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Thursday, June 30, 2011

On my Mind - Harvested items

Fresh from the oven - still bubbling - blackberry cobbler.

Scott's garlic
We picked blackberries in a road right of way not too long ago and we decided that we'd bake a blackberry cobbler with some of them today. Which in turn led to a trip to the grocery for vanilla bean ice cream.

And the second photo is of Scott's tremendous garlic harvest. The garlic in the top basket is of garlic he grew from a bulb he bought at the grocery store and the bottom basket is some gourmet garlic that was here when we moved in and he has been getting a larger and larger crop each year. 

The basket contraption is just something he created using chain we had in the garage err' shop and two inexpensive office trays.

Scott's input on growing garlic - get it in the ground in October - mulch well - forget about it until Spring - harvest the scaps as they form on top so the energy goes into bulb production and not flowers- when they start browning pull them up and put them somewhere dry to dry out leaving them whole; stems and all. Once they are good and dry then brush them clean - NO WATER - and cut the stem back and then store in a cool dry place until ready to use.Almost forgot; he HIGHLY recommends this book Complete-Book-Garlic-Gardeners-Growers

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  1. Hi! I've heard that once you start garlic in your garden, you always have it! I need to do that! The blackberry cobbler looks so good...when I was little that was my favorite, yet we only had blackberries if we found them in the woods, so we didn't find many! love,andrea

  2. I bet that cobbler is divine. Most cobblers are and with the fresh picked berries it seems a sure thing.

  3. That's a wonderful garlic harvest. I love the larger varieties -- so much easier to use!

  4. Yummy looking cobbler and free blackberries! You can't beat that. You won't be running out of garlic anytime soon. Great harvest!

  5. The cobbler looks yummy! I have never tried to grow garlic...may have to give this a try. Blessings!

  6. I love a good cobbler! Enjoy in this cold weather

  7. I've just planted some garlic, so I hope Andrea is right that once you plant it you always have it. We have a youngberry cane which the birds always beat me to the fruit. Your blackberry cobbler looks divine.

  8. Hello again Becky. Just popping in for my weekly visit from Rhonda's blog. Gosh that man of yours is inventive, isn't he? What a great idea!

    Mmmm, blackberry cobbler. Not something we get a lot of over here. We mainly do ours with apple.

    Good to catch up!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  9. Nothing reminds me more of the 4th of July than blackberries! I love them. And the garlic...I want to grow some over the winter. I wonder if Scott has any tips for your KY neighbor?

  10. The cobbler looks wonderful. I love Scott's contraption for the garlic -- what a great idea! I planted garlic before but moved before I got to harvest it. I planted it around my rose bushes as it is supposed to naturally ward off rose pests. Enjoy your bountiful harvest!

  11. Oh YUM that cobbler looks wonderful! I miss blackberries so much, I grew up on Vancouver Island picking them in ditches and vacant lots. None in Winnipeg am afraid.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos (and the wee garlics grown from supermarket bulbs...I always wondered what they would do). Thanks to fo dropping by my blog.

    Glad I found yours. :-)

  12. Oh dear! That cobbler looks absolutely FAB-U-LOUS!!! I can't wait until my berries are ready. Our weather here in CA has been so weird. Has made for a strange growing season. We have a bunch of flowers on our bushes, so it wont be long!

    Followed you from Rhonda's blog....think you may have visited mine too! :) Love your blog....will definitely be back! :)


  13. We've had luck with garlic, Scott is right, in the ground and pull it out six months later.

  14. I find that when I have lots of garlic on hand, I am much more likely to use it liberally in a variety of dishes. I put some in the last batch of chicken noodle soup we made during winter and it really made the other flavors pop! So good!


  15. Just last week Matt asked me to ask you to ask Scott (funny, right?) if he had a recommendation on book on growing garlic.

    We do it, but not so well. This is our second crop and it looks promising, but we are still sort of making-it-up-as-we-go garlic gardeners. The general gardening books we have are a tad skimpy about garlic specifically. I

    am going to collect this book at the library. Super. Thanks to you both!


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