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Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Packing Continues

 I am packing up my supplies (Art )but am keeping my sewing stuff handy until the very last minute as next week I am planning to do some sewing before we wrap things up up here in Greenville. It has been so lovely living near the mountains and I am so hoping we can retire back close to some mountains but only time will tell. For now we will return to our house in Cayce and complete the work that needs doing on it while Scott looks for another job. 

We made a little headway on the Catio last weekend and will go down and finish that up on the 17th-18th before we start moving things back. It will give our cats a safe place to settle in while we are unpacking and re-setting up a household there that works for us. It all feels so strange to be honest. TIME... that's what it will take to re-adjust. 

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