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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wrapping up October

It feels like all I've done this past 2 weeks is eat, sleep and go to work. It's definitely THAT time of year again. MERRY CHRISTMAS!... OOPS... I mean HAPPY HALLOWEEN! For those that celebrate Halloween... HAVE FUN!!! And be SAFE!

Just a few pictures I've taken since my last post...
Goodies from a You Tube crafting friend; we did a Halloween Swap. The headstone below opens up and inside she had filled it with some handmade flowers. She is such a talented Crafter.
Scott has made a LOT of progress on the dryer side of the laundry room and he is close to being to the point where he can put a coat of primer on t he walls.

This is what the washer side looks like now. Scott needs to put in studs and hang sheet rock and then that end will be in the same state. YEAH! Next will be some cabinets and a tile floor. YEAH!

 I added some photos of Scott and I from a party we attended in 1996 to t he canvas my friend created for me. I may add a small journal block to the open spot in the lower right corner.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Window Update and a little CREEPY

Scott finally installed the replacement window in the laundry room and he even got one layer of paint on so it needs just one more coat. I LOVE IT! We have had the window for YEARS and I am SO thrilled that it is installed. It will really help with heating and cooling out there as the old window leaked air like crazy.
Inside View
NEXT... sheet rock... tiles and cabinets! Laundry room will be FINISHED out nicely SOON! We are also hoping to make some progress on the new tractor shed ,,, that will aid in the completion of cabinets for the laundry room.
Exterior View
I worked this morning and when I got off I bought this creepy fellow... he was the last crow on a skull and was on sale PLUS it was Employee Appreciation weekend so I got an additional 40% off... so of course he HAD to come home with me for Halloween...

Friday, October 17, 2014

WEEKS?... it's been weeks...

Sorry I've been away from my Blog for so long. I've begun hanging out more on You Tube and have been neglecting my blog. I need to get back to writing weekly if not daily on here.

I've been crafting all sorts of things and have started making cards for Christmas. Not sure I will be mailing very many but I would like them all to be handmade this year. 

I recently finished a lovely made from scratch decorative box for a friend; I'm hoping she will like it.

I created the box from chipboard I brought home from work that had been used as packaging and heading to  the trash. I love reusing things like  that. I nearly hated to give it away. I wonder if people would buy these if I made  them to sell.

I also created 4 ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) I really like the way they turned out as well. VERY Glittery!

On October 7th as I was leaving for work at 4:30 AM I just had to snap some photos of the moon... it was so amazing. The next morning was the lunar eclipse and I didn't get to sit and watch that as I had to work and we had Corporate Company coming so everyone had to stay focused on the freight but we did sneak in a few quick little peeks and got to see it at the various stages.

Scott and I went to check on the beaver pond as one of the beavers had been hit and killed in the street this week. Poor thing. We did not see any other beavers but we did see lots of movement from small fish.
I will try to write more often!

Saturday, October 04, 2014


REALLY? It's October all ready?! WOW... we're reaching the end of yet another year. Christmas is all in the air and in the stores and I am feeling a bit like a storm just blew through and ripped a hole in time. The older I get the faster the years spin by.

My hours are being cut back drastically so I am home more so am trying to do more to save more money around the house and watching for deeper sales. Yesterday Scott and I went to Sav-A-Lot and Dollar General for grocery items. Today I may go over to Aldi's and see if they have some fruits and vegetables and a few more meats for the freezer.

Today is also the Bluegrass Festival up at City Hall and we may go over for a little while. We do have some things that need to be accomplished around the house like replacing the window in the laundry room and hanging sheet rock out there. It has NEVER been finished out; I guess the people before us didn't see the need. We also plan to add cabinets above the washer and dryer to store items that are used only once or twice a year and cleaning products. There are SO MANY projects that have to be completed around here and I wish I had the skills to do more of them on my own. I guess they will get done eventually.

I have been working on some crafts and had lunch with some of my Crafty friends this past Thursday. It was so nice to get together over lunch since we missed getting together to craft as so many had issues where they couldn't attend last months crafting session.  We went to Cribbs Sandwich and Sweet Shop out in Lexington SC. WONDERFUL lunch and a real treat to visit with the owner. A very wonderful experience! We will definitely go there again!

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