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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Bracing for Hurricane Matthew

I came down to our house in Cayce yesterday so that I could clear the yard of anything that could potentially become airborne if Matthew comes this far Inland. I also had to come down to get meds for the critters here - flea killer and heart worm tablets. It's not looking like we will see much from it as of this moment but as with all Hurricanes things can change overnight or within just a few hours. I will be staying down here until early Sunday morning. Scott is staying in Greenville and replacing the thermostat on  the furnace.

Of course Piper kitty is thrilled that I am down here and is eating up all the extra "Grandma" attention. She even brought me her favorite toy so that I would repair it's belly where she had torn it open.


  1. I hope the you all fare well with whatever the storm bring you. And enjoy that kitty in the meantime!

  2. I hope you are all safe and weather the storm easily. :)


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