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Monday, November 25, 2019

Vegetarian... NOT going well

Going Vegetarian is not as easy as I felt it would be. I have been eating meat and dairy again. So I would say this experiment has failed entirely. It is hard to make dietary changes when you have to include other people in the meals. Scott said he would eat whatever I fixed but I could tell he was not thrilled about it... especially the no bacon/sausage and eggs in the mornings. Breakfast is his favorite meal of the day. I can go with the loaded oatmeal... oatmeal, fruit, nuts and seeds; but he needs some protein.

Another thing I discovered is aside from hot sour soup with tofu in it... I hate tofu done any other way. So I cut that out of the plan too.

I need to focus on just MORE vegetables in each meal to fill out dietary needs and reduce the portion size of the meats. Meat is just too expensive these days. Perhaps we will eventually end up Vegetarians but I think a slower transition will be better. Perhaps start with one day a week and then two and then three would be better than trying to go all in at once.

My 7 day average for my blood glucose is 127 (an A1C of about 5.6). I have not weighed myself this week... will do that next week. Today I have an appointment with the Orthopedic Dr about my left knee. I am in no pain at all now and quit taking the Naproxin last Friday. So I am going to talk with him about forgoing the surgery for now and see if the tear in the meniscus will heal on it's own. I will ask about exercises to help with that.

Until next week.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Updates on Health

Hello everyone! ME AGAIN!  I hope everyone is staying warm during this cold blast we are getting. I am so glad we have a home with heat to stay warm and my heart goes out to those that do not.

 I guess I will start with the results of the MRI I got  last week... I have a pretty severe Meniscus tear on the inside of my left knee. The Ortho gave me a cortisone shot and a prescription for 30 days of Naproxen. I go back to see him week after next and we will discuss whether to do surgery or not . It would be an Outpatient procedure and they would go in and shave the damage away to my meniscus. There would be a recovery period afterwards to regain full use of the knee. I was feeling so much better yesterday I tried to run with the dog (Bernadette)... HUGE MISTAKE. Hurt like crazy and I saw stars  and now the pain is back; not as severe but above a dull ache so it is annoying. UGH! Lesson learned and I am now only walking slowly and taking it easy. This is all so frustrating for me as I am used to going and going as I please. I will give an update on this in a couple weeks.

I went to the Dentist on Tuesday and got a GREAT report. NO CAVITIES!!! And now I have smile that sparkles... at least until I've started drinking coffee again. I was thrilled to have no cavities! Next visit with her will be in May.

OK lets get to the health update. For anyone that doesn't know Cortisone will mess your sugar up for SEVERAL days afterwards. I am saying this as my weekly average shows this immensely as I had a reading of 189 for my fasting the day after I received the shot which affected my weekly average. This morning my fasting reading was 119... YEAH!!!! So now to the averages for the current 7 day period .... My readings are 75% in range and the average is 141 (A1C - about a 6.1). I really am aiming for my average to be under 130 by January. Currently my meter shows my 90 day average is 132 (A1C about 5.9) which is AWESOME! I am so hoping to be under 6.0 by my next check in January with the Dr.

Now my weight... I weighed in this morning but only looked at weight in pounds not the BMI, percentage of fat and the rest... I will do that next week. So this morning I weighed 194.6 a loss of 2.2 pounds. YEAH!

I have struggled with staying 100% Vegan but I am pushing forward to reaching that goal as well. It's learning and unlearning so much of what I learned growing up. I keep exploring different ways to get all the Nutrients we need from a plant based diet without using tofu. Scott is being a good sport and just eating what I prepare with no complaints... quite a breath of fresh air from how he was when we were younger. (LOVE YA SWEETY).

See ya all next week!

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Weekly Check-In

I am skipping weighing in this week as I am having trouble with my left leg. I am having an MRI tomorrow and will find out the results on Friday. I will weigh-in next Monday.

 I will report that my current glucose average for the past 7 days is 130 which puts me at an A1C of about 5.8. My 90 day average is 132 (A1C - 6.2). There are all sorts of conversion charts available online if you want to print one off to easily see where your glucose level falls on the A1C range.

This is but one site with a chart - They also have a lot of GREAT information to help you get your glucose (A1C) where it should be for a healthy life.

See you next week!

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