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Friday, September 12, 2014

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Yesterday I totally wigged out at work! I just don't do well with people in my personal space and there were 4 other people trying to share the same 2 1/2 foot space standing over me and I totally lost it. I just don't handle "tight" situations... one of the reasons we don't go to a lot of large events as the crowds feel so oppressive to me. Needless to say the rest of my shift felt AWKWARD!  Oh well... I am the way I am and people will have to deal with it or pitch me aside. I do much better working in a one on one situation or more if everyone else is not in my personal space.

I'm off today and I am REALLY glad! I will catch up on the laundry and housework and cook something yummy for my fellas... and then enjoy the weekend.

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  1. There is nothing we can do about panic attacks...I let it roll over me and try to move on (when possible, sometimes it's the shaking that gets me, sometimes I upchuck) coworkers know about my personal space issues and such...fortunately I work in the hospital so most of us has seen full blown anxiety at it's worst...

    Hoping your day off let's your body and soul unwind...


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