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Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Tidy Kitchen

I wish I could just cook and have someone follow behind me to keep my kitchen this tidy!

Friday, June 26, 2015

A "C" Day - Cleaning and Crafting

I worked over a few days this week so they told me to take today off... YEAH! So I will have the entire day to clean and craft! So looking forward to the day!

Yesterday I completed a box that I created with cardboard I brought home from work that was headed to the card board bin. I mailed it off to a lady that needed some cheering up. Here it is...

 I hope she will like it. I also included inside some Herbal Teas and a Handmade card.

I LOVE making these boxes and I so enjoy seeing the joy they bring out in the people I give them to. The gift that requires no additional wrapping paper and is a gift in itself.

Well I guess I will go and get this day started!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

TGI... Almost Friday!

This week has been ... UGH! Yesterday I woke up late and so I was about 20 minutes late to work and that always puts me in a horrible mood! I hate being late! I was so glad to get off and get back home!

It has been SO hot here this week and I think that has affected  my mood as well... I need to make today a better day! I am only scheduled 3 hours this morning and I am hoping they let me go at 8 as I need to be across town by 9 to make a deposit into Greg's account as his bills go through today and he is still in Maryland visiting his friends up there.  He went  up there to visit them but to also check into possibly moving up there. We will see what he decides to do.

I'm off to work now! Happy Day to you all!

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Here it has been WEEKS yet again since my last post. Sorry about that... AH Inventory Season with all the stress in the air - I find it absolutely exhausting and I am not even a Manager.THANKFULLY!

So other than working weird hours I have found a bit of time to have some fun. I picked some cucumbers from our garden and made a delicious cucumber sandwich.
I was off Thursday and decided a walk by the river would be fun before it got too hot. Scott was at work and Greg didn't want to go so I went by myself. It was a lovely walk!
This spider web was absolutely amazing and if you look closely you will see it's Engineer!

 I love watching Egrets fishing!

 Last night we went to Ollies to pick up some travel snacks for Greg - he has left for a week to Cumberland Maryland to visit some friends. Anyway... this cloud was above Ollies when we got to the car and I could not resist taking some photos of it especially with the flag in front of it.

 Here is our Traveler! He rented a car for the trip and was so excited to get on the road! I hope he has fun and remain safe on his adventure.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

WHEW - things are warming up between rain storms

WOW! We've been having the most wicked storms the last couple nights. Makes it extremely hard to sleep when the sky sounds like it is going to beat the house into the Earth. I've been crashing during the day and napping for several hours during the day. Not sure I could make it to work in the mornings without the naps. Now the humidity will be extremely high for this weekend... UGH!

Plans for the weekend are a deep clean on the house for me and Scott will be working on the shed. Hoping to have it completed soon! I will help him paint it Georgian yellow with white trim and then we will have some photos to share.

I created this little 5 1/2 x 6- inch box to hold some 3x5" cards some of my Crafting friends made for me. It is also a Memory box of our sweet boy - Tesla. The box is completely created by me using chipboard I saved from the crusher at work and then covered it with a cat themed paper line. I also incorporated 3 of my favorite pictures of Tesla.

Today I bought a fat orange cat wind chime to hang over our orange boys graves out front. Still so hard to believe they are both gone now.

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