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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fall... please come on

I am SO ready for Fall! I want to stop hearing A/C's running. I want the sticky days to stop, so tired of humidity. I want Fall colors all around, crisp nippy mornings and soup on the stove. How about you all out there? I'm sure those in Australia are saying.. NO we want Spring!  Well not I says me!

Scott and I have taken a walk together the past couple of days before he had to leave for work, which has been wonderful.  We are determined to get this diabetes under control. I got my results from the x-rays I had on Monday... my neck is perfect... no injuries or damage so now it is on to the Hospital for the nerve conductivity test to figure out what on Earth is wrong with my right arm. I am just waiting for them to call me with an appointment time. I also got my blood work results... A1C - 6.6 which is down from 7.1 on my last labs. And my cholesterol is at 223 with my LDL at 153. So I have some work to do and I'm sure loosing 50 pounds would help as well. Making daily changes so we will see how I progress.
Some photos I took on yesterdays walk down around the loop on Saluda Lake Road.

Why was this building built? Is it a garden shed? A well house? 

An enormous tree - I was amazed it wasn't taken out by Hurricane Irma.

A gate? To where? What animals lived inside this overgrown pasture?

I always love the dainty pink of this "weed".

I need to look this plant up... oh how I wish my books weren't all packed away.

I wonder if the Hurricane made this mushroom grow this way or did it just do this on it's own. It looks like an Oriental dancer.

PAUSE please and take a moment to rest as this leaf is doing in it's path to the ground.

After death there is life... Natures unending rebirth.

Early morning alarms... aka the neighbors Asses. 

Quite handsome animals... Scott told them to smile when he took their photo. I haven't seen the photo so I'm not sure they did. HA HA

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  1. You'd be jealous of our fall weather way up I won't tell you about it, but I will say I have soup simmering on the stove. I hope things go well with your testing and they can tell you what is going on. Loved the video with the asses--LOL! Great pics. Crazy mushroom dancer. Have a good day. :)


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