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Sunday, October 31, 2010


We finally broke down and went to CVS (drug store) for candy yesterday afternoon; I'm glad we did as we did get a few trick-or-treaters last night and are thinking we may get a few tonight. We still have a BUNCH of candy in this bowl as we were the only ones with lights on our street last night. Halloween certainly has changed from when I was a child and Halloween has ALWAYS been different in the South from where I grew up in New York.  

With Halloween we are finally getting some weather that actually feels like Fall. I may need to visit some Thrift stores for some heavier pants for the winter months. If we ever had to move North again I would have to find a BUNCH of warmer clothes; we ALL would as our wardrobes are VERY "Southernized" (yes I made this word up).

I am working on Christmas presents and have to do a bit of seam ripping as I got the cart before the horse and missed the application of interfacing on several pieces - live and learn. I can't really share much about this project as the person it's for reads my Blog but I may give a little sneak peek of some of the fabrics later. Maybe.... 

Well I better get some breakfast made so that I can get in the sewing room for a bit before we go to visit one of Scott's High School classmates down in Swansea. Swansea,SC was where I first lived when I moved to South Carolina in 1982; Perhaps we will drive past the house I lived in today - a little house in the woods.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

State Fair

Our State Fair was last week - we did not go. I haven't been in years as it's always so overcrowded and people will slam right into you as you are walking and quite frankly that hurts me physically. I love to see the exhibits and the animals; not much into the rides anymore as I get vertigo too easily. Perhaps next year there will be a rainy day that I can go and enjoy the exhibits. Greg and his girlfriend, Rachel went this year and seemed to have a good time. Greg brought me an "elephant ear" with cinnamon and sugar and apple pie filling on top... it was YUMMY! He never passes up a chance to chomp on a fried turkey leg.

Chilly Saturday Morning

This morning was wonderfully chilly and we were able to snuggle in for MUCH later than we normally can around here and once we vacated the bed the 2 cats remained. Don't they look warm and comfy? I need to take a warm wash cloth to Nick's face; with his long hair his eye's always seem to stay with goop around them. I think he has hair that actually grows toward his eyes.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mail and crafts

Today's mail brought swap items and reminded me that I needed to get busy on some things. SO I went into my sewing room and cut "noodles" for October as well as November swaps. October's theme was "fall leaves" and November's theme was "Vintage 30's". Here are the little bundles that I put together for each of my swap partners...

I received another lovely camisole block; this one was from Carrolyn in Washington. Isn't it WOWZY?

I also got 2 blocks from 2 of the ladies in the Christmas block swap. I absolutely LOVE them. I need to get busy on the 8 I have to make as well for this swap. I've chosen a pretty intricate block called St. Gregory's Cross; here is a link to the pattern... It will be done in the Christmas green and reds like the two I received - of course it will be fabric from my stash so it won't be the exact same fabric but close enough that they will all work together in a quilt. I'll post a picture once I've completed a block.... better get busy on them in the morning. Here are the two I've received...

While at Michaels I saw these cute little butterfly decorative "buttons" and thought that they would make up into some adorable magnets for the fridge. And here they are on my fridge - I'm thinking these would make some nice Christmas gifts as well.

Starting a New Job

On Monday I will be starting a new job; working at Michaels' Crafts as a seasonal employee. It may work into a regular part-time job after the first of the year. Only time will tell on that one.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Inner Witch likes PURPLE

I made this hat several years ago to wear during a sale week at Jo-Ann's when I worked there and when it was still FUN to work there. I even made ribbon roses by hand. I just reworked where the lining attached to the brim as originally I had used some hot glue and it hurt my head. NOT ANYMORE! I can let my inner witch out now with no pain.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rainy Monday

We've been getting sprinkles and an occasional drizzle here today. I wish it was more drizzle and ALL day; especially after Scott planted 4 raised beds full of garlic yesterday. We love garlic and enjoy sharing it with family and friends as well. While he was out there planting I took a basket and picked the ripe cherry tomatoes. Don't they look yummy...

I finished this doily today and it's drying on the board I use for blocking. It really turned out lovely. My only disappointment was I ran out of thread so I couldn't put the last round of picot stitches around it but I think it's still very pretty. The first picture was with the flash and the second without; the second being closets in color.  "Someone" will be getting this as a little surprise. SHHH... it's a secret!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I think it's time to do a bit of cleaning...

For the past couple of months I have just been pushing on to another project without much tidying up in between. Pulling bins in from the "radio room" and mauling through my stash. So now my sewing room, and the front two rooms of the house have fabric stash 'blow out". I'm sharing photos of my actual sewing room in all it's jumbled glory to show what happens when a creative mind just can't stop creating long enough to stay organized.My little niece, Abby would think she was in creative Heaven in my sewing room... so much to get into.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Flower

This chrysanthemum comes back each year and blooms next to my garden shed. It would put on a more fantastic show if I could remember to trim it a bit during it's early growth; but when it's just the leaves I don't think about it much. I love it's color and enjoy seeing it bloom.

It was chilly enough when Nicolas came back in from being outside he didn't mind being covered up for a little while. He is now laying on top of the blanket and doing a proper grooming on himself.

Last week Scott and I got to watch another group from Carolina Adventures going down the river as we were walking. It looks like so much fun. Perhaps one day we will do this.

Well laundry and more job hunting are in order for today and some sewing - gotta do something creative today!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Looking Forward

Tomorrow is a new day - no mistakes in it - YET! So here's to "looking" forward and hanging on tight!

Up since about 1:30 AM

NEGATIVE CONTENT - DON'T READ IF YOU WANT TO STAY UPBEAT> Just me letting off a bit of steam.

I just couldn't sleep for worrying what will happen next. I know that "worry" is a negative and only drags a person down but I'm feeling defeated and totally discouraged. I've started applying for a job in the hopes that it will help turn things around for us before we loose everything. I'm so much happier at home caring for my family but no one will give my husband a chance to show them how valuable he would be for their Company. Creditors are gnawing at our door with threats on a more frequent basis. And we feel like we have put our selves here so it is up to us to dig our way out on our own. But this is one of those times when I am feeling totally defeated. Staying upbeat and positive just aren't in my toolbox at this moment in time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Working up a little surprise....

I decided to work up a little surprise for someone; not saying who it's for until after she gets it but I will share a sneak peek at what I am making. It's a seashell doily; made from size 10 crochet cotton thread. I have a dresser drawer FULL of this thread that I need to use up. The doilies work up pretty fast and are a project that I can take along places for those times when I have to sit and wait.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall/Halloween FUN!

I thought I'd share some picture's of some of my nephews and niece. I see these 3 the most the rest are leading VERY busy lives so I don't see them but about once a year. Kinda sad really; but I will enjoy spoiling these three for as long as they will let me. I wish I got to see the rest more often.

Dougie wearing his Spider Hat that I'm sure he created in school - he recently won an Art award and will have a "show" at his school featuring his Art work.

Abby - being a Super Model - HEY TYRA! - Check this future "America's Next Top Model".

And then there's our WILD-MAN in a pair of skelton PJ's that he refused to take off even when the sun came up.

These 3 are my brother Jack and wife Nichole's kiddos and we love them to piece's!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today's Finishes

Here are the pictures I promised earlier of the projects that I was working on this morning. I got the necklace and earring set done; with a little help from my furry assistant on HIS quilt. And I got a round (or two) added to Anne's Round Robin Center. Nothing fancy just simple strip additions as I didn't want to put something too intricate next to her wonderful center; I'll let the next person add some POW!

By my hands....

Yesterday I tried working on Anne's Round Robin but what I was thinking of doing wasn't working out at all. SO I scrapped the idea but had to do something with the strange little blocks that I had come up with so I made a Christmas Table Runner. Scott says that it is quite busy and thats putting it mildly; what do you all think?

This morning I started working on a necklace and earring set for a little gal in my life - her birthday is this coming week. I hope that she will like them; she told me that her favorite colors are red, black and purple and that she likes silver better than gold. I'm making her a Fairy set. I will take some more photos when I get them completed.

With it being the weekend Scott and I went for yet another wonderful walk by the River. The Osprey was there in the old dead tree near where we park the car. It looked SO MAJESTIC and there were 2 large black crows doing their level best to torment it but it didn't care one bit how much noise they made. What a Regal creature.

I spied a lovely baby Brown Water snake. It was only about 8 inches long and doing it's best to hide from us. There were also hundreds of baby fish that I tried to get a picture of swimming near the shore. You'll have to blow that water picture up and see how many you can see.

And I can never get enough of the sun glistening off the water with the large dark protrusions of rock busting through it's surface.

All in all so far today has been GREAT!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lovely Goodies in my mailbox

Laura over at emailed me to offer two skeins of beautiful 100% wool - hand dyed - just because she knew I could use it and would enjoy it! She was having allergies to this wool so I told her I would gladly accept it and put it to good use - now to find a lovely project. It is sock yarn but I have never made socks - perhaps it's time to try. It's absolutely lovely yarn. Thank you Laura for thinking of me!

The next fun bit to arrive in the mail was Anne of Illinois' NEW Holiday Round Robin Center. She chose Christmas... I can hardly wait to add my round to it. I sent my center off a couple weeks ago and I know that Carolynn in Washington State was having a blast working on it - if you remember I had done a Halloween Center for my Round Robin. Here is Anne's Center:

To top off the lovely mail Scott and I took a nice leisurely walk by the River. We are both pretty sore in the muscles so it was just a slow steady walk to enjoy this beautiful day. I so miss the New England color explosion in the Fall. Here the leaves just turn brown and fall - then they are gone! Scott and I searched as we walked and found some REAL color and I just piled them up to photograph just so I could make my own small explosion - all in one small pile.

Lovely Walk by the River

Yesterday Scott and I took Amelia to the River-walk and we had a lovely time. The River is still quite low so we were able to walk aways out toward the middle of the river. It's definitely a different perspective from standing on the boardwalk. Amelia so loves to be with Scott the most.

I'm thinking this graffiti is a sign of these ruff times. It is so hard to stay away from this feeling of despair. I know because we find ourselves wondering if things will ever improve - but there is ALWAYS HOPE!

Everything changes with time; and we will make the most of what we are given. Nature gives us lots to enjoy and so many lessons. Kudzu - grows 10 to 12 inches A DAY - do we really want change to happen THAT fast. Look how this plant just takes over an area - imagine if changes hit us this fast.

Two cats, some soup and a dog

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