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Sunday, September 03, 2017

And Just Like That August is GONE!

I truly am a horrible blogger since getting on You Tube. I love the Community over there and have made a lot of online friends that feel like they live right next door. The Arts and Crafts Community is amazing on You Tube. Of course as with any place there are those few bad apples that spread negativity and hatred but luckily the good as always out does the bad. If you want to see more of me (us) feel free to watch my video's on You Tube; my channel is AuntBeccreations .

Now let's see if I can still write something... anything to cover August.
 Our "boys" playing together - wrestling is their favorite game. Of course as they are "BOYS".  Callie is less enthused about wrestling. Her favorite game is "hunting"; she brings us all sorts of rewards. The other day she walked up into the front yard with a large crawfish in her mouth. She and Tippy love to go fishing in the little creek behind the cottage.
The zinnias that I planted out front of the cottage have really brought an amazing array of butterflies, moths, dragonflies and hummingbirds. This butterfly worked and worked going from flower to flower; such a joy to watch. Life really is about the little things.
I designed and sewed this delightful cat up as a starter block for a Fall Round Robin with my quilting group. I can hardly wait to see what the others add to him. And I am hoping he doesn't get damaged or lost in his travels as I have a lot of hours in that starter block and  then  the other gals will add their time and talents to him as well.
We found this delightful coffee table at the Goodwill in Travelers Rest for about $6. It needs a little work but Scott says he is up for it. It has two drop leafs and is built quite well and out of REAL wood. 
We had to get all of Aunt Mary Etta's knick knacks out of the basement as we had discovered a swarm of termites flying out from under one of the bushes in front of the cottage and had to call in an Exterminator and we didn't want the knick knacks to get broken. I brought them upstairs and cleaned them up and then put them atop the cornices in the living room. LOTS of birds and at first I feared an episode of Alfred Hitchcock but quickly got over that as they really add to the cottage feel in here. Scott had me clean up the old telephone insulators and they are atop the cornices in the little spare room where he likes to sit in the recliner. Might as well use some of all the stuff  they collected over the years instead of leaving it in boxes and such.

And then this little mamma cat showed up with her 3 babies. Since these photos were taken she has lost one and has returned with just two. The little tigger with the white one below has not come back with her and we fear a hawk or fox got that one. Scott's sister said she will take them if I can get them tamed enough to catch. The momma keeps moving the kittens but she returns each day for a handout. I am getting her to the point I can touch her but she still hisses. We have taken to calling her Prissy - Hissy Prissy exactly.
Adele and her friend Paula came up from Atlanta to experience the Solar Eclipse with us. We had such a wonderful time and it was SO amazing! (August 21, 2017)

 It was so fun sitting in the front yard watching it take place. I left a couple chairs out front so we can sit out there in the evenings and watch the world go by. Callie cat loves the chairs as it gives her a perch to observe all that is hers. Haha
I went down to the house on the 24th to take Greg out to lunch for his birthday. I can hardly believe he is now 31. I went down also to take care of this little feline and the dogs so Greg  could go to Folly Beach for his birthday weekend. Piper was thrilled to have all the extra attention.

Meanwhile back at the cottage Tippy went missing and did not return until August 28th. We had just about given up on him and then he showed up on the porch exhausted, hungry and with an injury to one of his back paws. He stuck pretty close to me all week this week . I was very nearly devastated thinking something horrible had happened to him as he is my little crafting buddy and loves to be with me while I work on things.

Tippy - my tiny Crafter

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  1. Busy August. The termites were a nightmare. Glad Tippy came back.
    Enjoy September! :)


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