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Sunday, April 29, 2007


Scott and I took Amelia for a nice walk about the neighborhood and I swear she seemed to smile the entire time. It's warming up nicely today and she was ready for a nice drink when we got back.

The new neighbors are expecting their first baby and we are enjoying her nesting process - so many packages, bags and baby stuff everyday - half of it she will never use. Voice of experience! OH well... she's happily nesting away; it can't be much longer until the baby's arrival. We haven't met them yet as we all work such different schedules but perhaps I will have a baby gift ready when the bows and balloons appear on their home. That should break the ice.

Scott and I will be attending a Cinco de Mayo party on the 5th. Should be fun! It's at a co-worker of Scott's home; we went last year as well and had a nice time. They had fun maragrita glasses that lit up... created some bizarre lit up faces.

ONLY 10 more days!

Then I will be taking my first vacation from work this year. YEAH! I really need the time off and away. I'm sure they will still call me - it's their nature! But hopefully they'll call someone else first while I am trying to regroup and refocus.

I have LOTS of projects in mind and I would love to visit some waterfalls or caverns or BOTH! I'm still hoping we can visit DeSoto State Park in Alabama. Scott hasn't found out if he can take the time off yet or not so we will see. I also want to get up to Spartanburg to visit my family there. So much I would love to do but won't be able to fit it in a single week I'm sure.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Loretta Lynn!

YES! I talked Scott into Loretta Lynn! We will see her in concert on May 6th at the Koger Center. I can hardly wait!

Maybe Alabama?! Or Loretta Lynn? BOTH!

We are touing with the idea of visiting Alabama for our Anniversary as neither of us has been there before. The DeSoto State Park looks pretty interesting -

They have a lodge with rooms for about what a motel would cost. But a lot will depend if they have any openings. The Chalets look pretty nice too but are a bit more costly.

Also I just heard on the radio that Loretta Lynn will be in town May 6th to perform. That would also be a lot of fun for me. I grew up on country and bluegrass and gospel - can you tell my Grandma raised me! Will put all this past Scott as soon as he gets home.


I am awake because I am having some extreme pain in my left elbow. I'm not sure what is causing it but I took 2 asprin in the hopes it will let up before I have to leave for the store; got to be over there at 6 this morning. Hopefully it will let up soon. I think it is a wake up call that I need to visit the doctor for a check-up. I haven't had a thorough check-up since before starting back to work... nearly 3 years ago. I'm not as young and I'm sure I have caused a lot of wear and tear on my body as I can't set still for too long.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sleepy muses

I slept a lot earlier today between cooking and mowing so now I'm having trouble resting. Oh well I am feeling a bit more functional. Scott is sleeping well so I don't want to disturb him. He has had a full week all ready with having to put on what he calls "dog and pony shows" . He is good at them but they exhaust him. We will both be glad when we can take some time off. We are planning on re-purposing some rooms and redecorating them as well. The dining room will become the office; the den the dining room and the front office our living room. We may start on the den to dining remodel next month. The current copy of Better Homes and Garden has a delightful set up that would work by the fireplace on it's cover. In place of the windows we would hang mirrors or framed art and spot lights above on either side of the fireplace. We want to get rid of the 1960's paneling and hang sheet rock and then paint the kitchen and this room the same colors and put down vinyl or tile through out. We would look at getting a rug for under the table and I still have the fabric for the fancy beaded drapes. Perhaps I will post pictures as we progress through the projects.

The back yard looks a lot better and Amelia (dog) was so happy I spent the morning with her in the yard. She kept bringing me her toys and wagging up a storm. She looked so sad when I came back in the house so I gave her a couple dog cookies.

OFF on my day off!

I was going to go in and work on some paper work today but decided against it and have stayed home and cleaned up and mowed the back yard and plan to do the front yard on Thursday. I mailed a bunch of packages for Scott as he has been selling old computer stuff that we no longer use on Ebay. Yes; I went to the PO even though it was his idea to sell the stuff. It makes more room for fabric and crafting stuff! LOL! I really need to stop buying stuff until I create a closet full of clothes and gifts for everyone in my family and Scott's family. Lord knows I could stay busy with what I have now for YEARS! But it is so hard to resist a "good deal" on something that creates pleasure in my mind. Colors and textures are so alluring!

I have dishes washing and will reload the dishwasher as soon as I can; I also need to sweep and vacuum floors and do a bit of laundry. I think I will make scalloped potatoes with ham for dinner with some beans and perhaps mac n' cheese. I should bake a pie for Scott as well. It's been so long since I cooked a REAL dinner. He will be in shock!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Crazy thing called life!

I keep scheduling days off but they never happen. Perhaps next week I will manage a couple days off; I've scheduled off Tuesday and Thursday we will see how it goes. We have a LOT to get accomplished next week at the store.

I'm still thinking on where Scott and I could go for our anniversary... I'm thinking that hiding out at home might be better as we have a lot to catch up around here and we both need lots of sleep. He will be traveling soon as they are discussing travel itinerary during meetings.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Greg was late for work and needed gas and he was dragging his feet like he had all the time in the world. It about drove Scott and I completely bonkers! I keep telling Scott we need to sell this house and move up to the property and then Greg would move out as he wants no part of living out in the country with us. I will miss him but not the headache of watching him grow up face to face everyday; day in and day out!

Friday, April 13, 2007


We have this section mowed clear now and it is a delightful clearing where I have thoughts of setting up a croquet or bocce yard.

And Gwen's Mom is pretty talented too!

My sister, Robin is an extremely talented potter! Here are a few of her more detailed pieces. She made me a wonderful deep brown serving bowl for my birthday! I'll have to post a picture of that soon.


Gwen has the voice of an angel and everyone loves to hear her sing. She definitely has the voice to take her anywhere she want sto go!

Time FLYS!

Me at work over a year ago! Hard to beleive I've been working for Jo-Ann's this long and am now the store manager. I'm sure glad that the stock room never looks this full anymore. And that we are able to move the freight so much faster; it's good having a team that works together so well. There is always more room for improvement but we have come a long way all ready... if I do say so myself!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy EASTER?!

Feeling more like Thanksgiving or Christmas... brrr. At least we are not getting snow like our northern states. We are planning to stay home and relax over the Easter holiday and hopefully I will be in a better frame of mind for the rest of next week. I've been sort of crabbie the last few days and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I haven't been home enough and I haven't been sleeping as well as I need to. I know that Scott is missing me terribly and I need to make more time for him as well. Our house and yard look terrible and that makes me depressed knowing how I used to keep such a lovely home and yard. Perhaps we will be able to find the house this weekend.

Greg is working at Jiffy Lube right now and seems to enjoy it for the most part. He has a sinus infection at the moment but no funds to go to the Dr. He gets paid on Monday but is feeling so horrible now that I'm thinking of just taking him to Doctors Care. He has no insurance so it will be a total out of pocket expense for him or us.

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Easter!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Where oh where to go?!

I keep thinking about where Scott and I could go for our 22nd wedding anniversary which is not too far off now. Somewhere peaceful and quiet - I think the mountains would be perfect. But am still thinking....

Monday, April 02, 2007

So sleepy!

I really need to be in bed all ready but felt I should give a little update in case someone does read this blog. Scott has an appointment with a sleep specialist on the 11th; they sent a lengthy survey for him to fill out and he HATES filling out forms of any kind. He keeps talking about canceling the appointment and I've told him he can't as I want him around awhile longer. We haven't even gotten moved up to our property and our dream house built yet. Besides it won't hurt him to go and perhaps there will be a solution to help him sleep better.

Greg's cat keeps getting in fights with a stray that is meaner than a snake. He is currently hidiing under the buffet cabinet as Greg was talking about cleaning the wound out with peroxide... Nick hates that. He looks pretty ruff. May end up at the vet again this week.

I went to lunch with Gypsye today. It was good to see her once again. She is enjoying her now single life and stays busy with various nightly groups like "Stitch and Bitch"and "Poetry nights" at the Red Tub. Sounds like fun. I'm always too exhausted at the end of the day to go anywhere. A craft night sounds like so much fun! I'm glad she is staying busy.

Good night world!

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