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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Taking Charge of Health

Scott and I began checking our blood sugar levels about 2 weeks ago and have been mindful of what we are eating and exercising more and we are both seeing some great reductions in our levels.Just wanted to share that info as I know I had mentioned my levels being out of control.

A bee hard at work on som e blackberry blossoms.
We went for a wonderful walk along the river today and took a slightly different route. We decided to take the curvy path near some Student housing.

Scott spotted this beauty on the other side of the fence near the big power lines.

HEY! How ya' doing? - Beetle

Beaver gnawing ON the boardwalk - it really would be something to see one of those on the boardwalk.

Kids on the rocks across the river from where we were walking - sounded like they were having fun.

Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Beat!

Today is Memorial Day and most people are taking the day to remember those that fought for our freedom and gathering with family and friends for cookouts and the first trips into pools and lakes. I worked 6+ hours this morning and we made chili-dogs in our kitchen and stayed home this afternoon.

Scott has been dealing with his garlic harvest and getting the lawn mowed. In about 2 weeks I will be looking for homes for this garlic and have a list started of people interested in it. This is only HALF of what he has grown!

I still have things to sort through here in this front room but my back has been hurting since I came home from work - it is just now letting up some so I can write this post.

I keep thinking about all that needs to be done around here and I become overwhelmed by it all. I swear it's been like we were in some state of oblivion for the last 4 years and we have just awoke on the other side. I was telling Scott we need a BIG dry erase board to write down task we see that need to be done and then wipe them off as they are completed. I don't care who does the work just that it all gets accomplished.

Thats really about all I have for now; I think I will find something to watch online and sit with the heating pad on my back again... I'm  not 25 anymore.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Taking charge of our lives once more

Scott and I were talking about how it feels like the Recession is letting up and we are feeling alive once more. Ready to tackle difficult projects that are long over due. I started on removing the carpet in this front room yesterday after I got home from work and then worked at it for most of the day today.
 I still have one corner of the room to get the carpet up and half the room to clean the hardwood floors. But it's coming along nicely. We moved my desk to the opposite side of the room and I will be bringing furniture from another room into this room to make it more of a social area. Here is where I stopped today...

There are still piles of "STUFF" that we need to sort through but it's coming along nicely. It's late and we are both flat out exhausted as while I was working inside (Scott and Greg helped me move the desk - it weighs a TON)... Scott was working at cutting some bushes WAY back along the side of the house so that he can get some ladders in close to the house so we can get it  painted. Here are some shots of his accomplishment for the day...

 Scott had a little helper; isn't he/she adorable?
Tree Frog
So between the two of us we created some work for the city crew when they come around on Tuesday to pick up trash.
Time for this gal to get some sleep - I'm too pooped to PAR... TE~

Friday, May 24, 2013

Wildlife Parade...AKA another walk by the river

A herd of Does
Before we went for our walk we drove down by the boat ramp and when we turned around to head on over to the walkway we saw these beauties...

Summer Tanager

Then once we got on the walkway we were able to see all this ...

About 3 foot long snake... unknown at the moment.

Some fellas fishing below the dam

Not sure what they were eating but whatever it was they were surely enjoying it! Not sure what they could have found in all that mess!

Part of the walkway just as the lights were coming on.

A train on one of the  trestles.

"GUM" Balls

Hello Friends!

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging on a regular bases the past few weeks - I will try to do better.  Scott and I took a wonderful walk along the river last night and I had hoped to post about it then but by the time we returned home we were both ready to just pass out. We are planning another walk tonight; we are trying to get healthy as we are both having some trouble with our blood sugar and figure if we tackle it together we will both be healthier. Plus the added bonus is that we are out in nature and enjoying time together. Here are some of the things we saw along the way...

Broad Headed Skink - we also saw some river rats but I couldn't get focused on them until they had scurried away.

Blossom Street bridge

We saw 7 blue heron and one flew real close and landed so I could get a couple really good photos of him/her - see below.

And of course I had to take fungi photos!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

More of our Saturday Adventure...

Next stop was in Elloree, SC...
LOVE their old water tower - the new one was behind me in this photo but it wasn't photo worthy.

Scott found treasure in this shop and I loved the metal goats they had. I would have bought one for my Mom but they were a little out of our price range. Scott bought two wood working planes.

And I found treasure across the street in this Antique Store... photos below of treasures.
We drove on down to Santee, SC but just turned around in this parking lot and went back to Elloree - didn't really see anything worth our time. I did get a hoot out of the fact that this building contained a Restaurant at the front and a "Gentleman's" club (Strip club) at the back and just across the parking lot was a Motel 8. Loved the GIANT shark coming out of the Restaurants wall though!

We had to stop on our way back into Elloree to take these photos of these old steam engines. They were GOLIATHS!

$2 bag of laces, trims and little hats... it was all crammed into a gallon sized freezer bag.

The little shelf was $7.50 and I am going to use it in my hobby room to hold pencils, scissors and stuff. The little cat container was $2.50 and is ceramic.
Scott's treasures being guarded by Tesla - 2 wood working planes ($42)

Two cats, some soup and a dog

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