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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Scott's New Car!

 We were thinking we'd just get another truck but once we started shopping Scott decided he'd rather have a car. So he found this 2011 Buick Lucern online. He contacted the Dealership that had it in Spartanburg and we drove up there with the "Roach mobile" aka Nissan Sentra and traded it in for this beauty. We were glad the old gal got us there! We were afraid it wasn't going to make it with 238,000 miles on it.

Scott is thrilled beyond belief and I will be able to drive this one too; the Nissan was a standard drive and I've never been comfortable driving those.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cards, Cards and more cards

I seem to be on a roll with the card making...
A Sympathy card for one of my crafting friends that lost her husband to a hit and run driver last week. I found the design on Pinterest and decided to  use what I have and just follow the design the best I could. I really like how it turned out and I hope that Angela knows it was made with loving friendship.

The last couple pictures are of cards I made using a kit I picked up in clearance at the store week before last.
 These top ones are all 3x3" notcards and the 4 below are all 6x6" cards. These will be going in a prize package for a challenge on my You  Tube channel. Hopefully whomever wins them will enjoy having some handmade cards at hand for gift giving. I had a lot of fun creating them.

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Walk by the River

Night before last Scott and I decided our Souls needed some healing so we went to walk along the river. Nature is such a wonderful comforting healer.
We actually saw this white Egret down in one of the settling ponds by the new apartment buildings going in out the 12th Street Extension. And the Great Blue Heron was along the Extensions fishing for frogs in another pond.  Both were very beautiful birds.

I believe these are Cormorants but we weren't 100% sure as they have white heads and the ones we usually see are all black.
The Mimosa Trees are blooming with there lovely pink puffs... they just make me happy! And the clouds were even beautiful illuminated by the setting sun. Each new day will be better!

Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.
- Anonymous

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lots of Catching up to do!!!!

I'm not sure where to even begin getting you all caught up on our life's adventure. I guess I will start on Scott's new tractor/mower shed and we will go from there. Sound good to you? Well here we go...

Last Fall we started building and had the floor/base done and then our rainy season began. Well when we pulled the tarps up we found that water had gotten underneath so Scott had to pull up all the plywood and we started over.

Getting the second wall up was a bit tricky and I was terrified that one of us was going to get killed. Scott finally got the idea to use our truck to pull it up by feeding a line from the wall over a branch on the magnolia tree and down to the trucks bumper. Worked like a charm but the next building project I will see if we can rope a few friends or family into helping that is for sure.

The shed is now nearly shingled; Scott just has to finish the bit across the very top. The we will have to enclose the upper portions, install a window we picked up at the ReStore for $50. And he will be building some doors for the front. Oh and of course it will need to be painted... Georgian Yellow! Think Sunflower!

 During one of my rest breaks I looked up and saw a bit of party bag shred floating in the breeze and followed it up to find we weren't the only ones utilizing that magnolia for a building endeavor. It's a Robin's nest! I was SO glad we hadn't disturbed her or her nest during our own fiasco with that second wall. Scott said he was even happier that I had seen it as he had planned to cut that limb off as it is quite close to the house. The pair of Robin's have been busy carrying meals back to the nest the past few days. Yesterday we found a dead baby in the yard... not sure if the fall killed it or our hyper Cocker Spaniel ,Bernadette.

I found a recipe for Dandelion Salve on Pinterest and am going to give it a try. I want to see if it will help with my rough feet and Scott's SUPER dry skin. I went out and picked a bunch of dandelion blossoms this morning and now have them paying out on cardboard atop our new chest freezer. The gal also says to save any excess dandelion infused oil for an aches and pains massage oil... Sounds good to me!
Last Sunday was Mother's Day and I made a card for my Mother-in-law. She loved it!
Monday, the 11th we celebrated 30 years of marriage! We are planning a day or overnight trip tomorrow as we both requested Monday off from work. It's just so hard to do anything on Mother's Day Weekend and it is also USC's Graduation weekend.  So we decided to wait until this weekend instead.

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