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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spring Shift

You just got to love retail - it's time to shift all the fabric once again! YEAH! I started yesterday trying to create more space at the back of the store for all that cheap fabric and to move some of the the tall fixtures to the back of the store. I think I strained my shoulders and upper back but it looks better. It's going to take some time but I'll get it done before it's due; or at least that is what I am hoping.

The weather is so beautiful that I hate being at work these days. I'd love to "play" in my little garden and yard and take Amelia (dog) for a walk. I know she's bored with the backyard as well. Perhaps I will take her for a walk this morning as I don't have to be to work until 6 this evening.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Type B Flu

One of my key holders has type B flu. I'm hoping to stay clear of it and she will not be returning to work for several days. The bad part is I spent some time in a closed office with her the other day.... yikes! Hopefully I'm a little more resilient.

My CQRR block arrived home yesterday and I received another to work on and send home to it's owner. I will post some pictures when I have a little more time.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Learn as you go/ Trial by fire

I am still learning most everything at work on my own or after I've made a mistake and feel like I'm learning under fire. Oh well such is life there.

The coffee brewing smells heavenly this morning and the soft sounds of the cats eating is quite comforting. Must be a throw back to my past life on the farm that I find animals eating to be a comforting sound.

I'm an Aunt again! Day before yesterday Jack and wife, Nichoal had a new baby girl; they've named her Christina Abigail. I would love to meet my new neice but am unsure of when I will get a day off that works for them as well. I will be putting together a care package to help them out and mailing it to Moms'; diapers and such and perhaps some goodies for Nichoal as well.

Scott and I had a wonderful evening together last night and it was nice to reconnect with him. We are both on such roller coasters at work that when we get home we are so exhausted and talked out that it's hard to take time to keep our relationship strong but that is very important to me so will strive hard to save more time and energy for him thius next month. I want to plan a nice getaway for our 22 Anniversary in May. Perhaps a mountain getaway or a few days at one of the quieter beaches. We will see what I come up with. The beaches are so expensive.

I better get this day started so that I can get home on time tonight.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I actually made it through Inventory day AND the floors were cleaned last night; now to get everyone to understand that the fabric has to be completely re-draped and the stockroom empty by tomorrow. I'm supposed to be off but will be going over this evening to check on things and to walk Diann through the nightly recovery list. Our truck will be HUGE on Friday and we needed it all out on the sales floor by Sunday night. I've got to have a store meeting to go over policies that I see being broken and put an end to all that. Things have to change and everyone has to be on board with company policy. I've got to get in my office and clean up the stacks of misc junk and will do that tomorrow in the morning. I've got to show some improvement in employee engagement - things have got to be done quickly and correctly. We can't fall behind again.

On the home front side the house needs a thorough cleaning and that is what I will be working on today. Scott is feeling neglected and put upon to carry so much on the home front - after all he was thoroughly and completely spoiled by the 18+ years I stayed home caring for him and Greg. I will try to catch up on a bunch of things and perhaps he will feel special again for a week or so.

Greg is currently unemployed AGAIN! I wish the boy would find some direction of some sort and get on with his life. Love him to death but it can be so draining at times.

Our little garden is completely neglected and I am debating whether to start the seeds I bought or not as I have to wonder if I will have time to keep the garden weeded once the summer heat starts. With the schedule that I've been keeping at the store lately it leaves little time for family and personal interests. I've got to make time before I loose myself entirely. I am so much more than a store Manager and I worry that my creative side is suffering and disintegrating daily. I do not want to become a "one sided" person - three dimensional things and people are so much more interesting.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

"I" is for INVENTORY

And tomorrow is INVENTORY DAY! Am I ready? Probably NOT but we will try to get there today! I'm sure I will have forgotten something but I am going to try to get pre-counts finished today. It's quite the stress machine! I've lost about 10 pounds trying to get ready. Always not enough hours in a day and wishing I had more time to play up on the property or take a quick trip to the beach or mountains. Actually what I truly need is about a week off at home to catch up on sleep and housework.

RELAX... DEEP BREATHES.... BREATHE! Today's matra!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I finally finished the hoodie for Amanda's little guy and I think it turned out pretty adorable. On to froggy gifts for Kimberly's baby... I'm so glad I am off today!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Ok this latest illness is definitely one of those deemed worthy of the CRUD classification. I believe I need to take a couple days straight off from work to recover from this stuff properly. One more full week until Inventory and then I will be taking off 3 or 4 days in a row if at all possible. I NEED the rest more than I ever imagined that I would.I'm trying to figure out how I can take a couple days off next week as I'm scheduled everday; I'm just so worried that we won't be ready for Inventory.

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