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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Time to brush off that resume

I think that the next day I get off needs to be a day to spruce up my resume and put in some applications as I don't like the way things are going where I'm currently working and I believe that it is time for a change. I'd love to find something where I can work just early mornings to about 2 or 3 in the afternoon Monday - Friday so that I could be home with my husband on the weekends so that we can work on this place to get it ready to sell so that we can get up onto our 10 acres and I can perhaps start a home based business there. I'm tired of all the little "games" you have to play at this job and all I want to do is an honest days hard work without the games. I'm not into role playing and that is to be THE most important goal for me to accomplish at this moment NOT making the store look it's best but my focus is to be "role playing'... YUCK! Time to move on I think!

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