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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Friday... Put back out

When I got up Friday morning my back was a little sore; I went to work and by 8 AM my back was starting to hurt real bad. By 9 am when I got off from work I could barely walk and was glad I made it home in one piece. Could barely get out of the car and into the house and then I was in so much pain I was in tears. I took my prescriptions - 1 Anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer. I got in one of the recliners with a heating pad and did not move unless I had to make a trip to the bathroom which required a lot of support from Scott. He was ready to take me to the Emergency Room. I'm better than I was on Friday but am still in pain and having some trouble moving but better. I may not be able to work tomorrow but I am going to wait and see how I feel by tonight. Healing thoughts and Prayers would be appreciated.

Yesterday I felt a little better so was able to work a little on the new afghan that I started around Christmas. I'm currently adding a red round and after I am done with those 2 skeins I will be adding 3 skeins of a turquoise. It's VERY bright and colorful. I am making this one for us as I have made and given away so many things I thought it was time to make and keep a few things.

Scott and Greg have been so wonderful the past couple days and I am thankful for them both.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

3:47 AM --- 27*F... Feels like 15*F

Can I stay home? I know it is so much colder in other places but this is COLD for us! I don't even own a heavy coat so I will have to layer up heavily this morning. I am ever so THANKFUL we have heat! When I get home from work today I will be letting the dogs hang out in the bonus room for awhile. Yesterday they got out of the yard some how. Either someone opened a gate or the wind was so strong it opened a gate. Our neighbor was ringing the door bell last evening to let us know Bernadette was running around in her front yard. I let her in the house and went to see where she got out - thats when I discovered Amelia was also out of the back yard. I couldn't find any way they could have gotten out other than someone or something  opening one of the latches on one of the gates. I started calling Amelia and she came right to the gate and I let her in - she was so tired. Poor old girl wore herself out running wild.

I'm going to follow along with an Art Journal prompt/activity that I came across on You Tube a  few days ago. It's called Journaling By 5's.  Last night I spent about an hour gluing pages in a cheap Composition notebook to create 20 thicker pages to handle the prompts. Tonight I will be starting on part one - Paint and ink. You have to cover one side of each page with paint in a 15 minute session... all 20 pages in 15 minutes. Should be loads of fun and I am going to use my oldest paints just to get them used up before they go totally bad. This is what it looks like this morning... nice and fat!

Monday I finished a crocheted cat bed for Tesla... he liked it for about 30 minutes. He would much rather lay on something we have recently taken off. But it is there for him if he ever decides he needs it again.

Well time to get ready for work. BRRRR... so wishing I could stay home in this nice warm house.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Day

I forgot to write about what we did on Valentines day... we went to Goodwill and Ollies! Didn't buy a thing at Goodwill but bought some household goods at Ollies as their pricing on cleaners and food are quite reasonable... cheap! Of course if you see something you like you better not put off buying it as "ONCE IT'S GONE IT'S GONE!"

I bought Greg a small rug to put by his bed as he has been complaining about how things get tracked into his bed since we ripped out all the carpeting.

Scott and I shared words of love for one another and that was just fine with both of us. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day!

Yesterday Morning at our Feeders

One of MANY Cardinals

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Carolina Wren

Downy Woodpecker

House Finch

Squirrel... AKA FEEDER HOG!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

VERY Chilly walk....

Scott and I decided to walk along the river this morning after breakfast. With the wind it was SO cold. I was so glad to get back home and indoors.
We knew this tree was close to toppling over so it was really no surprise to see that the City had come through and cut it down. It really was a hazard and with the winds we've been having something tragic could have occurred,

Not really much left ALIVE to hold it upright.
The sky was amazingly BLUE.

There were a whole bunch of Robins in this tree munching on these berries. I had to try for a photo even though it put us in a perilous predicament of possibly being pooed on.

Capital City of South Carolina - Columbia, SC

Striking contrast!

Saturday, February 14, 2015


To my LOVE... I want many more Valentines Days with you!

I LOVE you more every year and am so thankful for your Love and Care!

I LOVE that you chose me to share your life and to go through life's struggles with.

I LOVE that you are a wonderful Father to our son.

I LOVE that you put up with my moods!

I LOVE that you can fix just about ANYTHING!

I LOVE that you love Nature as much as I do.

I LOVE that you work so hard to support us and even do a job you don't LOVE to do so.

I LOVE that you like quiet mornings.

I LOVE that you appreciate my talents and creations and put up with the mess I create doing them.

I LOVE going on Adventures with you... even the small ones of daily living and exploring.

Most of all I LOVE you for just who you are!


Saturday, February 07, 2015


HELLO! Or should I say "Hey Ya' all!" It's been a FULL week of happenings! Monday and Tuesday our new 4 ton Gas Pack was installed so we are happily warm once more! If it wasn't 28*F out there right now I would go outside and get a better picture. I took this one through my craft room window. We are so thrilled with the installation and would happily recommend Wilson Heating and Cooling to ANYONE in the Columbia SC area!

During the week while sitting around I made a few things too.
A birthday card for a 5 year old little girl.
And a couple more Valentin cards for the swap I instigated on You Tube 

Then yesterday we had to get everything moved away from the walls in our Bonus Room that is Scott's playroom so that Cayce Exterminating could do our yearly termite inspection. This is a GREAT thing as it has got Scott cleaning up in there and going through things. He is throwing some things out and re-organizing his space as he goes. We have some plans to make the space even more User friendly and may even get to a point where he and I can share the space and we will have a spare bedroom for guests to stay in eventually. Here is how his room is looking this morning...

In the last picture you see two windows in a little alcove; we are planning to install a window seat there with storage underneath and then floor to ceiling shelving or cabinets all along  the wall to the right  and over to the door into the kitchen. It will give us TONS of storage space. I am THRILLED we are making some changes to meet our needs here and down sizing our belongings as we go. I mean how much "STUFF" is enough. I would love to get to where we are just storing things we will use within a month or two instead of YEARS. 

And my final picture will be of Mr Tesla! He thinks we've had a tremendous Cat Warmer installed just for him in the kitchen...
Poor Old Boy - he just doesn't handle being cold well at all anymore. He is 15 now.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Time to play catch up again!

Our new furnace is scheduled to be installed tomorrow but Scott is thinking that perhaps they will be postponing that as there are some severe thunderstorms expected tonight and rain through tomorrow. I am hoping the rain clears out quickly as I am quite tired of being cold!

While I've been stuck in one room this past week I have colored more images and have turned them into Valentine cards to swap with other You Tube Crafters. Here are the ones I've made so far...
I am so enjoying making these little cards and hope that the gals that get one like them as much as I have in creating them. I have a few more to make and want to have them done and ready to be mailed out this week as some are going over seas. I feel like a kid again with my colored pencils.
Wednesday I had a new windshield installed in my car as Tuesday when I came out of work to head home I saw my windshield had a foot long crack in it on the passenger side. THANKFULLY we have full coverage on this car so it didn't cost us a dime to get it replaced. Hopefully this one will last for several years. When it rains it pours!

Scott made his trip to Kansas City for work this week and it was warmer there than it was here. He was still happy to be back home and I was THRILLED to have him home again to keep his side of the bed warm. 

I love this photo I snapped of Scott last week in front of the old Cayce Grocery down by the Railroad tracks. He just needs another "old Coot" sitting next to him to shoot the breeze. It really is a shame these old buildings aren't put back into use as I think they are so intriguing.

Two cats, some soup and a dog

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