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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Can you see her?

 She is there in the center of the photo; we interrupted her dinner. She is a white tailed deer feeding in the power line right of way near the boat landing. I tried for a better photo but people came along and ran her off because they wouldn't go around us.

I also saw an Indigo Bunting and I am trying very hard to get some photos of that as it is a stunning bird. 

Sunday is Scott's 53rd birthday. He and I are trying to figure out how the 50's arrived so quickly... I'll be joining him there in another 2 years. WOW! I remember being 18 and thinking about the year 2000 and "how old I would be then".... 38 sure looked ancient back then.

In case anyone doesn't know about the give-a-way I've posted you have to go back a few posts to read about it and find out how to enter.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some more on "MY" Room....

I decided to share a few more photos of my sewing/hobby room.
I love this new set up and am hoping to get to some sewing this week. I've not been feeling 100% the last couple days and have been catching a nap in the afternoons instead of crafting so that I can continue to push through at work. 
I promise... anything I get around to making I will share here; it will be quilting related as I am behind on some swaps and I have to get caught back up.
Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...
These two photos are of my "kitties"... can you tell I'm a cat lover? I've taken to sticking to "tiny" cats lately as I don't really have the space to collect the bigger ones anymore. So I look for kitties 3" and under only... that way they will fit on this little heart shelf.
 I have another shelf that I picked up at work for less than $2 that has heart cut outs as well. It's pictured in the photos at the beginning of this post. I want to paint it pink and cover with a cream crackle before I hang it up. I bought it to hold some scrap-booking supplies or my pin cushion collection... I haven't really narrowed it down to an exact purpose yet.

Now just looking through recent pictures I found a few I thought you all might enjoy...
A card I recently made....
Inside of card.

Last nights dinner - cupboards getting bare.
Onion Rolls that I made.
MOUNTAIN of laundry I had to fold.
A current paper crafting project that I am not happy with as the glue bled through the ribbon. I believe I will press on and get it finished since most of the ribbon will be hidden behind a photo mounting piece.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Hobby/Sewing room Update

I have everything back in my room and thought that I would share a few photos of how it is coming together. I still have a few things that need to find a home but I can actually work in there and thoroughly enjoy the time.

This is the view as you walk into the room from the hallway...
I have two crafting tables set up in an "L" formation and the one in the center of the picture can be opened up to extend the work surface about another 30 inches. I use that table mostly for cutting things out for sewing or quilting. It has drawers on the backside and a cabinet on the side facing the other table. I keep my basic craft items in there - drawing pencils, paint, craft glue, etc... The blue thing hanging on the wall holds measuring tapes, rotary cutters, seam ripers... basically sewing notions. The file cabinet at the back contains my costume patterns, men's clothing patterns, and home decor patterns. On top is the antique radio that Scott restored for me... yes it actually plays... AM only. The basket on top of the radio contains pin cushions and needle cases that I have received in swaps with my online quilting friends.

The shelving unit holds my quilting cottons ( I won't go too much into fabric as then we would have to mention the 25+ containers in the bonus room and we aren't going there today). On the top shelf is my "kitty" collection as well as the little dog I've had since I was a baby.

Now if you walk in and turn around by the sewing table you can see where I work on my paper crafting projects...
You can see the items that still need homes on the floor and I am hoping to find another old wooden stereo cabinet like the one I've re-purposed from our front room. I have supplies in that cabinet and the 12x12 Iris cases fit perfect in the holes where albums used to go. I'm also keeping my eyes open for old wooden crates to hang and house my rubber stamps. The wooden box on the floor next to the stereo cabinet (below the blue box) is a CD holder and will house my clear rubber stamps as soon as I get some empty CD cases to put them in. On the other side of the cabinet are some of my old pictures that I need to organize and put in file boxes until I can get them in scrapbooks. This area is a work in progress.

I'll share the "sewing side" another day as right now the sun is shining so brightly that pictures I take look totally washed out - perhaps I will do a video tour or tours of each side of the room.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

PINK - Color of the week

I'm joining Sister Sun and sharing a "color of the week"! This week she has listed PINK. Share some photo's in the theme color and link back to her if you'd like to join in the fun.

Scott say's that I need to find more pink around me as my photo's are mostly of flowers. I don't care to wear pink often... I had a boy -  no girls... so pink comes in flower form to me. My sewing room is pink and girlie and I make pink things so I think that is plenty of pink.

1000th Visitor GIVE-A-WAY!

I know... I KNOW... you all have been waiting for this post. Now before I get too far into this you must be a follower of my blog so if you are not you must "join this site" at the right and add your smiley face to my followers list. And then leave a comment... thats it! And you are in for a chance to win this handmade goody box. I know it's not a ton of stuff but it is all hand made by me and I am opening this up to anyone... ANYWHERE in the World.

So what IS in that little box at the top? Lets find out... and before you watch the video know that I am very new at taking video's and please be sympathetic.

I'm sorry even my still photos aren't very clear. I need to take a digital photography class on taking pictures of small items.
Deadline for entry is Father's Day in USA - June 17th, 2012.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. My next post will be "THE GIVE-A-WAY"... stay tuned for that and become a Follower as only a Follower can enter to win the fun stuff so don't wait click on the "JOIN THIS SITE" button and add your happy face to the list. All items in the give-a-way will be hand crafted by me, myself and I alone.

Homegrown Potatoes
We are between pay periods so it's our "lean week" and I'm having to get creative with meals. I am ever so thankful for our little garden that I am planning to add more to tomorrow. I went out this morning and dug the potatoes since their tops had turned yellow. I was able to collect about 5 pounds of gorgeous organic goodness. These will be part of our evening meal.

I also have some onion rolls rising and will be filling the house with their awesome fragrance in just a few moments. Scott says they all ready smelled delicious when he came into the kitchen as I was forming them into rolls. The dough felt wonderful too so I am thinking that they will taste extra good as well. We are totally out of bread but as long as I have the basic ingredients it's all good as I know how to make most any bread items and should do it more often and cut out all the chemically stuff they add in the commercial breads.

Handy Chick
Sometimes when we are creating we have to utilize what is at hand. So when I was creating some stick pins I was trying to figure out someplace to put them so that they would be upside down while the glue set and there was this little chick on the table so he was put to work... kinda looks like a chick voodoo doll doesn't it?

Well I better get back to creating!

Friday, May 25, 2012

It is FINALLY Friday!

I am so glad that Friday has arrived at last. I've worked so hard at work this week that I've required a nap nearly everyday. So I will have to wait to post the give-a-way info until sometime this weekend as I want to get some more things made... yes it IS going to be a totally hand crafted give-a-way. I promise it will be worth the wait.
Taken in the evening on Monday - May 21
I did finally get the rest of my "stuff" out of the front room so our little sitting area behind my desk is ready for Scott and I to sit and read or watch shows on my computer. SHHHHhh... don't notice the stuff behind the chairs... it's not really there. I have my knitting and crochet projects that I want to complete beside my chair in a lovely basket. I absolutely adore unique baskets with interesting organic shapes.

ta ta for now.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Saying "Thank You" - SORRY A RANT!

How often do people say "Thank You" to the people waiting/serving/helping them and how often do they complain about the same people. Why are people so focused on being rude and how often do they say something mean about a service person when their needs aren't being met fast enough? Why have people lost what it is to be HUMAN?

I was thinking about this today while ordering a quick hamburger and iced tea at a drive through. I told the gal "Thank you" for taking my order... I said, "thank you" to the person who took my money and I said "Thank You" to the lady that handed me my order. I wonder how many times they get to hear that. I know that the best Guest Service ends with a "Thank you"... ALWAYS! Wouldn't it make our service people more willing to help us if we just said "THANK YOU" - TWO WORDS - thats it. Wouldn't it lighten their burden... why is it so hard to be kind and put ourselves in other peoples shoes?

Instead of griping at a long line or turning nasty toward your waitstaff/cashier because you are having to wait a little longer for an order from the kitchen on a busy night in a restaurant or waiting in a long line on a busy day... remain calm and watch whats going on around you. Is your cashier doing all she can... is she dealing with 5 nasty customers before you and bracing herself for your avalanche of nastiness? Is you waitstaff waiting on more than 5 tables... how many people are sitting at all those table"? Do you know whats going on in the kitchen? Are they short a prep cook or a dishwasher? All these things will affect his or her ability to handle your "demands/needs". Businesses run on a tight budget and when it comes to payroll it can be quite limited... think about this... where is the first and fastest place to cut expenses.. PAYROLL! You are important to a business but what gives you the right to be nasty at someone that is working his or her tail off to try to meet the needs of 20 to 50 people in the limited amount of time that they have been allotted? What can we do to make THEIR day better? It's not always about you or me... what have you  done to help ease another persons daily burdens? A "Thank You" would be a GREAT place to start".

Monday, May 21, 2012

As the World Turns to 1007 overnight

I will be putting the give-a-way up sometime this week... woo hoo over 1000 visitors in just a little over one month. THANK YOU ALL FOR VISITING!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Catching up on Laundry and a bit of crafting

SO I had dragged the mountain of laundry out to the laundry room after breakfast and was sorting away at it when I came to the remainders of Greg's duffel bag that he had not washed yet and so I figured I would just add what was left to the piles I had going. WELL.... I was sorting away when I picked up a pair of jeans and out rolled this.....
I guess you can tell he LOVES to grill and anytime he is on Active Duty training - weekends are for grilling. He will man the grill all day for anyone that wants him to cook their meats. He is sort of the Host with the most character. He was so sad to come back home this AT. I'm glad he makes friends quickly.

Today I made a birthday card out of an old CD case and I am planning to make some more items before I go to bed tonight. The glue has not completely dried on this project is why it looks white - it'll be clear when it is fully dried. It is an entry for a challenge on " My Scrap Room ".

Our Saturday Treasures

So what items did we bring home? Well Scott absolutely fell in love... or tool lust with that level. We paid about $49 for it and when he came home he looked online and found it's worth over $300. I told him that it's his birthday present from me. He was so funny - lovingly cradling it in his arm on the way to the car. He was definitely a "Happy Camper".

Now what did I bring home... well another cookbook ($2) of course and some handmade pottery (got both pieces for $10). The little containers were $4 for the glass hat and $2 for the metal basket... I'm going to turn them into pincushions for stick pins.

Then when we got home I found a medium sized flat rate box on my front porch. It was the crafting prize package I won on Charming Custom Crafts. I had so much fun opening it!
I tried to get a good video of me opening it and going through it but it just did not work out last night so I will share photos of the goodies that she sent to me.
So much FUN STUFF! Thank You Constance! Let's see... some orange flowers, a gold reindeer, some clear Christmas bulbs; some angel wings, 5 Cuttlebug dies; 5 wooden birds; 2 birdhouses; a skull stack stamp; white ink pad; striped paper clips; brightly coloured office clips; a tiny orange paint bucket; some gray pipe cleaners; 3 Easter Bunny picks and one Easter Egg pick (3 eggs);  a magnetic cork board; some football themed push pins; hockey stickers; 10 bottles of craft paint; 1 bottle of foam paint; some crystal topped corsage pins; some hockey stickers; a patrioticstcker border; a baby sticker border; a spool of leopard print chiffon ribbon and some blingy star paper clips. Like I said FUN STUFF!

And I MOWED THE YARD!!!!! Geez! It gets mowed about every 2 weeks and that keeps it healthy and I don't scalp it either as that is not good for the grass. 
Front Yard

Back Yard

More on our Saturday...

Let's finish our walk, shall we?
More of the upstairs.

Loved this Peace sign - PEACE DUDE!

AWESOME machine and if she had been pink she would have come home with me!

Old Boat Motor - Scott wanted a picture.

A VERY Merry Christmas booth.

Life lessons learned at the Old Mill Antique Mall.

Another oldie.
A view down from the top of the stairs.
We had SOOOoooo much fun! Treasures of the Day will be in the next post!

Our full Saturday continued...

After a lunch at Sub Station II we decided to go to the Old Mill Antique Mall in West Columbia as they were having a HUGE sale - some vendors were taking up 66% off on their items (trying to clear some stuff out so they can bring in more). And yes we both found some items but more on that later - when the sun is fully up so I can get a good picture of our treasures. For now won't you just join me for a pictorial walk through the Mall...

I thought of my niece, Abby when I saw this dress - she would SO GO THERE!

A couple bad influences.

Austin Powers must have been shopping here as Dr Evil was hiding out in a corner.

Awesome tie quilt just waiting to happen.

My cousin, Susie and I would have LOVED this herd!
Decor for a Retro-Bar?
OH NO! We are in trouble
Thinking about going back for these.

Level Lust

A view down from upstairs - yes this goes on for 2 floors.

I thought of a recent conversation I had when I saw this item.
I'll stop here and start another post with more of the photos... see anything you like? WE DID! But more on that later.

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