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Monday, October 28, 2019

A Journey/ Experiment Begins

SO... this past week I started us on a journey to see if going mostly Vegetarian would improve our blood work results. I go again in January to have my blood work done and I would love to KNOCK HER SOCKS OFF with some amazing blood work.

So I guess the first thing I should start with is where my last blood work had me and my current weight, body fat % and BMI. So Current weight (as of today) 196.8 lbs, 42.3% body fat and my BMI is at 30.8; this was what my scales told me this evening. My blood work was done earlier this month and I am focused mainly on my A1C as I would love to get it under control the most so lets start there... 10/9/2019 my A1C was 6.3% with a value of 134 mg/dL.Standard ranges for these two readings are 4.3 - 5.6% and 77-114 mg/dL so my aim is to get to the 5.6 and the 114.  I am also planning to increase my activity level.. walking, hiking and following along with You Tube exercise videos.

I'm also going to take my measurements but am keeping them in a paper journal just for me. Sharing my weight is enough on here. Today's Fasting BG was 123 at 9:55 Am... we sleep later than most as Scott (husband) works the second shift. And my after dinner BG is 132.  My 7 day average is 135 (A1C - 6.0)

A couple photos of me at the Fiber event we  attended this past Saturday.

My plan is to post weekly on Mondays with "updates".

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