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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Squirrels Vs Birds!

Squirrels are winning the race to empty our feeders out front. This cheeky little devil was so self assured that he did not run away when I opened the window to take his picture.

Do Do Do - Looking out my front windows....

Actually these are the front windows in Greg's room. Scott has gone as far as he can until he gets his planner put back together as he will have to custom cut the piece that goes in the center as we can't find a piece that will work on the shelf at Lowes or Home Depot. We will stuff the cavity with insulation before applying the final board. I just love the views you get through these new windows.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trim around one window

Scott just completed the single window in Greg's room and I think it looks GREAT! Of course the first thing he said was "It's not perfect, I'm going to have to use a little caulk here and there before we paint". LOL! Of course when I sew stuff I'm the same way about seams matching and such.

Greg's Unique Christmas list

This is what Greg mailed to me....

My Christmas List!
Gotta have!

The DVD "Breakfast with Hunter" A documentary on Hunter S. Thompson (wanting for awhile)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - book

The Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age CD. It has the song "vines and vine garoons"on it. - GOTTA HAVE!

Early Queens of the Stone Age CD's

GOTTA HAVE - Old 1960's and 1970's clothes! Cuz they rock!

Any films (AKA movies) with Peter Fonda, Clint Eastwood or Mark Hamill.

I want a lot of old stuff LOL>

An "Easy Rider" biker jacket.

A homemade "beanie".

Old Vamping magazines.

Vampire Wine or wire - can't make out his writing and I have NO IDEA what this is!

Sushi Kit or equipment

An original NES like he used to have and some NES games.

Music books.

Books by Hunter S. Thompson

CD list by band:
Red Hot Chili Peppers (one hot minute)
Sound garden
Desert Sessions
Alice in Chains
Mad Season
Lords of Altmont and Death from above 1979
OH and Blind Melon Cd's.

Some of the bands I recognize the names of but others I have NO IDEA!

Chilly and wet day!

It is a very cold and wet day here in South Carolina. I went over to Jo-Ann's and bought fabric to make Greg some new curtains and valences for his new windows. The fabric I bought is a tone on tone black stripe that I think Greg will like a lot and it's not as scary to strangers like curtains with spider webs or skulls would be. Ha Ha! Scott's been working on the trim around the windows in another day he'll have that finished and we can do a final sanding on all the patches and then we can paint the room. The floors will have to wait until we get back from Illinois. We'll have about a week before Greg is home for Christmas. That sounds SO WONDERFUL!!! Home where he can rest undisturbed and we can spend some time together. And perhaps he can recuperate completely from the illness he has had for the past month.

I think we will be going over to Lowes in a little while to get another piece of trim for the windows. Scott is getting good at this task and the end reults look so good. I'll post pictures when we are done with the trim.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


YEAH!!!!! Greg got to call home and we were at Scott's Moms' so he was able to talk with everyone there. It was SO WONDERFUL to hear his voice. He is still quite sick with the Recruit Crud but determined to make it through. I can hardly believe it's just a week until we see him again.

ADDITION>>>>>>> Greg was able to have use of a cell phone for most of the afternoon and we talked and talked and talked and talked.... IT WAS GREAT!!! This next week can't go by fast enough!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Added a video bar of PIR ceremonies

I added this bar so people can see what we will be experiencing next week with our wonderful kid marching in!


In just a week we will be on our way to see Greg! I can hardly stand it! Changes had to be made to the schedule at work so I am now working shorter shifts today and Friday and I'm off entirely on Saturday. YEAH! Scott and I can get more work done on Greg's room. Last night Scott lucked up on a metal desk that was being thrown out over by his brother's house. It needs a little welding but we have a welder and Scott says he can fix it. So a desk is taken care of for Greg's room. I'm going to buy some fabric to make Greg some new curtains as well. If time was available I'd also make him a quilt for his bed. Perhaps that is something I can work on while he is away at A school. I sure will be glad when we know a bit more about where he will be going and for how long.

It's a chilly 28*F here this morning; makes me glad for this thick robe and slippers. I can hear birds and squirrels competing for the feeders out front and I'm sure Greg's cat, Little Nickie is not too far from being in the middle of it all. Tesla has been trying to steal Nick's food all morning so I finally put Nick's dish back in his cat food canister where Tesla can't get to it. Tesla has to eat expensive diet food from the Vet or he gets UTI's.

I better get going lots to to today - pay bills (YUCK!), laundry, clean up the house and do a bit of crocheting on my scarf. I'm nearly done with it and will post a picture when it's completed. I also have some sewing to do as well.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Out with the old in with the new.....

FINALLY! That old motel is being torn down and a new CVS is being built on Knox Abbott Drive. I'm so glad to see this eye sore gone; especially since Greg learned a hard lesson there several years back.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We had a hard time getting to sleep last night thinking about how close it's getting to us leaving for Illinois and getting to see Greg again. I was watching some PIR ceremonies on YOU TUBE and they all look so handsome in their uniforms marching in together. I will be so proud of Greg! Not that I'm not all ready but this will be quite a major accomplishment for him and I'm sure it will also fill him with a great sense of pride as well.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Man with Tools!

It's a wonderful thing to have a man that knows how to use tools. Here is Scott working on the installation of the second window in Greg's room. One more to install and he can seal them up with Great Stuff and put up new trim and then we will be ready to paint and redo the floor. Then get Greg's room put back together before he comes home for Christmas.

Friday, November 21, 2008

MY sister is SO SMART!!!!!


Less than 2 weeks to go!!!!

Yeah in less than 2 weeks we will be in Illinois waiting for Greg's Division to march into the PIR Ceremony. A few short hours after that I will be able to hug and kiss my wonderful son and we will be able to talk and talk. I'm sure he will be introducing us to Mendez his new friend thats going to be a Seabee as well.

Greg's letter this week.....
* He's been quite ill with the Recruit Crud and was taking medication to clear it up.
* Said he went through fire-arm training and didn't care for the 9mm at all but loved the shotgun!
* He's worried about being deployed to Iraq.
* Ear plugs are wonderful for sleeping!
* Said that his Division is getting closer to being Hall of Famers!
* Wants to hear what Obama is planning to do about this war.
* Was reminiscing about the original Nintendo and wishing he had his now.
* Wants to hug us everyday! : )
* Still LOVES pictures!!!
* Needs writing paper and envelopes now - LOL - Will have to see if I can find some about the same size he has been writing to us on as his storage is very limited.
* Misses us .

He also wrote to his Grandmother McAuley and she called to let me know that he told her that he had his picture taken in his uniform. I can hardly wait to see that. He will make a handsome Sailor.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weather - Preparing us for Illinois

WOW! It's 25*F here this morning not too far off from what Greg is experiencing in Illinois but we aren't getting the snow that he is up there. Just 16 more days and we will get to see and talk with our son again. I can hardly wait!!!!! It's going to be so wonderful!

It's an intensely clear blue sky out our windows this morning and I heard the local Red Tailed Hawk calling this morning while out feeding the dog and giving her fresh water. And Greg's cat, "Little Nickie" thinks he needs to come in and be an indoor cat. I made a "card" for Greg from Nick... LOL!

In just a little while I have to take my Mother-in-law to her orthopedic appointment. I'm going to take my red, white and blue scarf project with me. She told me I wouldn't be waiting THAT long but I KNOW Doctors offices and I HAVE to have something to do while waiting. Besides I'm having to find opportunities to work on all these crafts anyway as some are for Greg's graduation and some are birthday and Christmas gifts.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


WOW! Has it been cold today and the wind has been up so it's a chill to the bone endeavor anytime we go outside. I've been working on a table runner off and on all day; working on machine quilting it this afternoon and the entire time I've had the space heater going near me. BRRRRrrrrr.....
The Table runner is for an exchange I am in and it's coming along nicely. I'm hoping to finish it tonight so that I can mail it tomorrow. I'm going back in where the space heater is located; it's too chilly here in the front room.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy Bees on Sunday!

I've been working my way through the laundry and hanging it out to dry on the line. Scott caught me starting my red, white and blue scarf that I plan to wear to Greg's boot camp graduation so I thought it was only fair that I catch him getting started on the first window replacement in Greg's bedroom. LOL!


I worked 6 days last week and haven't had any weekend days off in what seems like for EVER so I'm planning to thoroughly enjoy this day off. I was actually approached to work today and I told them "SORRY - NO". I'm slowly learning to say no as I don't want to work myself to death and miss out on things with family anymore.

Yesterday we got a surprise "bonus" letter from Greg. It was awesome so much more upbeat than the one we got Thursday that talked about switching bunks and being sick of bunk mates fighting constantly. He is definitely maturing at Boot Camp - Only 18 days til he Graduates! YEAH! And another bonus is that his handwriting has improved IMMENSELY! I just can't wait to see him and hug him again. He said that he is running low on stamps so I think I will mail him some with my next letter. He says he just LOVES Mail Call.

Scott has removed all the trim from around Greg's double windows on the front of the house and is hoping to get one or two of the new windows in place today. It's going to make a big difference in the temperature of that room thats for sure. Once we get the windows in we will paint the room and do a quick fix on the wood flooring. We are running out of time to get this done before Greg comes home for Christmas.

The past few days of storms and winds has about emptied the tree's in our yard of their leaves. I just love the rusty colors of Fall. When we build the cottage I want to stick with Fall Woodland colors - rich reds, oranges , yellows and mossy greens. I just love the warmth they fill me with just by looking at them.

The sun is coming up nice and bright this morning so it may be a good day to hang clothes out to dry and save the electricity on the drier. I love the way clothes smell dried on the line - so crisp and fresh!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Goodies in my Mailbox

UGH! I totally forgot about this swap. I've GOT to get a table runner made and in the mail ASAP! I just received these lovelies in my mailbox.

Annie's Freebie - Teddie Bear hat and scarf

It's only FREE until midnight tonight. The link at the top of my link list will take you there and then you have to scroll down as it is on the right-hand side toward the bottom of the page. This is just so CUTE! Everyday they post a new free pattern and I check it everyday when something super cute comes along I occasionally talk about it here.

Headache Wednesday Morning

Scott and I both awoke with some awful headaches; we think it's time to turn on a vaporizer each night to get some moisture in the air. OW! It's 37*F here this morning so the air is crisp and chilly.

Greg's cat, Little Nickie is following me around this morning and keeps taking me to Greg's bedroom door to check and see if Greg magically appeared in there. We are all missing him something fierce. I wish that he could call home again as I would love to hear his voice.

Somehow my agreement to work one extra day this week has added up to me working 2 additional days this week. Thats not working for me and I'm going to have to say something about it. I wasn't even asked about the 2nd add on day it just appeared. We are trying to get Greg's room remodeled before he returns for Christmas. Plus I have a bunch of other projects waiting to get accomplished as well.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Just some of my observations on how people act in public...

Children... why do parents just turn their children loose in stores? They cause so much loss in merchandise that in turn runs prices up for everyone that in turn makes these same parents gripe about the high price of merchandise at the register.

Screaming... why do people think it's cute for a kid to scream in a restaurant over and over and not take a walk to the restroom or the car.

Civility has been cast aside and we wonder why our nation is becoming more and more uncivilized and violent... we aren't guiding our children anymore. UGH!

OH! and caring for others... another thing that is being cast aside by this "ME" Generation. What happened to that?!

Yesterday at work I commented to a lady about how beautiful the fall leaves were since it's gotten cold and she said, "YEAH and they're all over my yard making a mess". There is beauty all around us and we don't take the time to appreciate any of it just look at it as another thing thats disrupting our vision of "perfect".

Take time to appreciate the little things.... there is a lot of beauty in them. We're not all meant to look like fashion models - THANK GOD! But we should at least shine with love, kindness and gentleness. Find joy in all things... I've always liked that phrase.

We need to get back to guiding our children to appreciate the little things in life that nature provides for FREE and to love and care for their fellow human beings more.

Friday, November 07, 2008

My name is Becky and I am a diabetic!

UGH! I'm to start taking Metformin, change my diet and start getting more exercise 3 to 7 days a week. I have a lovely meter to check my blood three times a week - thank God it's not 3 times a day yet. I'm to start taking a multi-vitamin, fish oil tablets and a baby asprin. AH THE JOYS OF GETTING OLDER! And I am to go back in 8 weeks for them to check my progress. FUN!

Thursdays Mail

Yeah... got another letter from Greg... run down....
* He is still concerned he may not be able to graduate on the 5th as too many people aren't remembering certain things.
* He has lady bugs living in his barracks... under his bunk.
* He has made a new Puerto Rican friend thats on the same career path.
* He really wants Uncle David's Fury or a VW Bus when he gets home again.
* LOVES getting pictures!
* LOVES mail as it's like Christmas EVERYDAY!
* Says he sings, "As long as I can see the light" by CCR's to wake everyone up each morning.
* Failed the first 2 inspections.
* Passed his first test - got to call home.
* New address gets letters to him faster.

LOL! Sounds like things are progressing especially if he is up before everyone else to wake them up singing. THATS A CHANGE!


Yesterday I did a stress test and am waiting on the results of that to see if my heart is still working as good as it should. When I went to leave they handed me the receipt and a prescription with no info about what or why the prescription was written just that I needed it. I took it by the Pharmacy and they said it's a glucose leveling medication. SO I tried to get my lab results off the web and they said there still wasn't anything there for me... so I called the Dr office and they called back and said I had to be back in the office to talk with the Dr ASAP. SO I have an appointment at 10:40 this morning to find out exactly whats going on. I guess I'll know more after that... GEEZ!

I won two Dawn Dolls and got a clothing pattern too....

These are the dolls I just paid for and am now anxiously awaiting their arrival here. I also bought a pattern to make them clothes. I know I am a little OLD for dolls but....

Fall Colors in our front yard

Such beautiful colors just out my front door.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Scarey Delivery

Mr. Tesla and Little Nickie heard the arrival of this lovely new trash hauling device and dispersed behind furniture until I gave the ALL CLEAR! Nick was even growling and hissing! I wonder if he has had run in's with the Sanitation Department before.....

Dawn Dolls... Remember those?!

I had several and wish that I still had them. They were those cute "mini-barbies" at about 6 inches tall. I LOVED mine. I'm going to see if any are available on Ebay. I would love to have a couple to live in my sewing room.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

30 Days....

Just 30 more days and I will get to see my wonderful son again. I can hardly wait. I am so proud of him.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Somedays are better than others....

I still have this nasty cold and have developed lower intestinal stuff to add to it. I am blaming all this drainage in my head for the trouble below. It's an overcast day and looking like rain will follow tonight. I am missing my son immensely and am so looking forward to seeing him next month. I sure hope he gets to come home for Christmas! What would be GREAT is if he could just travel home with us but I doubt that will happen.

I've got work to fill my afternoon and laundry and housework to fill this morning. So I'll stay busy and try not to dwell on my sadness.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Illness and Long Horn Dinner from hell!

Well I have come down with the latest bug thats going around and spent last night in the den watching whatever I could on TV. I am hoping that it does not hang on for very long. I have to work the next three days and Thursday I am supposed to be have a test run at the doctors office. My head feels like mush so this post may or may not make a lick of sense.

We went to Long Horn Steakhouse today for dinner with Adele, Tom, David and Debbie. The service was horrible! We were there for hours and hours, they threw in a so called FREE dessert but we had to wait a half hour to get that so was it really free? Long Horn is not a place Scott and I would choose to go; they are over priced and their food is over seasoned. We like off the beaten path hole in the walls with delicious foods and reasonable prices.

Two cats, some soup and a dog

Tippy Howie Vegetable beef soup and cornbread My very first toy... a dog  On November 8th I decided to do surgery on the little dog that cam...