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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Learning to sit on my hands!

Scott keeps telling me thats something I need to learn to do to fry foods well. I generally leave any and all frying of foods up to him as he does an amazing job of it but I'm trying to learn to do it myself. I have some okra frying for part of our supper and it's all I can do NOT to stir it so I decided to start this post to help me "sit on my hands" and let the food cook.... better go check it though.
ok... I only gave it a LITTLE stir... now wait... I guess I'm a better stir fry cook than a "home fryer".

This morning before the sun had even really got up in the sky I went out and started mowing the backyard - what a mess! It was so long and still wet and took forever to mow. Amelia was barking and barking with joy as she was so happy to have "her" lawn mowed. I just had not been able to get out there and mow after work as it is so hot by that time of day. I was streaming sweat by the time I got the entire lawn mowed but it looks a lot better.

It's looking like a storm is moving in and we will be treated to another afternoon/evening thunder storm. We need the rain but I could do without the loudness. It's currently 95* but feels like 103* - I'm glad I'm not out there mowing right now.

Yesterday's great plans fell to the wayside as I was just extremely exhausted and ended up sleeping nearly all day and I think I could go to bed right now and sleep until morning. I'm not sure where my energy has gone but I hope it returns in the Fall with the cooler weather... I do so much better in the Fall and Winter.

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Thanks for Sharing "Scott's tips on Frying" I also need to learn to set on my hands :) by the time I'm done all the breading is at bottom of pan:(
    Happy, to read you got some much needed rest..
    Rest, heals our body and soul.

  2. Wow I think you're awesome being up at the crack of dawn to mow your lawns! :) Yes I to struggle with not stirring during cooking when you're not supposed to. It's a tough skill to master when with most cooking you have to stir it at some point or other to stop it sticking or burning and just to generally mix it all around, so don't be to hard on yourself about your 'sirring hands' :) Hope the storm isn't to fierce for you guys when it hits, Ruth xx

  3. Good tip from Scott - I'll remember it! Sounds hot over your way.


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