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Monday, April 28, 2008


I've been thinking a lot about the shallowness of the majority of Americans. Most people would say they are successful when they can maintain several credit cards, a mortgage or 2 and plenty of "things" that they have spent a fortune on. I've decided that success comes not from the added burdens but the joys we find in family and friends. I used to think having lots of money would be "everything" and there would be no worries. But added money just creates more burdens that require a tremendous amount to up keep. I want more time to be creative and spend time with my family and friends. I want to cook GREAT meals and maintain my home without burdening my husband with household chores while he is working so hard himself. I want to work with him daily and share my days with him and not employees. I'd like to spend more time with the children in my life and share the knowledge that I have with them to give them a different view to think about and ponder. I want to listen to the soft sounds of nature and not to man made machines all working to pollute the world and to make people reach that level of success that they are all working so hard to burden themselves with everyday. I want more time to read about things and places and I want to go places and experience what they have to offer in the area of knowledge not the trinkets that you can bring home with you... history, tastes, sounds, photos, and memories of great conversations with people that we meet there. I'm fighting a battle within myself daily with wanting to do a good job but not truly believing in where it's taking me. I feel I am loosing time with everyone I love and hold dear to my heart.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Looking like a rainy Sunday

It's fairly cloudy this morning so perhaps it will turn into some nice rain showers later in the day. Yesterday we had some pretty severe storms as I was driving into work about 3PM; I had to slow down to about 50 miles per hour at one point as the rain was coming down so hard you could barely see 4 feet in front of you. And at one point thunder and lightening seemed to hit right together so the strike was too close for my comfort. Then of course I got wet going into work once I got out there. It did not last very long but at least this Spring we can say that we got some much needed rain.

Today's my big Regional visit and I will have all the other retail managers in my store tonight... yikes! I've been working so very hard and I am hoping that they will be able to see it.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


PEAS..... PRIMROSE and POTATOES of course!
I love how the primose are a blast of happy pink skirts in the garden even if they are taking over.They are something that I definitely want to take with us to the property. The other bush that is a must have is the flowering almond as that is something from my childhood that reminds me of my Grandma.

Reworking schedule

I'm working this evening to finish up getting the store in ship shape as the Regional DM is coming in tomorrow night and I want the store to look FABULOUS! I was supposed to be off today but will take Monday off instead. I think... on Monday I was supposed to talk about the new Sales building tools with the rest of the Management team. So I guess we'll see if I still take Monday off or not.

It was nice to sleep in this morning; even Tesla let up with the begging once he realized we were not making any type of move to get up at 6 this morning.

There must be a lot of deer coming into the neighborhood in the early hours of the morning as Amelia barks a good bit about 4 AM. Yesterday morning when I was leaving for work about 5:30 AM there were 3 does running along in front of me on Evergreen Street and then they turned right at the stop sign and I turned left. It's so weird seeing them running along the street like that and not in a field. I knew we would be seeing more wild life as they are taking out more woods around us all the time to put in new buildings and now there is talk of a new neighborhood behind ours. I can hardly wait to get moved up to our property.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Closer to home!

I want a job closer to home in something more creative! Sometimes I feel like I'm weary of Management and retail. I guess that will be something to ponder - what can I do from home that is creative and rewarding?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Dr appt

Just got in from the dreaded physical appointment. My sugar is slightly elevated, my cholesterol is too high and I'm having "hormonal changes". I got a referral for a Mammogram and will get my Pap results in the future... he didn't really say when so they will most likely mail a post card unless something is weird and then he will probably call me and/or have me go back in to talk with him. Oh what fun it is to be entering into mid-life!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Doggy Cousins and the Riverwalk

The last time Scott's sister and husband were up we took the dog cousins to the Cayce Riverwalk before Sunday dinner. Amelia was such a good tour guide; it was like she was so happy to have someone to share one of her favorite places. Scott and I find it quite relaxing down there as well. Sweet Tator and Badger seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves too. Poor Tator got himself so worked up he lost his breakfast along the way. I've never seen a dog get so excited over a walk.

Last Night and This Morning

Last night Scott weeded in the pea bed. They are growing nicely up the tomato cages. We also discovered that the bearded iris that was planted in the center bed had bloomed so I caught a photo of it; doesn't it look like orange sherbet. Of course when out in the yard we have to catch a photo of Miss Amelia doing her doggy thing. She loves that old bone so much; when new it had a marrow center. I haven't been able to find them again so she is content just chewing on the old one.

This morning we got out in the yard a bit and sneaky Scott caught me working under the magnolia tree.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dinner Talk

Scott and I just got back from Murray's - a local pub for a quick bite to eat. While waiting for our food we were listening to a neighboring table where a young husband was talking with his parents about his wife; she had stepped out to get some medication while their food was being prepared. He just went on and on about things she had done that interrupted or disturbed HIS LIFE! The whole time his young son was listening to this and developing an image of his own mother as some horrible woman and the whole time she was off helping THEM! Made me sick! Talking about your spouse in public; loud enough so a table two away can clearly hear everything you say and in front of your own child is just SO NOT COOL!


Thats how I've felt everyday I've worked this past week.... zapped! I must have some type of hormonal imbalance. This is just not like me and I hate it! I wish sometimes that my job was more physically demanding; some days I leave work feeling like I've done absolutely nothing all day because I've had to sit and do so much paper work and business has been so slow that I've not had many people to talk to on the sales floor. I worry with gas prices going so far up that we will not see the normal summer traffic increase this year. Sometimes I get so tired of chasing money - increasing sales; making employees push to increase sales, and just being in retail where I have to work nearly every weekend. Enough with my griping.

Scott spread fertilizer on our back yard last night and watered some. I need to get some pots from my Mother-in-laws to pot up some plants that we want to transfer up to our property. And we have a lot of trimming to do on bushes. A couple bushes we will have to let go until eggs hatch as I enjoy the birds more than having even bushes for the neighbors to look at. We are hoping to have this place ready to put on the market next Spring. I've just got to find some energy for after work so that I can be more helpful to Scott.

Better get going!

Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm out of here!~

Well the medications I took and the hot shower seems to have worked. I'm ready to hit the road. I'm hoping that Greg will get up and go over to Interview with Little Caesars this morning as well as drop off a couple more applications. The kid needs to work until he goes into the Navy in October.

Achy Head!

I have awoke with a terrible headache! I just took an allergy tablet and a pain reliever, next I'll jump in a hot shower. I wish that I could stay home today but I can't; it's back to work. I've just got to make it through the next two days and then I'll be off Sunday.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trying to get woke up

Boy oh boy am I dragging this morning. I've got to find enough energy to go over to the Dr office to have them draw a bunch of blood but all I want to do is sleep. Perhaps I'll sleep some more when I get back from over there before I start the house work. Not sure what is causing such a zap to my energy level. Hopefully today's blood work will be a tell all. I'll meet with the DR next Thursday and I need to write down all the issues that I have been having this past couple years... yes I have not had a physical in over 3 1/2 years. The last one was done before I rejoined the work force at Jo-Anns. Time to start taking care of me!

Scott and I were talking about building our workshop first and then our cottage as we could have all our tools up at the property and we could make a small apartment to live in upstairs while we build our little cottage. Once we moved into the cottage I could take over the upstairs as my own sewing/hobby studio in the shop building.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Night.... SLEEP TIGHT

I spent today doing a deep clean on our bathroom and bedroom so it's quite inviting for a good nights rest. I'm off again tomorrow and will clean more of the house after I finish at the Dr tomorrow morning. Today I also took Tesla to the V-E-T... he has another bladder infection. So for the next 14 days I have to give a cat medication twice a day. FUN! NOT!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bundles Bundles!

WE are creating Mother's Day bundles at my store in hopes it will drive sales and increase business. These are a few that I made up yesterday...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I just want to stay home this morning!

Well I have to be at 10 and all I really want to do is stay home and sleep. My next days off are Wednesday and Thursday. I am going to the Dr on Thursday morning to have blood drawn. Then next week I will be going back on that Thursday for the rest of a complete physical. I know my diabetic state has most likely gone from borderline to full blown as I have been having more symptoms. I'm worried and scared but trying not to get myself too worked up until I know for sure.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Today and tomorrow is to be PORCH SALE days at Cracker Barrel. I have a good bit to get organized out on the porch this morning so am going in at 6. Isabelle is to also be in at 6 to help me and then we will have others in throughout the day to help us. I've bought face paint and we will be setting up our bubble tower for the kids and the young at heart. I've never done one of these before and Shannon (my DM) will be popping in to see how we are doing. I've also got a couple job interviews today with some folks that have all ready interviewed with Nichole at the new location and she has sent them my way. I fear I am on the verge of being OVER STAFFED. But knowing how things have been going lately with people setting their own schedule and not showing up it could be a good thing to be over staffed a bit until I work out the kinks. I'm not sure what time I will get home this evening and then tomorrow will be a day of the same. But hopefully we will have sold down a LOT so there won't be a lot to haul in tonight and then pull back out tomorrow.
Better hop in the shower and get ready... coffee's up!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sunny Wednesday

It's turning out to be a lovely day off. I need to run over to the Sand Hills location about lunch as Nichole wants to "do lunch" and go over applications. So is that REALLY a day off.... hmmmm. As long as my body doesn't attack me like yesterday. UGH! Two pair of slacks stained in public - how humilating.

I've all ready cleaned out Amelia's water dish with bleach and filled it up with fresh clear water for her. And Tesla has been treated to a cleaned out liter box with fresh liter back in it. I think Tara has been utilizing his liter box and that has REALLY ticked him off. I cleaned it out with bleach as well and then rinse it several times before refilling so perhaps it will be "pristine" enough for him now. He is such a spoiled little wretch.

I want to have my car deep cleaned and washed - $60. YIKES! Perhaps I will wait until pollen season is closer to being over before I spend that much.

Well off on errands I go!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hayes Carll

I just ordered his CD from Amazon. I love folk music and his voice is down right soothing. Scott heard him on NPR this morning and shared the link with me. Just click on this post title and you will be able to follow a link to his blog spot.

Dinner out with Greg

Greg and I went to La Fiesta tonight. I fear Greg did not enjoy it much as he is sick. I had him take a Tylenol Sinus and I believe he fell asleep as soon as we got back home. He brought most of his Fajitas home for later. Scott is out entertaining suppliers tonight. I'm hoping he gets home soon as I am exhausted and would like to get to bed early. Tesla keeps going in and out the liter box so I fear we will make a trip to the vet tomorrow.


We are actually getting a "little" money back this year on taxes. THANK GOD! I can't believe how much we had to pay in taxes for the year but we have had a nice increase in income with my new job so I guess more taxes is to be expected.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I'm dreading doing our taxes but am going to do them TODAY! Time is running out as the deadline for filing is approaching all too fast so I figured since I'm off today I will bite the bullet and get it over with. UGH! I'm only hoping we don't owe a fortune again this year.

The cats were nice and let me sleep in... until 8! WOW! They must have known I needed the rest. I turned my phone off last night so that it wouldn't ring this morning; perhaps that was a signal for the cats that Mom wanted to sleep in.

Scott's sister, Adele is supposed to be up from Atlanta and we are invited to Julia's for dinner - corn beef, cabbage and the rest of ST Patrick's Day fixing's that we didn't have in March as Adele couldn't make it up then. It will be nice to have some family time.

With this medication the doctor put me on for fluid I'm not getting as much swelling and the discoloration on my leg has improved. I'll be having blood drawn on the 17th and the following Thursday I will be getting a complete physical and will get my blood work up report then. I'm almost certain he will tell me I'm a diabetic all the way now. Aging really stinks!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Heavy Head!

My neck is so sore this morning which makes my head feel like it's made of iron. Thankfully I don't have to be in to work until 10 this morning and I'm hoping it will subside once I get moving about and take a hot shower.

It's raining this morning so there are lots of little yellow pollen puddles everywhere. The rain should help a bit with everyones allergies by cleansing the air for us. Scott is miserable with his allergies right now. Makes for an unhappy husband! - GROUCHY!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Too Pooped to party!

Thats how I feel this morning; just tired to the bone. Luckily I am off today and can take a nap if I need to later in the day. I'm going to get Greg to help me load my car up with the donations for His House this morning as we are all tired of looking at that pile. I may even add some more to take along with it.

Coffee's ready!

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