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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sleep Apnea

Scott is to undergo further testing for sleep apnea as one doctor he saw this past week said that it's to a life threatening stage. SO needless to say I've been listening for him breathing all week and have not gotten a good nights sleep since that was announced. I don't know what I would do without my soul mate.

The pollen is about to kill all of us and the allergy tablets are now living on top of the microwave where all three of us can get to them easily. On the bright side of all of that the flowers are stunning... azaleas, dogwood, forsytheia, wysteria. I'm off some this weekend so perhaps I will get to take some pictures to post here. I'll need to wash or rinse off my car too so that I can post pictures of it as well. I'm still loving it and am glad that we bought it.

I'm planning to do some cleaning and sewing as well this weekend as the house needs it badly and my creative side needs the sewing and crafting. Perhaps I'll have photos of projects to post as well.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A lovely yellow coating!


Everything has a yellow coating and everyone is sniffling and itching their eyes; it's making everyone irritable and cranky! Not conducive to making additional sales... if only we sold allergy relievers and tissues!

We've gotten in some beautiful new fabric and I want to make myself some new clothes with some of it but I all ready have so much fabric and stuff to make a closet full of clothes that I'm finding it hard to justify the additional expense.

Gotta get to bed!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another week all ready?!

It's early Sunday morning and the beginning of another long week. We will be stocking this morning and will hopefully get the stock room emptied out. I'm going to tackle fabric first and let the others do the notions, crafts and seasonal. We have a lot to get out and to clean up as we go. Tim will be down Thursday so I need to get everyone focused quickly and keep them there. I'm so tired this morning and am really wishing that I had scheduled a day off sooner than the end of the week. Perhaps I will take a couple days in a row off next week just to regroup and find my house. There are times that I wish I could hire a maid.

Scott got ill while in Boston and went to the DR yesterday. He has another sinus infection and it was discovered that he also has sleep apnea and will need to see our regular doctor immediately as it is life threatening. I don't know what I would do with out him. I'm feeling like life is getting away from us and we aren't doing enough together anymore as we both work so much and there is little time to do the fun stuff that we used to do like exploring state parks and visiting other interesting places. I miss being at home and keeping the house guest ready all the time and the kitchen full of good food and wonderful meals. I miss sewing and crafting for family and friends and most of all I miss quiet mornings on our porch drinking coffee and discussing our dreams for the future. Now with a possible life threatening situation I am feeling even more like I need to be at home. I need to focus on paying things off quickly so that I can be at home again. The more I think about it the more my heart aches to just do it. I don't believe we will be able to build a house on our own anymore as we are both getting older and our bodies just don't last as long as they used to. If something happened to either of us tomorrow I don't believe our job would seem so worthwhile. Priorities.... whats more important struggling with a job I'm feeling overwhelmed and under-trained for or spending time with my family and friends. There has got to be some changes... either more training and settling in the job for me as well as my employees or my returning home to spend more time doing the things I love with the people I love... I'll spend the next 6 months trying to come to the conclusion I NEED.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lifes ups and downs

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster. Mom called with news that my cousin, Clarrisa had accidentally ran over her 3 year old daughter and killed her and that Jack's wife and the two babies were in an accident that totaled her car; luckily they were not hurt. I was supposed to have gone up there to visit for the day but I worked all day instead trying to get the Spring fabric set completed. If I'm not at work nothing progresses as it should... UNLESS Sonya is there as she works as hard and diligently as me. Sonya and I also took delivery of this weeks truck of 201 cartons and that was full of drama as the two delivery persons acted high as kites and seemed to lack the intelligence of a couple rats. I called transportation and let them know what was going on and I called Tim to fill him in on that as well as the fabric move. We've got to get to where we are getting things completed ahead of time instead of 2 days late. I'm going to really have to make some hard decisions and write people up as it's not helping the store to have the wrong people in certain positions. I've got to do whats best for the store. Which will mean me stepping way out of my comfort zone - it's not easy for me to be "mean". But things can not continue as it's exhausting me.

We've had a blast of arctic air move in and it's quite cold this morning. I turned the heat back on and have dressed in layers as once I get moving at the store I will be hot. I'm ready for SPRING!

Monday Scott leaves for the week to go to Boston. We've got to get him some more t-shirts as it's still quite cold up there. Monday I will also be traveling to NC for training. So Greg will be on his own hopefully he won't burn the house down - which is always a worry as he does forget things at times.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Scott and I went and bought me a new car tonight.... HAPPY EARLY BIRTYHDAY TO ME! I'll write and post more with pictures on this subject when I have more time.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Favorite memories

On a hike we took of the Guignard Clay pits not far from our house. It's so lovely and peaceful and you may get to see a gator or two while there. I love this photo of my husband, Scott.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Feeling Zapped!

I NEED an entire weekend off preferably a long weekend. I so want to be at home for several days in a row. I need more self motivated people so that I don't have to be at work to make things move forward everyday. I'm supposed to be off today but there is the conference call this morning and I made a mess in fabric last night that I've got to get cleaned up this morning and then there is the truck coming and the first day of a new sale. Grrrr.

I'm trying to find a little out of the way cottage for Scott and I to spend our anniversary weekend in May but everything is so expensive and/or not available that weekend. Perhaps we will just drive toward the mountains and stay at the first motel we find appealing and then spend our days goofing off... I'll leave the cell phone at home or not answer it when it is the store.

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