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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


It's been overcast and raining on and off for over a week and I am feeling so... BLAH! I need to get some sunshine! When I don't get sunshine depression moves in and I find myself just muddling through days... not even enjoying them... just glad each day is over. That is no way to go through life. A day of sunshine would lift my spirits so much. BRING ON SOME sunshine PLEASE!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


We have been getting some desperately needed rain this week and I am glad it has arrived but I am starting to feel the NEED for some sunshine. All rain and no sun makes for a sad me. I did just take these two photos of some rain drops sitting on some Mimosa leaves outside our porch door as I thought it looked like piles of diamonds. SO GLITTERY!

I have been working on some crafty projects too and have several more planned to make for the upcoming Holidays. Of course Halloween is first! My favorite Holiday... all fun!
A Couple hand painted ATC's for some friends.

Simple Halloween cards to add to swap packages with other Crafters around the World.
And I have done some cooking; with the cooler weather we have enjoyed some soup. Fall is "comfort food season". Don't you think?
Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup

Saturday, September 05, 2015

WELCOME September!

HI YA' ALL!!!! I know that I've been VERY bad and not posted in quite awhile! Sorry about that.

Lets see... we finished up at Scott's Uncle's house and it is ready to be put on the market. We are ALL glad to have it to this point and think we did really well. I created a walk through video and I will share it here.

It was a work of love and the 3 of us (Scott, his sister, Adele and I) had so much fun working together and talking about fond memories of Uncle Jesse and Aunt MaryEtta. They were two VERY wonderful people and we miss them so much.

I have also been creating a few things! I'm in an Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap and created 6 ATC's for that with a creepy Halloween theme. Let me introduce you to "Creepy Charlie's Welcome" series.  Isn't he CREEPY? I colored the skull and candle by hand with Prismacolor pencils. The sentiment was found on Pinterest - ah Pinterest the Time Suck of all time!  I just love making ATC's and trading them... they are 100 times more fun to trade than Baseball cards... well in my opinion they are,

I've had some absolutely gorgeous blooms greeting me each morning as I return home from work. My two Rose of Sharon have really put on a show this year; here they are!

I just LOVE them!

I took some time and did a clean up on my Hobby room. It is nearly ready to have me happily crafting away in there. I still have a few things to get back in there that are still on my desk and the dining room table. I feel like a Lion Tamer trying to get myself back in my Crafting Room! 

I hope everyone that takes the time to check in here has a wonderful Holiday Weekend here in the USA! Take care... be safe... love the ones that love you!

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