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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hello Again!

 After the week of long hours Scott had last week we decided to walk along the river while down at our house on Saturday. The break from repairs and upkeep on the house and away from the thoughts of work of any kind was just what the Doctor ordered. We SO MISS the Cayce Riverwalk as we knew we would. So getting to revisit it was such a joy.

The River was up a bit so the fishing must have been pretty good. We saw several people fishing along the bank and one group of fellas just below the locke's damn in a boat. The section that had been closed since the horrible flood of October 2015 has finally been re-opened as repairs have been completed. We could see where so many trees were lost from flood waters pulling them down as well as killing them and  they had to be cut down for safety. It really opened things up along that stretch of the riverwalk.

White Egrets


Trumpet Vine

Fungi Amoungi ... ha ha

One of the old trees that was taken down for safety.
On our return to the cottage the cats were so happy to see us and cat piles in front of space heaters were the mission. Callie and Tippy were in their happy place to be sure.
It is feeling like Spring is REALLY going to make an appearance in the next couple weeks and I will be so glad. I'm ready to be warm again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Hello my friends! Here it is March and the weather has been so crazy. There is currently a stiff cold breeze blowing against the cottage and I have a couple space heaters going to take the chill off inside. I am planning to turn the oven on to bake some sweet potatoes in a little while to help warm the place a little more. The furnace ran out of fuel oil and Scott went and bought 10 gallons of diesel to get us through until "Spring" but he couldn't get the furnace to start back up and we didn't have the money to call the repair man out to get it going again and that is why we are using the space heaters. I am really hoping we are out of this little house before next Winter... fingers and toes crossed.

 Howie and Tippy have been doing their best to keep us warm when the temperature dropped this month and of course handed out lots of kitty love as well.

 Amelia (above) and Bernadette (below) got their yearly checkups and shots early in the month. They're doing pretty good for a couple old gals.

 Piper (above) has a new playmate, Coal (below). Coal showed up out on  the back porch one day and decided to stay but our 3 cats didn't like him one bit so we asked Greg if he would like to have him . So Coal met Piper... didn't go too well and the first week he was there she growled and hissed constantly but now he has sort of grown on her and they play together. Both Piper and Coal had check-ups and Coal has been neutered.
 These two photos of Coal were taken when he had just returned home from having "the surgery". He is tiny and only weighed 4.4 pounds at his check-up and the Vet says he won't get much bigger.

 This is a "Zine" made out of one sheet of 8 1/2x11" cardstock. They are alot of fun to make and swap with other crafters.
 This showed up on the cedar tree by the driveway here at the cottage and it turns out it is bad for apple and pear trees as it cast spores that cause deformities in the fruits. It caught my eye as it looked so creepy cool. Now I am hoping no one near by has fruit trees that will be damaged by this fungi. Here is a link to the article on it -

Today is the first day of Spring - HAPPY SPRING YOU ALL!!!!

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