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Monday, May 16, 2016

Beginning Of May

I made a few more cards to send out in mail. I made the flowers on these cards as well and really love how they turned out.

 On May 3rd I had a Colonoscopy and everything checked out perfectly - no signs of Cancer or Polyps so I won't have to have another one until I am 62 years old - 10 YEARS! I am thrilled about that to be sure.

On May 6th we drove down to our house in Cayce in hopes of getting a LOT done toward preparing the house for the new roof so we can get it closer to a good selling point. There is so much that needs to be done down there before the end of the year. Of course our Grandkitty - Piper was as thrilled to see us as we were to see her. Lots of LOVIN~ all around. She is getting so big compared to the tiny little thing I brought home to  Greg at Christmas.

She always tries to hold Scott down in the recliner as I truly believe she thinks Scott "takes me away" from her.

On Mothers Day I got up early and made this card for my Mother-in-law to go along with the shawl I crocheted for her to wear at Church when she gets to feeling chilly. She loved them both.
Wednesday May 11th was our 31rst Wedding Anniversary and we spent the day just exploring together and could not resist taking photos of this old store. 

On May 12th I had an Umbilical Hernia Repaired and am now recovering from that; recovery time is 4 to 6 weeks. NO HEAVY lifting makes me glad I am not working Retail anymore. Here are some before pictures of the Hernia...

You can see how far it portruded and how the "roof" of my belly button had caved in. It was quite large and they had to use surgical mesh to make the repair  hold everything they freed up back inside my muscle wall. I am hoping and praying I never get another one. Here are  a few pictures from Friday - the day after surgery; quite swollen and has a green tinge because of what they used to clean my belly to make it a sterail environment to ward off infection. I had a full bag of antibiotics before they began the surgery and no signs of infection as of today.

AND YES I know I need to loose 40 to 50 pounds... just so you know I KNOW. I go back to the surgeon on the 26th and am so glad this step is nearly all behind me and we are both so thankful to have a team of Dr's that seem to really care about our health.

Scott got a chance to see the bunny in the yard while he was home with me and he took a slew of pictures of it...

 I guess that gets you all about caught up now. Sorry I've been away so long.

The Rest of April

The plants in the planters at the Cottage in Greenville are always a welcoming sight when we return.

A Birthday Card for a You Tube Friend.
 I went to the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens with Greg one day when we were in Cayce. We got there late so had to rush through and nearly missed the "train" back up to the parking area by the gardens. Greg had not been in quite awhile so he was amazed by all the changes and said he barely recognized it as the zoo he went to as a little boy. We had fun toget.her and thats what was important.

I love all the meatl sculptures throughout the Zoo and Gardens.

The Aquarium is always my favorite place... so claming and relaxing.

He's a BIG BOY now!

A Delicious Paleo Vegetable Soup!!!

Making the flowers for the bow card below.

Another Birthday Card for a little Crafter.

My "Handy Hubby" got the Air Conditioner in the window so I would be comfortable during my recovery (more info coming in a future post)... little did we know that we would be turning the HEAT on the very next week.


Two cats, some soup and a dog

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