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Monday, December 09, 2019

Tis the Season

I can hardly believe another December has arrived. I have a few gifts wrapped for Greg and Scott. I will pick up some little gifts for the children under 18 and that will be all for the extended family as the family has just gotten so big we can't get gifts for everyone.  Time spent together is more important than gifts anyway... at least I think so.

I forgot to check my Blood sugar before breakfast this morning but my 7 day average on my meter says 128 (A1C would be 5.7 to 5.8). My current 90 day average according to my mete is 133 (A1C of 5.9).

It is so hard to eat right at this time of year! Yesterday Scott and I cleared away the rotten wood pile in the side yard here at the cottage. We pushed it down into the woods and created a compost pile that I will add kitchen scraps and leaves to and Adele will have a nice rich compost pile to pull from after we move out of here. After all that hard work we were exhausted and hungry so we went to Arby's and got a couple loaded Italian subs, some stuffed jalapenos and 2 Jamocha milk shakes. ALL THE WRONG THINGS!! And then I was ill all night because of the dairy! My stomach churned ALL NIGHT LONG! Lesson learned... no more dairy. We have switched to almond milk for making our oatmeal and that's about the only thing we use milk in anymore here at home. So from now on if we don't eat it at home we won't be eating it out... at least I won't. Scott will decide for himself.

Well that's all for today!

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