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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have in a past post introduced you to Faye my old machine rescued from the trash pick-up; so now I thought I'd introduce you to my other "girls. These two I use the most:
In the foreground is my White Quilter's Star machine; and I use her the most as she has a self threader and my eyes aren't what they used to be. 
She makes the most amazing button holes at the touch of a button - no more tack, adjust, side one, turn,adjust, tack, adjust, side two, adjust and a final tack.... NOPE! Just put the button in the back of the foot and click GO. Easy and beautiful button holes every time. But I can't sew really heavy fabrics with her; thats where the machine in the background comes in...
This one is a Dressmaker bought for me by my Uncle Charlie for my High School Graduation in 1982. I have made SO MANY things with this machine. Drapes, custom pillows, quilts, clothes, dolls, stuffed animals, etc. She is a real work horse and HEAVY!
I also have this White Serger and have used it on several occasions but it's a Love/Hate thing... some days I LOVE to use it and some days I absolutely HATE it. I just need more practice with it is what I have been told. Only time will tell - the jury (me) is still out on that one!

Little Bernadette is going back to the Vet today to have her booster shots done. She won't care a bit as she just loves to GO GO GO. I wish the cats enjoyed the trip as much. HA HA HA....

Well while I have a few minutes I think I will sew a little. Scott has gone up to the un-employment office to get that out of the way. And he has an Interview for Friday! YEAH! And it's close by so he wouldn't have to drive very far at all; in fact he says he could even ride a bike to and from work.

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  1. wow! you have your girls in a row..sort of speak..I can see your loving of sewing as each has a purpose...


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