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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's the Little Things

We arrived back at  the cottage and all is well. Scott came back up on Sunday and I returned on Monday as Monday morning I had to take Piper for her second booster shots. Piper had gained a full pound since her last visit and continues to grow like a weed. I am so glad Greg has her for companionship but I miss her antics and chirpy meow. I will get a kitten or cat once we are in a home our own.

Scott bought me a couple of little things to make my life a little more comfortable. First was a pair of "Glamour Gloves" to protect my  hands while doing dishes. I LOVE these as my hands were getting SO dry and cracking. The only problem I had was getting them back off so I am going to go buy some baby powder to put inside the gloves. Aren't they "SPIFFY"?

Next he knows how much I love hot tea so he got me a beautiful red kettle to heat water for my tea. I just love it... so SHINY!

I brought a bunch of my paper crafting goodies and craft paint up so I can craft away while Scott is at work. And that of course makes me VERY happy!!!! Although I think my eyes were bigger  than my available space but I will work it all out. Once I get that all sorted out I will share my set up here.

I still LOVE my short little strand of star lights over the kitchen window. Such a soft and comforting light to wash dishes below.

Life really is all about the little things! ENJOY ALL OF THEM!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Escaped to Cayce

Friday Scott's Boss told him to go ahead and get out of work as the weather was just getting nastier by the minute. So Scott called me and told me to get things together so we could get out of Greenville before the worst of the storm arrived.When he got back to the cottage we loaded up and got out of there as quick as we could.
This is one of the Cedar trees near the driveway; it was getting quite heavy with ice at about 11 AM Friday. The storm seemed to follow us for quite awhile and the winds were picking up.The icing stopped on the trees about an hour South of Greenville and we were glad to be in clear weather. It's been cold here in Cayce but no ice just a few dusty snow flurries. Scott will be going back up to the cottage tomorrow and I will follow on Tuesday. Monday I have to take Piper to get her booster shots and ask what the next step will be in the treatment on the dogs for the heart worms.

Since we got down here Friday we were able to pick my car up from the transmission shop.... $1735.80 later I have a rebuilt transmission. Scott wanted to get an alignment since they had so much disconnected working on the transmission so we headed straight to the Tire and Alignment shop... well my car needed a tie rod end... so about another $215 later I am safe to be on the road. We also bought windshield wiper blades for both of our cars and Scott will install them tomorrow. Scott also filled up both cars wiper reservoirs with de-icer windshields wiper fluid.

Then this morning Greg's says the Power steering pump is going bad on the truck so we bought him a new power steering pump... another $50! UGH! He will take the old one back and get a $16 core refund. It just seems like all the vehicles are listening to each other and are having jealousy tantrums! Now lets hope and pray thats IT for awhile!

I think Piper has missed Scott more than me as anytime he is still she is on him.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Front Room at "The Cottage"

Well I worked and worked on this today and have finally got to a point where I'm calling this "GOOD". I did a little more rearranging and am happy with how it all looks. I still have a couple areas I couldn't get to but it's not enough to bother me. I now have room for a craft area so when I come back up here I will be bringing a selection of my crafting supplies.

Thankfully I don't have to do a thing in the bedroom!

Scott is looking into someway to repair the wall in the bathroom and a deep clean of baseboards and the doors and it will be good to go. I did relocate a small dresser in there to hold towels and such today but I'm not ready to share photos in  there yet.

I hope everyone reading this at least finds these posts interesting. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Scott's Control Center

I spent today scrubbing down cornices, baseboards and picture rails in part of the main living area so that I could rearrange furniture and get Scott's desk set up so that he could get his computer up and running. It benefited me as well as now I have full use of the laptop.

Tomorrow I am to expect the electrician back out to finish some work and I need to call the fuel oil company to have more heating oil delivered.

This morning I went out and filled the two bird feeders and a suet cake holder and had fun watching the chickadees for awhile while I was eating lunch. I would really like to find a Shepherds hook to hang one of the feeders closer to the windows that we can easily see out of everyday.

I hope  that my car will be ready by next week so  that while Scott is working I can do some exploring up here. I guess thats all I have for today.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Dishes Done and a New Week Begun

Scott and I are up in Greenville at the little house this week and I am without transportation so I may get a little stir crazy by Friday. So far today I've made the bed and cleaned up the kitchen; which does not take long with it being just the two of us.

Last night when we got up here I hung a short strand of star shaped garden  lights over the kitchen sink and they help immensely with getting to the bathroom at night. They are something fun to brighten up the tiny kitchen as well. I bought this strand of fun lights years ago at the end of the season at JoAnn's. They are finally coming in handy.

I brought some crafting supplies up and some cookbooks to look through. I have some tasks I would like to do here in the house but I will wait until tomorrow to start on them as I had a horrible night with my stomach. I am not sure if it was something I ate or a bug so I am taking it kinda easy today and may even catch a nice nap this afternoon to make up for the lack of sleep last night.

For those off work today for Martin Luther King Day I hope you do something enjoyable.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy Rainy Sunday

Awoke to it raining once again... It is so hard to get anything done when it is raining. We so want to get Scott's new shed painted but the rain won't stay away long enough for us to do it on the weekends. We did get the raw trim parts nearly done with the primer before we ran out of primer. We did discover after dark that we do in deed have another gallon of Primer so we will try again next weekend.

We went to Home Depot  last night and got some more supplies for projects at the little house for this week so I will be pretty busy working on that.  I will be sure to take some before and after pictures to share as we go.

Greg is coming down with something and I am hoping and praying it is not the flu. He has congestion and a sore throat; I've told him to go to the Doctor tomorrow if it gets any worse so he can be tested for the Type A flu as it is running wild here in South Carolina. The sooner he can get started with the Tami-flu the better. I will be worrying about him all week but he is grown and I have to trust he will do what is the best for himself.

I guess I better get some breakfast started and finish up the laundry so we can head back to the little house this afternoon. We will be driving into a wintery mix unless it clears off early.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

He is back!

Scott has returned to our house after a week of staying at the little house without me. I had made a pot roast and some vegetables and after we ate he said he wanted to treat me to some ice cream at Zesto's... we are so going to miss that place! I got a banana split and he got a hot fudge sundae with nuts. Definitely NOT part of a diabetic diet but it tasted so good!

I thought I'd share a few pictures of Greg's kitten; she is growing like a weed.

Friday, January 15, 2016

A New Year Begins

OK.. so where on Earth have I been? Well there was Christmas; I left Michael's on December 18th and Scott started a new job on January 11th. Scott and I will be moving to the Upstate of South Carolina and Greg will remain here keeping an eye on this house until we have it ready to sell then he will either move with us, stay here in a place of his own or move to Maryland with friends.

Lets back up to Christmas.. we had a wonderful Christmas together the three of us. We all spoiled each other badly and had such a lovely time together. We went over to Scott's Moms' on Christmas Eve and Christmas day and ate some delicious food.  Scott's brother Steve and wife , Jane were down from Tennessee and Scott's brother David and wife Debbie were also there. We missed having Adele and Tom but they decided to stay in Atlanta and have a nice quiet Christmas together this year. My family all had other commitments so we didn't get to spend anytime with any of them. Maybe next year if we are settled in a new home we will invite family there. Scott bought me an amazing new SLR camera so that I can take the Certification course at Tech. I am hoping something like it is offered in the Greenville area as we won't be here for me to take it now. And Greg bought me a glass tea kettle and a rubber stamp of a couple sitting on a bench together... the stamp is one I have been wanting for a very long time.It was just such a nice Christmas.

December 18th was my last day at Michael's; I had 5 years in with them and I enjoyed the work up until the end. I do believe it was perfect timing that Scott got this job in the Upstate as I believe it was time for me to let go my position. Right now I am so busy sorting through basically our life deciding what we really need in our future and what things I can let go of. Man alive do we have a lot of stuff! Scott went through the things on his desk so we could take that and his computer up to the little house we are staying in until we find a new home of our own. As he was going through the things on his desk he just kept saying... "Why do I hang on to so much crap?" , "Why are we saving this crap?" etc... you get the picture. Here is the video I made last weekend to share our first obsticles and a walk through f the little house we are staying in...

My car is still at the transmission shop and it will remain there through next week. It is requiring a full transmission rebuild to the tune of $1700. The car is 10 years old and has over 140,000 miles on it so I guess it was time. Repairing it is still better than taking on another car payment. So needless to say once I got home last Sunday and turned the rental back in and got my car over to the shop I have been a home body for the most part. My Mother-in-law did take me to Panera bread for lunch one day and I used the truck another day while Greg was sleeping to run down to the grocery store for a few necessities. Scott will be coming back down here tonight and we will try to get some things tackled here and then Sunday I will be going back up with him so I can cook for him and help him get around... it really does help to have the support of your spouse when you are establishing new routines and he has missed me badly this first week. I will be without wheels but there is plenty for me to do up there. Then the following weekend we will be back down here and I will stay down until my car is ready. I also have to take Piper back in for a set of booster shots and to see about the next step in care for the dogs as they have both tested positive for heart worms. Amelia is really too old to handle the full treatment and Bernadette is completely blind and on the borderline of getting the full treatment but we are going ahead with it and see how things go for her. If Amelia dies (she is nearly 16) we will have to change Bernadette's living arrangements as she won't be able to be outside on her own.  We have decided that we are much better cat parents than we are dog parents and we will not take in anymore dogs.

I have missed Scott so badly and Pray that we will have many more years to share this grand adventure together on this planet.

I ordered moving boxes for U-Haul and they arrived this morning so I guess I will get to packing some up. I hope all my fellow Bloggers are doing well.

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