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Sunday, May 19, 2013

More of our Saturday Adventure...

Next stop was in Elloree, SC...
LOVE their old water tower - the new one was behind me in this photo but it wasn't photo worthy.

Scott found treasure in this shop and I loved the metal goats they had. I would have bought one for my Mom but they were a little out of our price range. Scott bought two wood working planes.

And I found treasure across the street in this Antique Store... photos below of treasures.
We drove on down to Santee, SC but just turned around in this parking lot and went back to Elloree - didn't really see anything worth our time. I did get a hoot out of the fact that this building contained a Restaurant at the front and a "Gentleman's" club (Strip club) at the back and just across the parking lot was a Motel 8. Loved the GIANT shark coming out of the Restaurants wall though!

We had to stop on our way back into Elloree to take these photos of these old steam engines. They were GOLIATHS!

$2 bag of laces, trims and little hats... it was all crammed into a gallon sized freezer bag.

The little shelf was $7.50 and I am going to use it in my hobby room to hold pencils, scissors and stuff. The little cat container was $2.50 and is ceramic.
Scott's treasures being guarded by Tesla - 2 wood working planes ($42)


  1. What a neat old town. Love the architecture and colors. Steam engines are GREAT. Your goodies are nice. DH liked old planes.

    Have a lovely Sunday and a great week.


  2. great outing that must have been, glad you had fun Becky xx

  3. Steam engines are awesome. We go to a threshing bee every year and they have two fully functional steam powered tractors. They race them. Its the slowest and yet still most exciting race of the day. Looks like you had a pretty great day!


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