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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Fall!!!

Fall arrived yesterday and the weather has been rainy but still warm. I wonder if this is an indication of lots of snow for us this year... that is what is predicted. Greg is so excited about having snow... me... well lets just say I hope it isn't a LOT and lasts for days and days.

I don't know where to start in getting you all caught up so I am going to cheat and just upload pictures taken since my last post and go from there.

We made a visit to the Beaver pond... the Beavers have been busy rebuilding their damn as the DOT had come in and busted it up on them. I know they can be a nuisance but they have turned an empty lot into a lot full of life and beauty.  We so enjoy watching the battle between them and the DOT and always say "GO BEAVERS!" when we drive by and see that the water level is coming back up. They sure are determined creatures.

 One evening we took a drive to the boat ramp as we do sometimes just to see what wild life we will spot and we saw this doe. She didn't stay around long once she saw that we were pointing something toward her... they are getting fearful as Deer Hunting Season is soon. We love to see how their coats change to a darker shade in the Fall... everything has a Season.
 This toadstool caught my eye... I won't tell you what Scott said it looked like as I'm sure you can guess but I still thought it was beautiful.
 And these fungi were so lovely going up this tree. They were really white against the grey bark.
 I made some more ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and some 4x6 inch cards to share with fellow Crafters. I still have a few left if anyone is interested... the ATC's can be turned into fridge magnets just by adding some magnetic sheet to the backs. I may do that and just send them out to people. I so enjoy creating these little pieces of Art.

I also created this Creepy Halloween dimensional tag for someone on You Tube. I hope that it arrives in one piece as it was going to Canada. Hopefully the gal will like it as well. I sure had a blast creating it!
 I also created 2 paper bag mini-albums using lunch bags and I LOVE how they turned out. I need to make more of these! I'd love to make one for all sorts of Holidays and Celebrations!

OK... here's where you will see that Scott and I can be so goofy sometimes and it is good that we found one another. We stopped in Target and had some fun in their Halloween section. Just check out these spooky mixers....
Kinda creepy ice cubes if you ask me...
I bought a box of Boogers for Greg... he said they were DELICIOUS! YUCK! I mainly bought them so I can reuse the box as a pattern to create boxes to hold items that I create myself.
 And here is my partner in crime... MR CRAB HEAD!

 I wonder how long one of these costumes would remain on Tesla, Amelia or Bernadette?

 And doesn't EVERYONE need a gallon of fake blood? No we did not buy any but discussed various ways to scare the poo out of the neighbours.
 Yesterday I created this center piece following a tutorial on You Tube and I think I did a pretty good job; at first I didn't know if I'd gone overboard on it but now I really like it.

A couple blooms from our yard that I spotted on my arrival home from work this morning. I think the tulip magnolia is just confused and the Resurrection Lilies are just so beautiful!

Well I think that catches you all up on what we've been up to... oh Greg is in college! He is taking just one course but it's a start and it will give him a better idea of what classes to take next.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Yesterday I totally wigged out at work! I just don't do well with people in my personal space and there were 4 other people trying to share the same 2 1/2 foot space standing over me and I totally lost it. I just don't handle "tight" situations... one of the reasons we don't go to a lot of large events as the crowds feel so oppressive to me. Needless to say the rest of my shift felt AWKWARD!  Oh well... I am the way I am and people will have to deal with it or pitch me aside. I do much better working in a one on one situation or more if everyone else is not in my personal space.

I'm off today and I am REALLY glad! I will catch up on the laundry and housework and cook something yummy for my fellas... and then enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mixed Media 4 x 6 cards

I created these little 4 x 6  cards to enter some challenges on You Tube and to swap with other Crafters/Artists. I LOVE how these two turned out.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Feeling a Little better

I really did not sleep much last night... my mind was racing to beat the band. I guess I just took too many naps yesterday so today we are skipping ALL naps and trying to stay awake until bedtime as I have to go to bed early tonight as they changed our start time to 4 AM instead of 5 as it is "Fall Tour" time and we are the first stop for the Corporate Visitors tomorrow morning. FUN!

I made a few cards using the scraps left from the Teapot Mini album yesterday as I was trying to get my work table clear in my hobby room. Here is what I came up with...
I'm going to try to do this after each of my larger projects so that the scraps get used right away and so I will have  a variety of cards to pull from at short notice. Also last night I decided to make one more card right before my bedtime... ok so it was slightly AFTER my bedtime; could explain why the stamping isn't perfect and I will try again.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

City Of Cayce Celebrates 100 years

Friday evening Scott and I went over to the old brick works to listen to Tokyo Joe as part of the first day of the weekend long celebration for the City we live in. Thankfully the temperature had gone down so it was rather pleasant. We stayed until about 9... which is our "bedtime". There was a decent sized crowd with food and spirits available. We had all ready eaten at Zestos so weren't hungry at all.

This was the "warm up band"... LOUD ! And that is all I can say about them we got there as they were wrapping up.

One of the old kilns.

Tokyo Joe on stage... we had walked around to the back of the stage to look at the row of kilns... does that mean we had back stage passes?

A door into one of the kilns.

The moon was quite bright

Our Mayor in the white slacks... she was trying to speak with everyone there. She has been a wonderful Mayor!
Here she is talking with people in the longest line - the beer and wine cart.
First Aide had to jump to it when this little Soccer player  scrapped his knee.
My Sweetie! Scott had gone to speak with some old neighbours of ours.
ADD ON September 8, 2014 - a video Scott did that night...

Thursday, September 04, 2014


It is nearly the weekend! YEAH! We are hoping for a nice clear weekend to work on our new tractor shed. We've had several freaky storms this past week or two and I'm ready for a nice weekend. I am just hoping the pain in my hands goes away in the next couple days. Yesterday we had two trucks... one large and one small and my job was to shove things down the conveyor and slice the tops on ALL of them as they went by... OUCH! Stiff, sore and swollen. I've actually had to take my wedding band off as the finger hurts so bad. I think the cyst that is under my band area was aggravated by doing the work.

Time to get this day started... more later... maybe.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Welcome September

I can hardly believe the calendar has flipped to yet another month... they seem to fly by faster and faster. Working in Retail everything is a huge rush so the Companies can make their prime money  while the iron is hot. Each season brings on a new rush to get everything out while the margins are HOT so a high profit is made before the Season closes out and a new one arrives. RUSH RUSH RUSH! I'm ready for a slower pace but that is not to be at least until we get Greg through school. YES - he has started at Tech and is working toward a 2 year degree. I hope that he will stick with it and find GREAT success.

We had another LOUD storm move through this evening and we made a mad dash to get everything unplugged so the lightening wouldn't take anything else out. We were just given a printer by one of my lovely crafting friends and I don't want to loose it. It was so very nice of her to give it to us and it was a gift that has come in handy as Greg has a good bit he has to print off for his class. I bought him an E-version of his text since the book store was out of the book he needed for his class. What's bad is they sold him the wrong book and now I have to take that one back to the book store and I am hoping they will give me a full refund since it was their fault.
Our SUPER Cool 3D glasses!

This afternoon Greg and I went to see Sin City We saw it in 3D; something I have never seen before. It was definitely NOT a movie that I would have selected myself to view but Greg didn't want to go alone and it was pretty cool in 3D. I did develop a horrendous headache as I forgot to take a couple Asprin before we went in. I always get a head ache from seeing a movie. I think it has to do with it being so dark and the screen SO bright. But I have also been awake since a little before 4 AM and worked for 4 1/2 hours this morning and am pretty exhausted too. Well I hope everyone had a wonderful day today!

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