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Monday, September 01, 2014

Welcome September

I can hardly believe the calendar has flipped to yet another month... they seem to fly by faster and faster. Working in Retail everything is a huge rush so the Companies can make their prime money  while the iron is hot. Each season brings on a new rush to get everything out while the margins are HOT so a high profit is made before the Season closes out and a new one arrives. RUSH RUSH RUSH! I'm ready for a slower pace but that is not to be at least until we get Greg through school. YES - he has started at Tech and is working toward a 2 year degree. I hope that he will stick with it and find GREAT success.

We had another LOUD storm move through this evening and we made a mad dash to get everything unplugged so the lightening wouldn't take anything else out. We were just given a printer by one of my lovely crafting friends and I don't want to loose it. It was so very nice of her to give it to us and it was a gift that has come in handy as Greg has a good bit he has to print off for his class. I bought him an E-version of his text since the book store was out of the book he needed for his class. What's bad is they sold him the wrong book and now I have to take that one back to the book store and I am hoping they will give me a full refund since it was their fault.
Our SUPER Cool 3D glasses!

This afternoon Greg and I went to see Sin City We saw it in 3D; something I have never seen before. It was definitely NOT a movie that I would have selected myself to view but Greg didn't want to go alone and it was pretty cool in 3D. I did develop a horrendous headache as I forgot to take a couple Asprin before we went in. I always get a head ache from seeing a movie. I think it has to do with it being so dark and the screen SO bright. But I have also been awake since a little before 4 AM and worked for 4 1/2 hours this morning and am pretty exhausted too. Well I hope everyone had a wonderful day today!

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