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Monday, September 25, 2017

Create, Fun and Work

I have an addiction that is so much fun and brings a smile to the Post Office folks every time I go in to mail a package. Envelope Art! I just love to take a plain manilla colored envelope and turn it into a piece of mailable art. Last week I chose to do 3 in a fall theme and just love how they turned out.
 I really like the Fall arrangement in the corner of corn, a pumpkin and some sunflowers.

 I have received another Round Robin to work on. This one belongs to Marsha and I have warned her not to read my blog if she wants it to be a surprise. This is how it arrived to me and now I will add a border to it and mail it on to the next gal. I'm thinking something pieced is in order. I'm off to search Pinterest for something interesting. I really love how this one looks and am anxious to see what the other ladies have added to my kitty kat.

Saturday we went down to the house to do some work and we stopped at Woodcraft on the way as Scott needed a 14 MM drill bit for some recessed hinges and while we were waiting for them to open at 9 we walked around a bit and I thought how fun this pair was... Italian food AND a massage. Take the stress away and then go next door for food and wine.  Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Friday evening.
 I was dragging trash to the street and  the lady that lives behind us drove up and asked if we wouldn't mind trimming our crepe myrtles back as they were ruining her pump. So we took them way back so we won't have to do it again anytime soon. It really knocked us out of our plans to get work on the house done this weekend.
Scott is planning to take a weeks vacation so we can go down and really push on the repairs as we are both quite weary of the drive. Our dilemma comes with our 3 cats as I don't want to be away longer than 2 days... 3 at max OR we need to take them with us and we aren't really set up to do that down there. UGH! I want ONE house and yard to maintain. I can't stand all this division in my life. I guess I am just a home body... a SINGLE home home body.

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  1. The cats would be the issue--yes! You'd have to figure something out.
    I can see why you'd get tired of driving back and forth, though.
    Love your mail art! :)


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