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Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Evening

Last night we took the dogs to the River-walk and had a very nice walk. I do believe Amelia was REALLY happy when I loaded her into the car; what do you think? 
We went to the entrance here in Cayce where the main bathrooms are located; it's my favorite entrance because you are immediately under a thick shady canopy. Here is Scott with the little brat - I mean Bernadette. 
People kept stopping and asking if they could pet our "puppy"; she is close to 4 years old according to the Vet. She is cute; but I feel bad for our mutt dog, Amelia as everyone is actually afraid of her and she wouldn't hurt them at all. Amelia and I would just keep walking while Bernadette sucked up to her newest "friends". Then we'd hear the steam engine coming up behind us - Bernadette can not stand to be behind Amelia  and I and she will pull and pull until she is about strangling herself and breathing heavy - she sounds just like a steam locomotive. GEE WHIZ!
We did stop several times and just watch the river flow by. The Cicata's, frogs and birds were really vocal last night.


  1. Poor Amelia! Yes, she looks happy to go for a ride. I had two cats -- one a purebred Himalayan with the personality of a pit viper, the other was a "regular" cat who was the sweetest cat EVER -- guess who got all the attention? Just like humans, I guess.

  2. too cute! I still call our pet "puppy," tho' she is now around 13 years old!

  3. That is a lovely river photos. I am sure it is a swell place to walk. One of my favorite walks is along the river too. There is something about it....

  4. Becky that would be a great place for a walk. Your dogs are lucky. I love the croaking too. B


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