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Monday, August 30, 2010

Goodies in the Mailbox!

I knew something good had arrived when I saw the mailman get out of his mail truck to get something to go into my mailbox - a bright yellow squishy envelope - THE BEST KIND! And it was FULL of TREASURE!!!!!

Diane has really outdone herself! I sent her a hunk of UGLY fabric and she worked her magic and made me an awesome bag with wonderful pockets on the interior and the strap is adjustable as well. The fabric that I sent makes up the handle and the front flap on the bag - see what I mean about UGLY - but it's sure not ugly when you look at the whole project.


Diane also got me in the Fall Table Topper swap and she out did herself here as well. Just look at this beautiful table topper!...

Camisole block swap

I just finished the 6 blocks for the camisole block swap that I am in with my on-line quilting group. The first picture in this post is the blocks "in process" and the filmstrips are of the completed blocks. I will mail these out next week along with some other swaps that I signed up to do as well - combining postage cost and eliminating trips to the Post Office. I thoroughly enjoy these swaps! When I get the other camisole blocks from the other gals I will be making a wall hanging with these camisole blocks.
Now which one of my blocks should I keep... hhmmmm?

GLORIOUS SUNRISE... with a hint of FALL

Oh what a gorgeous sunrise we had this morning and there was a hint of a nip in the air. I turned off the A/C and opened as many windows as I could. I absolutely LOVE a nippy morning and this was nearly there. Greg's birthday usually marks Fall for me as the weather always seems to change to Fall the week following his birthday. I remember in 1986 when we finally were able to bring him home; we went to the hospital with the outfit that we had set aside for home coming and then I had to layer him up with a sweater and several blankets as it was too chilly to go home in just his cute little blue bubble suit. When he was in Elementary school I remember an early September morning we actually had a frost... boy was THAT a chilly morning to walk to school.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Button.... Button......

Whose got some buttons......

After 30 minutes of sorting into bags by color I ended up with this....

No real surprise in that the majority of my carded buttons are pink or cats. I sew for nieces and I haven't met a cat button that I didn't like.

Remember awhile back how I got my Round Robin back home... well Irene in UK just got hers' back as well and here is a photo of her treasure that we all worked on...

Another Quilter's Give-a-way

Won't you pop over and visit this wonderful Blog -

She is offering a fabulous prize!!!! A table runner pattern and the materials to make the top.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Evening by the River

Last night we decided to take a walk along the Congaree River and we took Amelia (dog) with us. She was SO HAPPY to be going some where special with us... especially with Scott. He ran a long ways with her on the board walk and she would look up at him with such joy on her face.

We saw the Geese settling in for the night with a final feeding in the low water. Listening to them "talking" to one another was so relaxing. The clouds were amazing both in the sky and in the reflexion of the River; I couldn't help myself and took several pictures.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Went to visit 3 Munchkins

Scott had a job interview in Duncan, SC today and I saw that it was kinda going near my folks place so I got him to drop me off at their place while he went on to his interview. There were these three little Munchkins there that were so happy to see "Aunt Bec" that they were extremely wild and loud. And acting SO SILLY. Phoenix had to drive his car all around the kitchen and play guitar. Dougie just had to play some drums and Abby - well she simply had to wear gloves on her feet. they are quite the silly little bunch.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Made from the Heart

It was nothing fancy in appearance but Greg loved it! The cake he requested - lemon cake with lime green frosting and I added some sprinkles to make it look festive. Made completely from scratch with lots of LOVE added.

We splurged and took him out to La Fiesta for a birthday dinner. We enjoyed the time together as a family and then he went to see Sara (Shhhh) it was their second date and they have plans Friday. I'm happy for him.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday Boy

Today is my son's 24th Birthday! So very hard to believe that this much time has passed.

This photo was taken on St' Patrick's Day 1987 while his Great-Grandma was down visiting us. I had her picture done as well since Olan Mills was offering a special deal.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Addicted to Memory Wire

I started playing around with some memory wire and glass seed beads and came up with these 3 bracelets. It's so much fun to work with; the next ones I make I'm going to find the little beads that you glur to the beginning and end of the wire with super glue as it is extremely hard to bend into a nice neat loop. I have enough to make one more bracelet. I'm thinking these would maje GREAT Christmas gifts for the nieces this year.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Leisurely Walk by the River

This morning we decided to take just a nice walk in Nature and really enjoy our surroundings and gather energy from the environment. So many wonderful things to enjoy and share with others - just show a deep interest in what you are looking at and people will stop to ask questions. The 3 fruits hanging are Paw Paws and are edible - they taste like a banana and can be used in any recipe that calls for banana. I'm thinking about some Paw Paw Bread! Enjoy the pictures....

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