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Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Vegetable Garden and Dual Dog Walking

OK so the first picture you come to is NOT part of the Vegetable garden but it IS a really COOL mushroom that came up in our back yard. I don't know a thing about identifying edible mushrooms so this one will remaining in the yard to feed the bugs that enjoy it. It's nearly as big as a salad plate.
This next picture is of the little green beans that have sprouted in the garden. I actually planted two rows; one on either side of a row of tomato cages. I am truly hoping to have enough to put some in the freezer for later.
Next up is some amazing yellow squash blooms. I picked our first yellow squash yesterday and it will be part of a stir fry for tonights dinner. I also picked enough salad greens for Scott and I each to have a nice dinner salad for lunch. I even had a small tomato from the garden to slice up and add on top.
The Dragon's Tongue beans have sprouted and are looking quite healthy.
And the Pinto beans have also sprouted and are growing well. I wish that it would rain so that I didn't have to water the garden so much as it will make for a rather high water bill and with Scott unemployed again that could get tricky.
All in all the garden is coming along nicely. We still have one walkway to clean out and mulch with something - I wish we had some more rolled roofing or some shingles that we could lay down to keep the weeds at bay.
The large vine in the raised bed closest to the front of the next photo is the volunteer Butternut Squash and we are going to just let it run where ever it wants to go and mow around anything that comes out into the yard. It all ready has quite a few squash on the vine. It's our favorite squash so we are thrilled to pieces. And there is a TON of mustard greens that came up on their own out there that I plan to just let grow. When I first moved South in 1982 the only "green" I'd ever eaten was Spinach and it took me awhile to learn to enjoy the greens they cook down here but now I LOVE Collards, turnip and mustard greens.
You can't really tell in the pictures but we have two electric wires that run around the vegetable garden to keep the dogs out; ok... Amelia out when she was a puppy as she could empty a raised bed in mere minutes and is still a digger. The new addition (Bernadette) just acts like they are nothing and we truly believe she has springs as she can be in the garden before we even see her approach. When we fuss at her she looks so hurt and dejected... melts my heart. Can you tell Bernadette is well on her way to being a spoiled little wretch?
Here is Scott at the beginning of our walk. I took Bernadette from him as walking her is liking walking a Treble on crack and she wretches his back. She'll get used to the lead eventually; we can tell she hasn't been walked much as she also wants to jump on people we pass. Amelia was just ecstatic to be walking by the river with her "pack". Once I took Bernadette there was no taking pictures as she just wouldn't be still enough for me to focus on anything. Perhaps next time.


  1. Amazing your garden is coming along...We had to much rain that I gave up even getting a garden planted...will pay dearly for that decision seemed like a No, Win Year...

  2. Your garden looks fabulous! I am a fan of greens now, too -- same as you, I'd only had spinach (and escarole) up North. I've never seen beans growing like that before. Thanks for the pics! My grandmother used to like squash flowers dipped in batter and fried -- stir fry sounds much healthier. :) We need rain, too. It seems like it is feast or famine with the rain. I love when you post about the garden -- thanks so much!

  3. Your garden is really coming along. We desperately need rain as well. At our last garage sale my husband sold a stack of shingles that he just wanted to get out of his shed. When he loaded them for the lady she commented that she was going to use them in her garden to keep down the weeds. never dawned on either of us that we could have used them for that purpose. Oh well, live and learn!

  4. Wow your garden is doing great. I have blackbirds that acquired a taste for my beans. Now I have to go build a scarecrow darn birds. B

  5. Your garden is looking so pretty :) :) I really liked seeing all of those raised beds. Squash is a favorite in our house...any kind of squash. Pinto beans..we love those ,too :) :) Okay, your four-legged critters are just too cute ;) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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