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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Taking charge of our lives once more

Scott and I were talking about how it feels like the Recession is letting up and we are feeling alive once more. Ready to tackle difficult projects that are long over due. I started on removing the carpet in this front room yesterday after I got home from work and then worked at it for most of the day today.
 I still have one corner of the room to get the carpet up and half the room to clean the hardwood floors. But it's coming along nicely. We moved my desk to the opposite side of the room and I will be bringing furniture from another room into this room to make it more of a social area. Here is where I stopped today...

There are still piles of "STUFF" that we need to sort through but it's coming along nicely. It's late and we are both flat out exhausted as while I was working inside (Scott and Greg helped me move the desk - it weighs a TON)... Scott was working at cutting some bushes WAY back along the side of the house so that he can get some ladders in close to the house so we can get it  painted. Here are some shots of his accomplishment for the day...

 Scott had a little helper; isn't he/she adorable?
Tree Frog
So between the two of us we created some work for the city crew when they come around on Tuesday to pick up trash.
Time for this gal to get some sleep - I'm too pooped to PAR... TE~


  1. It always feels great to get projects done. Your hardwood floors are beautiful.

    You two got quite a bit accomplished, good for you.

    Are you going to be painting the brick of your home?

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. Nope... just around the windows and the trim at the roof line. A crisp white and when we get the shutters painted a Hunter green they will go back on the front of the house. Thinking of painting the doors on the house a Georgian Yellow.

  2. that frog is beautiful looks like a jelly sweet xxx

    1. Scott said he touched him gently and he felt like rubber.

  3. you guys have done so much , well done ,hugs xxx

  4. Oh my goodness that frog!! Amazing. I do hope you are able to start tackling all these projects!! I wish I had hardwood! Good work!


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