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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Neurologist Visit

On Tuesday I went to a Neurologist for a nerve mapping of my right arm as it has been going numb on me for awhile now and I felt it was time to find out why. I had an x-ray done of my neck at my Dr's office and it showed no issues there so it was on to the nerve mapping. I NEVER want to go through that again so I am hopping the results will show I just need  to do some physical therapy/exercises. The electrical shocks were one thing but those needles that followed... HOLY SHIT! Just sayin~ WOW! Those were rough. Comfort Kitties to the rescue.

I won't get the results for awhile - the Neurologist wasn't clear how long that would be so I'm waiting until next Wednesday and  then I will call our Nurse Practitioner to see if she has the results if I have not heard anything by then. That's a week and a half  and I would hope it wouldn't take that long.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Create, Fun and Work

I have an addiction that is so much fun and brings a smile to the Post Office folks every time I go in to mail a package. Envelope Art! I just love to take a plain manilla colored envelope and turn it into a piece of mailable art. Last week I chose to do 3 in a fall theme and just love how they turned out.
 I really like the Fall arrangement in the corner of corn, a pumpkin and some sunflowers.

 I have received another Round Robin to work on. This one belongs to Marsha and I have warned her not to read my blog if she wants it to be a surprise. This is how it arrived to me and now I will add a border to it and mail it on to the next gal. I'm thinking something pieced is in order. I'm off to search Pinterest for something interesting. I really love how this one looks and am anxious to see what the other ladies have added to my kitty kat.

Saturday we went down to the house to do some work and we stopped at Woodcraft on the way as Scott needed a 14 MM drill bit for some recessed hinges and while we were waiting for them to open at 9 we walked around a bit and I thought how fun this pair was... Italian food AND a massage. Take the stress away and then go next door for food and wine.  Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Friday evening.
 I was dragging trash to the street and  the lady that lives behind us drove up and asked if we wouldn't mind trimming our crepe myrtles back as they were ruining her pump. So we took them way back so we won't have to do it again anytime soon. It really knocked us out of our plans to get work on the house done this weekend.
Scott is planning to take a weeks vacation so we can go down and really push on the repairs as we are both quite weary of the drive. Our dilemma comes with our 3 cats as I don't want to be away longer than 2 days... 3 at max OR we need to take them with us and we aren't really set up to do that down there. UGH! I want ONE house and yard to maintain. I can't stand all this division in my life. I guess I am just a home body... a SINGLE home home body.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


I thought I would share this here on my blog as I think this is an amazing idea that should spread far and wide... please share what you are grateful for with the World.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nature Bits

"Spot" and "Groucho" - trying to decide if I can be trusted
Prissy's kittens are starting to warm up to me. I still can't get anywhere near them but at least they are not taking off at a dead run when they see me anymore. I am so hoping to get them tamed enough to go to their new home by Christmas if not before. I just can't handle 6 cats at once that is for sure.

 I thought the "eyes" on this leaf were quite fun and I love the coloring on the leaves... not quite Fall yellow bur close. There were leaves falling all around me but none were in a superb  Fall shade as we haven't had a real deep freeze yet.
 The property has a lot of black walnut trees and I am planning to gather some to use. I need a pair of gloves set aside just for nut gathering.
And this final photo shows what I have yet to clean up from Hurricane Irma. Perhaps today will be the day I get out there. I've been quite the Hermit and have been "hiding" indoors. Happily crafting the days away or watching Netflix. Netflix really is a time suck for sure... worse than Pinterest I do believe.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fall... please come on

I am SO ready for Fall! I want to stop hearing A/C's running. I want the sticky days to stop, so tired of humidity. I want Fall colors all around, crisp nippy mornings and soup on the stove. How about you all out there? I'm sure those in Australia are saying.. NO we want Spring!  Well not I says me!

Scott and I have taken a walk together the past couple of days before he had to leave for work, which has been wonderful.  We are determined to get this diabetes under control. I got my results from the x-rays I had on Monday... my neck is perfect... no injuries or damage so now it is on to the Hospital for the nerve conductivity test to figure out what on Earth is wrong with my right arm. I am just waiting for them to call me with an appointment time. I also got my blood work results... A1C - 6.6 which is down from 7.1 on my last labs. And my cholesterol is at 223 with my LDL at 153. So I have some work to do and I'm sure loosing 50 pounds would help as well. Making daily changes so we will see how I progress.
Some photos I took on yesterdays walk down around the loop on Saluda Lake Road.

Why was this building built? Is it a garden shed? A well house? 

An enormous tree - I was amazed it wasn't taken out by Hurricane Irma.

A gate? To where? What animals lived inside this overgrown pasture?

I always love the dainty pink of this "weed".

I need to look this plant up... oh how I wish my books weren't all packed away.

I wonder if the Hurricane made this mushroom grow this way or did it just do this on it's own. It looks like an Oriental dancer.

PAUSE please and take a moment to rest as this leaf is doing in it's path to the ground.

After death there is life... Natures unending rebirth.

Early morning alarms... aka the neighbors Asses. 

Quite handsome animals... Scott told them to smile when he took their photo. I haven't seen the photo so I'm not sure they did. HA HA

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

First Cuppa

That first cuppa'..... whether it's tea like I am having this morning or coffee is always the best cup of the day. Especially when drank from a thrifty find. We have 3 of these red cups that we found at Goodwill for 25 cents. And before anyone jumps on me about supporting Goodwill because they use their money in ways they don't agree with... we go for the bargains FOR US. We do also shop at other thrift stores like Miracle Hill, Salvation Army, etc... But our main goal is to save OUR money and keep things from heading to the dump. Now  that may sound confrontational and it wasn't meant to I just don't want to hear it AGAIN. ok?

I have fed all the cats; our 3 and the Mother cat (Prissy) and her remaining 2 kittens. She had 3 when she showed up here but we fear one was taken by the owls that live in the woods. Prissy is getting to where I can pet her but the kittens are still skittish.
Prissy with Spot and Groucho
 They all have a new home if I can get them tamed. Our 3 cats are NOT happy and have each taken steps to upset us by going off and not coming back ALL DAY or gone for 3 days. Howie pulled an "all dayer" yesterday and had Scott so worried as Howie is "his" cat. But all 3 were here for breakfast this morning and Callie and Tippy have gone into the woods to do their morning constitutionals. Howie took some time to clean up on the porch after his "second" breakfast. He was so hungry when he got home last night.
Yesterday I didn't post as I had an early appointment with our new Nurse Practitioner for labs and a foot check. And I told her my numbness and tingling has gotten worse in my right arm so they also took x-rays of my neck to see if they could see whats going on in there. If they see that it is Arthritis I will be put on an arthritis medication like Scott is on but if it shows nothing I will have to have a nerve conductivity test. Neither sounds good to me as I don't want to be on ANOTHER medication and I have heard that test is quite painful. I guess I will just wait and see. The x-ray technician said that they would have the results about the x-rays this morning so perhaps they will call sometime after 8 this morning.

I am having a horrible time getting used to Scott's second shift schedule. I just don't know when to cook anymore so I end up cooking breakfast and dinner at the same time so that Scott will have a meal to take to work and I will have a meal for later in the day as well. We end up eating breakfast 10 AM or after as he sleeps until then since he can't wind down after he gets in at 11:30PM each night so it's 2AM or after before he goes to bed. I'm still getting up at about 6 AM so I am getting a lot less sleep as I don't go to bed until he is home. SO it is midnight or after before I go to sleep myself. It sure is a lot harder schedule on us than it was when we were in our 20's.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Discovery or RE- discovery

I just made a discovery or perhaps more a re-discovery in the importance of keeping this searchable blog. I utilized the search bar below my header to search for "round robin(s)" to find out about the previous round robins I had participated in to share with my current quilting group on Facebook. I could help remind the others of ones they sent out and got returned in the past. It was a real joy to find that info so easily because of this blog. SO... I am going to get back to daily blogging... I have to as so much will be lost if I don't.

Today Scott and I went to Spartanburg to visit Mom and Dad and family as I had empty egg cartons piling up and some thrifty finds for the kids. We had a nice visit and Abby loved the pink ski jacket we picked up at Goodwill for $3.25 and Maddie loved her butterfly purse. We found we need to keep an eye out for books on birds, rocks and gardening for  the boys. And more simple old fashioned non-electronic toys for all the littler kids.

ART & CRAFTS anyone?

This is an IC  (Index Card)  I created for a lady on You Tube - Debbie Vignola. She was having a challenge and wanted a creative way to save everyone's addresses and You Tube Channel names. I just loved the quote - " There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy"

I colored along with Barb Owens friday before last this face using one of her face stamps that I bought from her and then added hair and "outfit" so she is ready for a card front. I''m not 100% happy with her but she will make someone smile - just have to come up with the right sentiment to go with her quirkiness. 
Paint color is "smoked tan"
 Last weekend we went down to the house and Scott got the window trim done and I painted it and he also got the support board for the new fireplace mantle installed. The adhesive had to set up before he adds the mantel; we will do that next weekend. The room is really coming along nicely. OH to be done with it all!

 Then it was back to the little cottage and it's welcoming lights.

 The boys really missed us and spent a good bit of time sucking up to me on the couch.

 I have also worked on another round robin block; this one belongs to Diane in Maine. It is not 100%  perfect but I was happy enough with it to send it on to the next gal. I so enjoy working on these blocks and seeing what others add to them as well. It will be fun to see what they all look like in the end.

 I also made 4 "hands of friendship" for some gals in the Pink Poodle Pack on Facebook. I have to add a bit more fun stuff to the packages but am hoping to get them in the mail this coming week.

On our way to my folks house today we stopped at the Miracle Hill on Cedar Lane and I got these two amazing books for $1... yep 50 cents each! I was thrilled!
Well it is nearly midnight and I am exhausted so I will close this off with a good night and well wishes for a wonderful Sunday. g~night

Thursday, September 07, 2017

September - Ah Fall!

As always Greg's birthday on August 24th always signals Fall to me as soon after his birthday we start seeing cooler temperatures and the Hurricanes start coming one after the other. It's a crisp 64*F here tonight as I sit here at the table at the little cottage waiting for Scott to come in from work. And Hurricane Irma is wreaking havoc in the Islands and heading toward Miami Florida. I hope it looses some strength before it makes land fall. It is currently a Category 6 Hurricane... the worst storm in History. Fingers and Toes crossed!!!

Scott is working on second shift now so it feels like we have gone back in time to when I was expecting Greg and Scott worked second. I am slowly getting used to it but I must say being alone at night isn't much fun. I like the quiet putterings of us together ending each day as a team. But it is what it is and we will make it through. It was supposed to be for two weeks while the guy that works this shift was on vacation but it may turn into his regular shift. It is a wait and see at the moment... there he is now.

Tippy - my little white shadow has stuck pretty close to home these days. He is such a silly boy and I love him dearly.

 "MOM... REALLY? I was sleeping real good until you started with the camera... AGAIN!"
A couple projects I've done so far this month... A quilter's round robin square and a birthday card for a friend in the UK.
I had to add a border around Anne's beautiful flower block and I really love how it turned out. I've mailed it on to the next gal in the group to add her border and it will go on and on until it returns to it's owner. I also have a block traveling about the United States.

The card below is for a You Tube friend that will be celebrating her 50th  birthday this month. I really like how it turned out and hope she will like it as well.

Last weekend Scott and I stopped at Bika's for lunch and had their cheeseburger basket special. The fries were THE BEST we've had since moving up here. Definitely NOT a diabetic friendly meal though so we won't be able to go often. BUT... we will go again.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

And Just Like That August is GONE!

I truly am a horrible blogger since getting on You Tube. I love the Community over there and have made a lot of online friends that feel like they live right next door. The Arts and Crafts Community is amazing on You Tube. Of course as with any place there are those few bad apples that spread negativity and hatred but luckily the good as always out does the bad. If you want to see more of me (us) feel free to watch my video's on You Tube; my channel is AuntBeccreations .

Now let's see if I can still write something... anything to cover August.
 Our "boys" playing together - wrestling is their favorite game. Of course as they are "BOYS".  Callie is less enthused about wrestling. Her favorite game is "hunting"; she brings us all sorts of rewards. The other day she walked up into the front yard with a large crawfish in her mouth. She and Tippy love to go fishing in the little creek behind the cottage.
The zinnias that I planted out front of the cottage have really brought an amazing array of butterflies, moths, dragonflies and hummingbirds. This butterfly worked and worked going from flower to flower; such a joy to watch. Life really is about the little things.
I designed and sewed this delightful cat up as a starter block for a Fall Round Robin with my quilting group. I can hardly wait to see what the others add to him. And I am hoping he doesn't get damaged or lost in his travels as I have a lot of hours in that starter block and  then  the other gals will add their time and talents to him as well.
We found this delightful coffee table at the Goodwill in Travelers Rest for about $6. It needs a little work but Scott says he is up for it. It has two drop leafs and is built quite well and out of REAL wood. 
We had to get all of Aunt Mary Etta's knick knacks out of the basement as we had discovered a swarm of termites flying out from under one of the bushes in front of the cottage and had to call in an Exterminator and we didn't want the knick knacks to get broken. I brought them upstairs and cleaned them up and then put them atop the cornices in the living room. LOTS of birds and at first I feared an episode of Alfred Hitchcock but quickly got over that as they really add to the cottage feel in here. Scott had me clean up the old telephone insulators and they are atop the cornices in the little spare room where he likes to sit in the recliner. Might as well use some of all the stuff  they collected over the years instead of leaving it in boxes and such.

And then this little mamma cat showed up with her 3 babies. Since these photos were taken she has lost one and has returned with just two. The little tigger with the white one below has not come back with her and we fear a hawk or fox got that one. Scott's sister said she will take them if I can get them tamed enough to catch. The momma keeps moving the kittens but she returns each day for a handout. I am getting her to the point I can touch her but she still hisses. We have taken to calling her Prissy - Hissy Prissy exactly.
Adele and her friend Paula came up from Atlanta to experience the Solar Eclipse with us. We had such a wonderful time and it was SO amazing! (August 21, 2017)

 It was so fun sitting in the front yard watching it take place. I left a couple chairs out front so we can sit out there in the evenings and watch the world go by. Callie cat loves the chairs as it gives her a perch to observe all that is hers. Haha
I went down to the house on the 24th to take Greg out to lunch for his birthday. I can hardly believe he is now 31. I went down also to take care of this little feline and the dogs so Greg  could go to Folly Beach for his birthday weekend. Piper was thrilled to have all the extra attention.

Meanwhile back at the cottage Tippy went missing and did not return until August 28th. We had just about given up on him and then he showed up on the porch exhausted, hungry and with an injury to one of his back paws. He stuck pretty close to me all week this week . I was very nearly devastated thinking something horrible had happened to him as he is my little crafting buddy and loves to be with me while I work on things.

Tippy - my tiny Crafter

Two cats, some soup and a dog

Tippy Howie Vegetable beef soup and cornbread My very first toy... a dog  On November 8th I decided to do surgery on the little dog that cam...