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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nearly All Hallows Eve!

We made it through the Hurricane with just some trash in the yard... thank fully. And life has gone on with lots of small little advances on the house in Cayce and growing closer to these 3 little beasts in Greenville.
Callie, Howie and Tippy L to R

All three kittens asleep in the rocker on the porch - Howie, Callie and Tippy
Howie playing in the water
Howie has decided he really likes to come in to play here at the little cottage. He has his first Vet appointment on Monday.

I've started back to doing a bit of quilting - these were blocks for a swap but they turned out too small as I am out of practice and my seem allowances were off.
Fall colors everywhere now
These trees are by Scott's work and we pass them when we walk together there after I go have lunch with him sometimes.

I created this "Dotee Doll" for a swap online and will be sending her off to her new home on Friday. She was a lot of fun to make 

Last weekend we were finally able to get the rest of the shutters back up on the house and we think they looks awesome.

 The furnace at the Cayce House was not turning on last weekend so I have someone coming out there tomorrow to get it working again. I hope it is an easy and quick fix as I also have to take Greg to the Dentist later in the afternoon. He is having gas to have a tooth repaired as he hates feeling anything. 

I deep cleaned this little house today and I am flat wore out so I am off to bed now... good night!

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Bracing for Hurricane Matthew

I came down to our house in Cayce yesterday so that I could clear the yard of anything that could potentially become airborne if Matthew comes this far Inland. I also had to come down to get meds for the critters here - flea killer and heart worm tablets. It's not looking like we will see much from it as of this moment but as with all Hurricanes things can change overnight or within just a few hours. I will be staying down here until early Sunday morning. Scott is staying in Greenville and replacing the thermostat on  the furnace.

Of course Piper kitty is thrilled that I am down here and is eating up all the extra "Grandma" attention. She even brought me her favorite toy so that I would repair it's belly where she had torn it open.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Cottage Weekend

Scott and I stayed at the Cottage this weekend and worked on a few projects. I rescreened storm windows and with Scott's help got most of the ones I had rescreened rehung so that we can now open windows and enjoy the cool Fall fresh air. One window we could not re-install as we do not have a ladder tall enough to reach the window and it would be too dangerous to even try. Of course I cleaned them all inside and out as well so now all this beautiful light comes inside to brighten our time indoors. It got me to thinking that anyone that battles winter blues would benefit tremendously by adding window cleaning to their winter prep routine.

A Dump Load
Scott worked at cleaning out some more of the garage and he has started installing some shop lights to make the lighting better and to update the wiring so it is not a fire hazard anymore. He has the lights in stalled and just needs to run the wire now. At each light he is also installing an outlet - ONE - to plug the shop light into and TWO - to give him safe outlets to use while he is running new wire along the wall to instal new outlets there. He will tear out the old nasty and dangerous wire as he goes along. Scott will make a trip to the dump tomorrow on his way home from work.

 Friday I did a little Retail Therapy with a trip to Kohl's. I bought myself 3 nighties, a t-shirt and a cardigan and I bought Scott 3 nice dress shirts that he can wear to work. The nighties were only $6.40 each and I love that kind... no sleeves and cheap.

Howard AKA "HOWIE"


 Two of the 3 Cottage Kittens that the Mother cat left with us. Callie and Howie are getting more friendly and Howie will actually let me pet him in the mornings and at bedtime. But the third kitten - "Tippy" just comes for the free food and runs if I try to pet him. I will try to get a picture of Tippy for the next post. I am hoping to catch them soon and get them shots, spayed and neutered.

Two large dinner salads with Feta cheese and some Wild Berry Zinger unsweetened Ice Tea was last Wednesday nights dinner p so delicious!

Two cats, some soup and a dog

Tippy Howie Vegetable beef soup and cornbread My very first toy... a dog  On November 8th I decided to do surgery on the little dog that cam...