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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A walk..a harvest... a craft

So Calming!
Scott and I went for a walk along the river today; a short walk but very enjoyable. It was getting hotter and stickier by the second.
This is a grape vine that was hanging over the walkway.
Raccoon tracks

A shaded boardwalk portion of the River-walk

Dehydrated leaf
I was able to pick these beauties that we will enjoy as they ripen on our counter top. We ate the reddest one today with our dinner. OH IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!

The cats decided the best way to spend the day was sleeping in an air-conditioned house. Don't they look so comfortable... see why we call them nap lures?


And finally a craft project that I finished today. The ribbon Christmas tree that I started a couple weeks back.


I'm joining in again with Evi at Sister Sun with her weekly color feature and this week's color is brown.
Cookies for work...

Building on the Main Street (Gennesse St)  in my hometown...

Doggy I came home from the hospital with in 1964...

Eggs from my Mom's chickens...

Round Robin that I added a round of brown squares to before sending on ...

Snail on the River-walk.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

10 Acres in Fairfield County; Winnsboro, South Carolina - FOR SALE

This property is located on Old Douglas Road in Winnsboro, South Carolina. Just a few miles up the road from the Lebanon Mart (LM). There is an old run down small house toward the middle of the property but it is basically raw land. It's a gorgeous quiet piece of country property. It has a large open field at the front followed by a hedge row with an open area behind it followed by a strip of woods. At the back of the woods there is another open pasture area. We are asking $45,250 for this 10 acres.

Open area behind hedge row.
Another photo of the open area behind the hedge row.
A look back toward the hedge row and the front fied beyond.

Back pasture area - red "X" is part of the 10 acres for sale.

The little old house.

Front field as we prepare to mow.
If you are interested in purchasing this 10 Acres please contact us via our contact info on this blog. Or if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below and we will reply asap.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

YEAH! Feeling Better and the Weekend is nearly here...

Yesterday morning I was asked to shift my schedule to a 7 AM arrival instead of 5 as the truck was coming at a different time and they wanted me there to work on plan-o-grams in preparation for the truck's delivery. So I was here for sunrise and I was gifted this amazing sight. It was amazing!

Then last evening when I took some trash and recycling out to the containers I scared up 3 nestlings - 3 sweet little doves. This one landed on Greg's truck and just sat there watching me so I came inside and grabbed the camera. It was such a sweet little thing sitting there watching me.
 There was a Realtor and family looking at the house next door and they came to see what I was photographing and I talked a bit with them. It looks like a young couple with a sweet baby girl are going to be our new neighbors but we will see if they are able to get it. They've reduced the price so much... $112,000; which makes it a real steal for that couple. I hope they are able to get it. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

House of Sickness

All three of us are feeling really floppy and over all cruddy. Not sure what we have caught but  we ache and all we want to do is sleep. We can't afford to stay home and miss work so we are still plugging away and getting to our jobs. I hope everyone is having a better week than we are... things will get better... things will get better... things will get better... mantra for the day...week...year.

Monday, July 23, 2012


I looked out and saw this sunset and had to grab the camera to try to capture it; absolutely gorgeous. The Cicada's were "singing" away so I tried to catch them on video as well. The moon is but a crescent but still a delight to see in the darkening sky.

Black - Color of this week

I'm once again tagging along with Evi over at Sister Sun with her weekly color feature and this weeks color is black.
Click Bug!~

Helgromite - Nymph stage of a Dobson fly.

Vintage car at the car show we attended a few weeks ago.

Dragon Fly

My favorite seasoned electric skillet - it was a wedding gift - 1985! And still going strong!

Our son as a cute little bank robber.

My Beautiful niece all dressed up for her Senior Recital - Voice of an Angel!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Special Treat

We saw this small herd of deer on our drive to the boat ramp and back. We also saw a horned owl and a couple frisky bunnies but I wasn't able to get their photographs.

Learning to sit on my hands!

Scott keeps telling me thats something I need to learn to do to fry foods well. I generally leave any and all frying of foods up to him as he does an amazing job of it but I'm trying to learn to do it myself. I have some okra frying for part of our supper and it's all I can do NOT to stir it so I decided to start this post to help me "sit on my hands" and let the food cook.... better go check it though.
ok... I only gave it a LITTLE stir... now wait... I guess I'm a better stir fry cook than a "home fryer".

This morning before the sun had even really got up in the sky I went out and started mowing the backyard - what a mess! It was so long and still wet and took forever to mow. Amelia was barking and barking with joy as she was so happy to have "her" lawn mowed. I just had not been able to get out there and mow after work as it is so hot by that time of day. I was streaming sweat by the time I got the entire lawn mowed but it looks a lot better.

It's looking like a storm is moving in and we will be treated to another afternoon/evening thunder storm. We need the rain but I could do without the loudness. It's currently 95* but feels like 103* - I'm glad I'm not out there mowing right now.

Yesterday's great plans fell to the wayside as I was just extremely exhausted and ended up sleeping nearly all day and I think I could go to bed right now and sleep until morning. I'm not sure where my energy has gone but I hope it returns in the Fall with the cooler weather... I do so much better in the Fall and Winter.

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Must have been a ruff night.
I slept in until 6 this morning! I was glad for the little extra sleep. I took my first cup of coffee out and sat on the front steps calling for Nick and as I waited for his fluffy fanny to appear I listened to the birds start their day. I believe a Pileated Woodpecker was in the tall pines down the street as it kept calling and calling; I wish I could have seen it. The Mocking Birds were making a lot of noise here in the front yard and went on the attack when Nick finally appeared and came running up the street. Those birds give him such a hard time.

We don't really have anything planned for this weekend but the yard needs to be mowed and the laundry needs to be done as usual. I have some other projects that I'd like to get accomplished as well but they depend on the weather staying clear as it is a bunch of trimming out in the yard; it's pretty overcast at the moment.

Yesterday before I left work I was given my yearly review and am now earning 32 cents more an hour. YEAH! That will pay about 1/3 of my new health care cost. Oh well ... it was a nice thought while it lasted. At least I can go to the Doctor now if I get sick.... if I can pull the Co-Pay out of the sky that is.

Something we must get accomplished is to write up a really good post on our 10 Acres and get it listed on Craig's List and in the Market Bulletin. We also need to get a For Sale by Owner sign up out on the land. We are going to go this route for now and see if we can sell it on our own to cut down on the cost.

Handmade Stick-pins
Yesterday after I got home from work I decided to make a few stick pins. The corsage pins I have are only 2" long so these are quite short but I think they still turned out quite lovely. I'm going to looking for some longer pins to use in the future. I will use these in paper crafting projects.

Hand beaded needle cases.
I also worked some more on the beaded needle cases. I have the second one nearly beaded... just need one more complete round around and the tiny bit of red you see in the picture. I have the first one setting beside the second so you can see the difference in them. Just by changing where you use colors will make the same design look quite different. I'm going to bead one more and then sew them into the cases. I will make mine eventually but I want to get the 3 sent off to their owners before anymore time passes. These just turned out to be way more labor intensive than I thought they would. Without reading glasses I can barely see the lines to do them. My vision was always 20/20 until I hit about 45 and then it's just been down hill since then.

The sun is trying to make an appearance. Perhaps I will be able to get the lawn mowed today. The back yard is the worst so that is where I will start... for the poor dogs sake. Amelia will bark and bark with joy when I pull the mower out. I just have to wait for the grass to get a little more dry before I start which means it will probably be the hottest part of the day when I'm out there mowing. We have a 50% chance of rain today but hopefully it will hold off a little while.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Nap Helps

After work this morning my head felt like a great globe of mixed feelings with no real direction. Does that ever happen to you?

I'm thankful for this blog as I've connected with people that will read and take the time to digest what I've typed before they jump to leave a comment. When in conversations I worry if what I say will incite someone to loose their mind. I'm glad people are passionate about their beliefs but do they really have to go on a personal attack? What every happened to... "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"? Is getting your point across REALLY so important that you have to attack another person like that? I will not discuss Religion or Politics at work and limit my conversations on those topics to just a few friends and family members... it's just better that way.

I'm finding so many people here are so heavily invested in being bitter, angry and down right hateful. Life is just too short to be that ugly. Some days the negative energy just brings me down. But I've had a nap and have decided that the rest of the day will be spent in a happier physical place for me.

Do You Ever Grow Weary?

I have a post in my mind but it doesn't seem to want to come together in my head to make it on this blog.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

STEP BACK.... Christmas

Here comes HALLOWEEN! That is what is occurring the next two weeks at the store. I set 3 Fall/Halloween end-caps and 4 out of 5 power panels. Lets see if I can remember them all... Halloween Styrofoam crafting; Fall baskets and a Glitter end-cap. Once I had those three set and filled where I was able I moved on to the power panels (those little sections that hang off the sides of end-caps - for those not in Retail)... let's see  Spiders, crystal pumpkins, glitter balls, butterflys and bats and the one I didn't get to was Halloween moss (I think). Boy was I ready to leave - did all that in 5 1/2 hours AND relocated products that were in my way of setting these up - no wonder they want to keep me.

Next week the Halloween villages and the decor will arrive... FUN STUFF! I wish I could take pictures to share but it is HIGHLY against Company Policy and I want to keep my job. If I buy anything I will share photos I take here at home.

I'm trying to ward off a baking frenzy! I'm craving sweets REALLY bad today and may end up giving in. I can always take a tray into work as I know it won't last long there.

Last week we went to a new restaurant called 2108 State and I finally figured out how to get the photo I took from our table off my phone. We had just gotten there as they were opening for "dinner" hours. Here are some reviews:

Their Facebook Page:

If you follow the link to 2108 State you can see their menu too. Everything we ordered was DELICIOUS! And I recommended it to my Boss and he took his family there a few nights later and they all loved it as well. We will defintely go there again soon.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Christmas ....

So I got to thinking about Christmas today and decided to start on a little tree... I'd like to make 3 of these in different sizes for a table display... perhaps with a table topper to match. I started with a Styrofoam cone and then put a delicate lace around the bottom.
Then I began placing triangles of ribbon (I think this is 1/2" ribbon) around the cone above the lace like so....
The triangles are formed by folding the cut end up to the top edge and then folding the ribbon up that is still attached to the roll to form the triangle and then cut along the edge to release the triangle from the roll then using sequin pins pin it into place. Along the bottom you will need to use 4 pins each until you have several rows applied and then you can use just two in the center.

As you apply new layers be sure to cover the previous pin heads by overlapping the triangles. I will need to buy more ribbon to finish this project and some more cones... I'm waiting for a good sale as both are rather expensive.
I chose the stripped glittered ribbon for "sparkle". Now I will have to get busy on the things I should have been working on to get all my swaps caught up. I'm feeling a bit more crafty this week.

Two cats, some soup and a dog

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