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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

March's Beginning

My cousin's daughter asked if I would make a flower girl basket and crown for her daughter who is to be the flower girl in a wedding in April and I said sure. Got the colors and the measurement of her head and went to work and in less than two days I got the materials and wahla! I shipped it down to Florida and they were thrilled with my work. I really liked how they turned out too.

Scott and I finally found a place to park off the road so that we could take pictures of the Saluda Lake Dam and  the train tresel over the Saluda River below the dam. Scott drives this way to work everyday. Hopefully by this time next year we will be living closer to his job in Liberty. The picture of the dam is not very good as there are a lot of trees there but you can kinda get an idea.

I'm going to see if these will still bake up all right and if they do I will hang them in a window here.
 We spent last weekend cleaning out the basement; lots of trash but also finding some interesting treasures. Scott also found a can that was sealed and rattled so of course he had to see what was in it. We were shocked to find that it was filled with 32 pounds of cherry and lemon flavored hard candies! 

 In this picture you can see how much we got out of the basement around  the old furnace... it's over 50 years old and still runs and kept us warm this year. It is a real workhorse!

Yesterday was my 52nd birthday. Scott took me out to eat to Olive Garden and then we came home and got the washing machine set up in the basement. Which was a MAJOR accomplishment for us. YEAH!
Then this morning I went to the Walmart in Travelers Rest and bought a couple clothes drying racks and went to work and got two loads completed. YEAH clean clothes are AWESOME!Now when we are in Cayce our attention can be focused solely on home repairs! Hopefully we will have that house ready to sell by November... thats the plan at least.

That about gets you all caught up. Scott has an appointment with an Orthopedic Dr on the 18th as it has been determined by his new DR here that he has Arthritis in his ankles.

Piper kitty gets spayed on Monday and I will be staying down  there to care for her while Greg is at school and work for a few days. While I am down there I also plan to do some sorting through of stuff and perhaps get a load carted off to Goodwill and out of our way. 

Friday, March 04, 2016

Remainder of February

A found roll of film that Greg can use in one of his vintage cameras... I hope he gets some good pictures with it.

 We lost power for a few days so all our meal were ate out and one day I drove into Travelers rest and got a meal from Burger King. I sat in the Walmart parking lot to eat and look at the mountains. They are so beautiful... wish I could have that view out my window of my next house.

While the power was out a generator was set up for the neighbor across the street for his wi-fi heart pace maker. It was the only thing we could hear running.

Duke Power trucks worked diligently on the lines for days after the high winds came through the area. Lots of large trees came down during the storm and took out many large lines.
A project I worked on while the power was out to keep me busy. It was for a gal on You Tube that runs a weekly make a wish Monday event on her channel and she wanted signs to rotate so she'd have a variety to use since this is an ongoing event for her channel. 

When the power came back on Scott busied himself setting up a new laptop for me as our old one is starting to show it's age. He left for Arizona last Sunday for a week of training and wanted to have it ready for me to use. 

Back in Cayce for the SC Primary last Saturday and we took a drive down to the boat ramp that is still unusable and the moon looked so amazing through the trees... just HAD to take a picture.

Last Saturday night Greg entered a beard contest and got a third place trophy for his category (6 inches and under - full beards). 

Piper is getting so big... she goes for her surgery on the 14th... NO KITTENS wanted here.

I worked on painting the shed we built together; trying to get it all painted. I still have trim to do and some of it will be cream and some of it will be grey. I just don't like to paint when it is less than 60* outside. 

I guess that catches everyone up... take care and I will write more from the Cottage next week.

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