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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Slept in this morning til 9....

I was able to sleep in until 9 this morning which was very nice as yesterday completely exhausted me; I worked 12 hours and it was non-stop all day. Barely got a lunch. Thats Mondays for ya after being off all weekend and a dozen tasks that HAVE to be done on top of guest service and shipment deliveries. I am dreaming of my next day off which isn't until next week sometime. I can't remember when it is as I don't have my July schedule here at home. I'll make a copy and bring it home tonight. This week was supposed to be a 4 day work week for me but with people out of town and moving away I'm covering a lot of hours myself this week.

Next week is also a 6 day work week I think... UGH!

Scott is doing a tremendous job keeping me fed and clothed by cooking and doing laundry. And he keeps the kitchen looking so nice. It IS kinda weird with our rolls reversed but we are managing.

We have tomatoes ripening in the garden and we are both looking forward to our very first vine ripened tomato sandwich. YUMMY!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stumphouse Tunnel and Isaqueena Falls

We had an enjoyable day once we got to our destination. Such a lovely natural environment and we had a nice un-nerving scare from a mother vulture and her 3 young just off the hiking trail. Evidentially we had interrupted her feeding them. I think it sounded like those kangaroo characters on Star Wars. Scott couldn't get his camera out fast enough to catch a picture of the babies; they scurried off into the brush below us.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Morning - not going as I pictured

I was hoping to be on the road all ready but everyone seemed to have a ruff night last night and have awoke a bit on the grouchy side. Perhaps things will brighten for us all as the day progresses. I'm looking forward to being out in nature a bit today and away from the hustle and bustle of people. I don't want to think about managing people, making sales goals or anything business related. I would love to not have to worry about any of that anymore but such is life for the moment.

Greg is dragging his feet about getting off to work and now has some of the strangest music playing that is vibrating the floor. I love him so much but he is really getting on our nerves about his job and not looking for something full-time. He will be 23 this year - still acting like he is 17.

I went and got my hair cut into a bob cut yesterday and it feels so much better.

OH... it's going to be a GRAND day....

Friday, June 26, 2009

The past two days....

Day before yesterday I was off from work and we decided to "get out of Dodge" so to speak and drove up to see our property and then on to see my family in Spartanburg. We stopped at "T" Squared for some delicious hot dogs in Blythewood, SC then on to our property in Winnesboro. The grass is over 3 feet tall and I could hardly tell where the mound was in the front field and was going too fast for it and nearly damaged my car... thankfully she's tuff. I stayed in the car as I knew the ticks would be BAD and I had on shorts. We will take the tractor up to mow at least the part where we want to build.

I'm working this afternoon and evening and then I am off for the weekend - YEAH! First FULL weekend off since taking this position. YEAH! Tomorrow will be our "goof off day to Walhalla SC to see Stumphouse tunnel and a couple waterfalls. Should be a fun day. I'm trying to find a couple other fun things to do along the way.

Last night the floor crew was in to strip and re-coat the floors. They didn't finish until 4 AM - golly I'm tired but the sun is up and I can't sleep anymore. I'll be going in to work at 3 PM. UGH!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Morning - home

I was able to sleep in to 7 this morning - thats when my body clock went off. I feel well rested for the first time in many weeks. Tomorrow I am off work entirely and am hoping that my staff will get a SUPER recovery done on the store as my manager is popping in to see us Thursday afternoon. I was the number one for last weeks sale in sales increase over last year. YEAH! Then Sunday I had a BOMB day - between Father's Day and the A/C going out it was a bad day all round sale wise. I am working on getting the A/C repaired before this next weekend. Thursday night is a strip and re-coat of the floors and that will help the store look so much better. It will make for a LONG night but we will manage.

I'm looking forward to this weekend OFF! Saturday we will be going to Stumphouse Tunnel - YEAH! I am hoping we can get up early and get up there before it gets REAL hot. I need to buy a bunch of bottled water as there isn't any water available on site and primitive outhouse facilities so perhaps a roll of our own TP would be nice in the pack as well. More than anything it will be nice to have a day entirely off and with Scott.

Sunday we will most likely work around the house and relax.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here it is Sunday Again!

WOW! Last week really flew right on by for me; I made my sales goal PLUS! So my boss should be happy about that. It's a start of a new week at the store and it's going to be another doozy... LOTS to get done plus the floors are to be stripped and re waxed Thursday... UGH! Next weekend I am off and I think Scott and I will be going to visit Stumphouse Tunnel and Isagueena Falls in the Northwest corner of the State for at least Saturday. It looks so beautiful and inside the tunnel is always 50* which sounds HEAVENLY! It's 7AM and all ready 79* here.

If you need a shower gift for a baby girl head on over to Annie's Attic on the left hand side of this blog for today's FREE pattern. It's for a precious pinafore. I've printed it off to add to my pattern collection. I'm currently working on a crocheted hooded blanket and a knitted baby wash cloth. And I have plans for at least 6 other projects that will be Christmas gifts for family.

I'm dragging this morning and need to get awake enough to drive to work in about 30 minutes... UGH! I just could not get to sleep last night and Greg didn't come in until the wee hours of the morning. Love him to death but he sure messes with our sleep and I NEED mine badly. Better grab some toast or something for breakfast and get rolling.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dove Hunting by Camera Lense

Scott caught some photos of a pair of doves resting on the fence by our driveway. They let him get pretty close too.

Toad Hall

As we walked at the Riverwalk today something caught my eye.... TOAD HALL APARTMENTS!
How many toads can you see?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Morning Walk at the River

Scott and I minus Amelia went to the Riverwalk for a nice walk before it got too hot. It's always SO beautiful and rejuvenating. The little turtle was in the middle of the walkway and we moved him back to the undergrowth so that he would not get stepped on. I'm glad I spotted him before someone crunched him.

More Dresses for Abby.....

I finished two more dresses for Abby and have two more to make but need ribbon for straps. I'll mail these two out today so she can wear them at the beach if she wants to.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Getting re-acquainted with an old hobby....

Scott has pulled out the micro lense that I bought him several years ago and is "playing" in the front yard. He worked so hard yesterday in the yard he needs a play day.

PIG PICKIN FUN at Kevin and Ronda's!

This past Saturday we attended a PIG PICKIN at my sister, Ronda and husband Kevin's house in Lexington. I wish I had had the entire day off so that I could have been more awake and social. It was fun and the food delicious!

Flowers too....

How our garden grows...

Two cats, some soup and a dog

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