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Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Coming Right Along

I'll save you all from another video of me being silly. I do want to share my progress though so here are some pictures that I just took in my new and improved room!
As you walk in...

Turn to the right and you see my paper crafting corner...

Re-purposed stereo cabinet... (I wish I had another like this)

Keep turning to the right and you see the start of my sewing area...

My book corner and the chest holds various crafting items.
I still have more to deal with in the front room but most of it is just putting fabric and yarn into tubs and I have photos to organize. I did get our little seating area set up behind my computer but will wait to share photos until both rooms are 100%. If I can get this all the way I want it I will have to invite some folks over for dinner one Sunday.
Double Batch or Rice Pudding with Crazins instead of raisins.

Scott and I did the most spectacular things for our 27th Wedding anniversary... I made him a double batch of rice pudding... we went to Taco Cid for a $17 meal and then we traipsed around K-mart and spent a whopping $5 on large manilla envelopes and 4 Reese's Easter eggs and then came home. WOOOOOOO HOOOO... It was GREAT!


  1. The BIG money McAuleys out paintin' the town red.

    Love you babe.


  2. I love the way you've set the room up for the various crafts that you enjoy Becky. Sounds like you and Scott had a wonderful anniversary and lots of fun!!!Your rice pudding looked divine :-)

  3. Your craft room is looking good. I really need to straighten up my little creative space.

    I think simple, fun celebrations are the best. Glad you had a nice anniversary.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Oh Becky I am so jealous that has to be the most romantic Anniversary I have ever heard of.:) You know I am just kidding don't you? :)
    Looking good. Hug B

  5. Love the re-purposed stereo cabinet. Looks like I could use something like that for my jewelry making supplies.

  6. It looks like you are making quite a good progress on your room. Excellent. It will be so much more enjoyable for you to craft after this, I bet.

    And you and Scott are so sweet. It makes my heart happy!

  7. I think it's nearly ompossible to make a craft room look neat. Have fun. Rice pudding is Petals facourite and was ver welcome when he'd had radiation. His sister spoils him by making one with a dozen eggs in it. You should see his face when he gets one of hers. Bliss! Sue


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