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Monday, May 29, 2006

Scott's new toy

The reason for our trip up to the property was so Scott could "play"!

May 28,2006

Yesterday Scott and I went up to the property in the hopes of accomplishing a great deal but he became ill and I worried that I might have to take him to the little country hospital up there because of the hernia. BUt it settled down and he was able to get the "drive" mowed from the road down to the opening where we plan to put the house next year. I planted out some hydrangeas, an easter lilly and some bearded iris. We took some water for them so hopefully they will make the transition ok even though planting them was a good bit of work by hand as the ground was like cement. We will have to work it alot to make it productive.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Husband and cat issues

I had to call an ambulance last night to come here because Scott called me at work saying that he had hurt himself bad and was feeling like he was going to pass out. The EMT's checked him out and told him to either go with them to the ER or to wait and go to our DR today; Scott opted for our DR today as once he threw up he felt a bit better. He still had a slight knot in his stomach right by his belly button. I've been waking up about every 20 minutes to listen for his breathe sounds so I'm exhausted and glad that I don't have to work today. To top all that off I'm also having to take Greg's cat to the vet as it has an injured claw that looks infected pretty bad. Thats the bad thing about long haired cats... can't see things until they are YUCK!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

We have our own driveway!

Scott went up to the property yesterday and discovered the highway department has put in a drive for us so now we can get onto our property without driving across the neighbors yard. YEAH! I wish I was off today so that we could go up there together so that I could check it out. OH well maybe I'll be off one day next weekend.

It's been raining a good bit here and it has really "greened" things up. I will need to mow our lawn when I'm off Tuesday or Wednesday. And the bushes out front REALLY need cutting back! Perhaps I will try to start some cuttings so that we can get some plants started to grow on our property. I've all ready planted a Nanking Cherry tree up there and it is doing really well. I'm so excited about this move but still worry how Greg will manage on his own as he is still struggling with handling money. Somedays I wonder if he will ever grow up and take care of himself 100%.

I'm anxious to get our house plans started with Deltec. I so want to be ready to start getting things in motion by next March. Selling this place and getting up onto our land in our very own round home. We have a LOT to do before that can happen though.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Time to brush off that resume

I think that the next day I get off needs to be a day to spruce up my resume and put in some applications as I don't like the way things are going where I'm currently working and I believe that it is time for a change. I'd love to find something where I can work just early mornings to about 2 or 3 in the afternoon Monday - Friday so that I could be home with my husband on the weekends so that we can work on this place to get it ready to sell so that we can get up onto our 10 acres and I can perhaps start a home based business there. I'm tired of all the little "games" you have to play at this job and all I want to do is an honest days hard work without the games. I'm not into role playing and that is to be THE most important goal for me to accomplish at this moment NOT making the store look it's best but my focus is to be "role playing'... YUCK! Time to move on I think!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Time sure flys! Yesterday was Scott and my 21rst wedding anniversary. We ate breakfast at Lizards Thicket out by the airport and then went up to our 10 acres to clear a spot for a drive to go in by the road and to create a break in the hedge row to the area we want our house built. We met the nieghbors that are fixing up the old farm house next to us and they told us to use their drive as it is maintained by the county since a grandchild of theirs has spinabifada (spelling sucks - sorry) and a home health care nurse has to be able to get back to their daughters trailer where the child lives on a regular basis. So that will save us a good bit of money. We went ahead with having the highway department coming out and putting in a pipe and a drive so we can at least drive in onto our own property if we have to. Scott handled all that today so hopefully the next time we go up we will have our very own entry... no driveway to the back where we want to build but at least we won't have to drive on the neighbors. Things are progressing forward.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Funny things you notice

This morning I mowed the backyard and saw this little house has developed some lovely lichens growing on it's roof and worthy of a photo. I find that simple natural "decorations" like this are some of the most beautiful things on earth and they're FREE!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Family visits always led to walks on the farm where I grew up in New York State.

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