beds. There are still a couple raised beds in the backyard that need to be taken out and the dirt spread about and grass planted. We also want to dismantle the original shed we built and Scott wants to save some of the lumber to reuse for shelves up here in the garage at the cottage. If only we could find more hours in the days we are there. 

Next time we are down I will put the To-Do list here on this blog so you all can see how we progress. I may have to start going down more when areas are available to paint. I can't next week as I have a Doctors appointment - just routine check-up to check  that I am keeping my A1C down. And the dreaded PAP smear... UGH! 

We also have to be courteous to Greg and be as quiet as possible in the mornings as he works so late and is sleeping in the mornings. We are on a similar schedule so we know how hard it is to get good sleep and Greg works to  the wee hours of the morning and then doesn't get to sleep until 5 AM or after. Anyone that thinks a person can come straight home from work and fall straight to sleep is fooling themselves. There is winding down time, fur babies that need love and attention, a bath or shower, prep for the next day. Well you get the idea. 

I need to get better about taking photographs again. My camera has been giving me fits even after the trip in for repairs and I am not willing to spend anymore money on it. I have another really nice camera... just need to learn how to use it. 

Until next time... have a wonderful weekend.


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