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Saturday, June 20, 2015


Here it has been WEEKS yet again since my last post. Sorry about that... AH Inventory Season with all the stress in the air - I find it absolutely exhausting and I am not even a Manager.THANKFULLY!

So other than working weird hours I have found a bit of time to have some fun. I picked some cucumbers from our garden and made a delicious cucumber sandwich.
I was off Thursday and decided a walk by the river would be fun before it got too hot. Scott was at work and Greg didn't want to go so I went by myself. It was a lovely walk!
This spider web was absolutely amazing and if you look closely you will see it's Engineer!

 I love watching Egrets fishing!

 Last night we went to Ollies to pick up some travel snacks for Greg - he has left for a week to Cumberland Maryland to visit some friends. Anyway... this cloud was above Ollies when we got to the car and I could not resist taking some photos of it especially with the flag in front of it.

 Here is our Traveler! He rented a car for the trip and was so excited to get on the road! I hope he has fun and remain safe on his adventure.

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