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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Family visits always led to walks on the farm where I grew up in New York State.


  1. Hi Becky, You send me a coment and will reply. but you have "no reply"that is why I do it here :

    Hi Becky,

    What a small world . Yes we have been to Jo anne's 2 times. And we were talking about the suitcases because I brought two big ones with me. filled with old stuf and bring all the fabrics home :c) .. ANd ones I come back. Fabricshopping in america is heaven for me because the fabrics here are about 18 dollar a yard!!


  2. I thought you looked awfully familiar! I enjoy reading what other people are doing with their lives and enjoyed reading about your adventures with Bonnie. I love watching her blog for all the beautiful quilts that go thru her hands and machine. Such BEAUTIFUL" work.


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