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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Stay IN - COVID-19

We are currently in a "STAY IN" order for COVID-19 to try to get it under control. I wish more people took it seriously but unfortunately it will probably take them getting ill OR them loosing a loved one to the virus around here. It is NOT the flu... it is so much worse. Anything that can land you on a ventilator is some serious stuff. So PLEASE STAY IN FOR YOURSELF AS WELL AS THOSE AROUND YOU.

Scott is still having to go in to work as he is deemed "essential" and I am staying home here at the cottage and only venture out on Tuesday's for groceries and sometimes a stop at the Post Office. A co-worker of Scott's made us each a mask to wear out in public and I am going to make us a couple more. And we also keep space between us and others even when they won't respect the distance themselves. I will turn and go down and around aisles to avoid people.  We have gotten take out only 2 or 3 times and are planning to limit that to just once a month if at all for the rest of April and May. I want to support our local restaurants but I also don't want to become ill.

I've been making LOTS of Art and working in the yard a bit here at the cottage to keep myself busy. OH and cooking... cooking a LOT.  It is Easter morning and I have bread pudding in the oven for breakfast. Scott is still snoozing away in bed. I hope everyone has a safe and lovely Easter no matter your Religious beliefs.

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