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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Nearly the Middle of the Week

This morning did not start off well at all! First I woke up at 12:45 AM thinking I was late for work and jumped out of bed to check the time then went FIRMLY back to sleep. I didn't hear my alarm at all and the next thing I knew I woke up at 5:20 AM! NOT GOOD! Was supposed to be at work at 5 AM. So I called the Boss and let him know I over slept and then tore around the house so I could be out the door  by 5:40 so that I'd arrive at work by 6 AM. Ended up working over an hour and a half to make up for being late. TOMORROW I WILL WAKE UP ON TIME! If I wake up "early" I'm just staying up! I hate being late; waiting for people that are late and waiting around forever for things to take action... so when I am late I kick myself for it ALL DAY. I know "Patience is a Virtue"... but I've been short of it as of late.

Then my garden rewards me for patience... another Sunflower bloom to enjoy and there are several more buds waiting to open.... I will try to be patient.

The old boots in the above picture are some of Greg's; I keep saying I'm going to fill them with dirt and plant some flowers out the top of them... perhaps this next weekend.
This little white Zinnia was peeking out between the branches of the volunteer tomato plant. Scott noticed it first and I had to gently pull it out from the center some so that I could get a decent photo. The Zinnia was also a volunteer so I let them "stick together".
This is a Hydrangea that I started by laying a branch on the ground putting a little dirt over it and setting a brick on top.  I need to make some more new plants this way as I'd love to have more of these in my yard. This Hydrangea has been shared with Scott's family for years from an original on his Grandparents' home place.
WHAT A GOOF BALL!!! Bernadette will look so much prettier after her visit to the Groomer tomorrow at Noon. They will be shaving all those old mats off from her which I am sure will make her feel so much better.
Tesla has been a real attention seeker today and he has spent time with each off us in turn. He has been sticking real close to Scott since he arrived home from work. Right now he is sitting next to Scott in the Dining Room... I think he knows that Scott isn't feeling well tonight. 

When I got home from work today I couldn't find Greg's cat - Nick anywhere. It was trash day and he HATES the trash trucks so goes in hiding. I waited for it to quiet down and called to him from the front steps just before dark. He came up out of the drain pipe down the street and ran right up to me....
We received the latest issue of Countryside magazine today and this will be my bath and bedtime reading material. We love this magazine and have subscribed for years. I even bought back issues off Ebay.
Well I better get ready for bed ... don't want to be late tomorrow... RIGHT?


  1. We all have days like you had today..some things good somethings not so good...Love the Hydrangea!
    for a better tomorrow

  2. I love your hydrangea! I am partial to the blue ones like yours. I am the same way as you... hate to be late and will feel guilty all day, so you are not alone in that. But it is done so just try (easy to say) to forget about it. My kitty was like Tesla -- always around when you felt bad/sad. I still miss her. ~Laura PS It is your comment program that is giving me all the trouble. I can comment on other protected blogs with no problem.

  3. Hey Laura -
    I changed my comments so they aren't embedded in the base of my posts any longer as I have read on other blogs that this was THE issue. I hope this works for you and anyone else that has had trouble leaving comments.


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