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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Health and Crafts

GOOD MORNING! Here it is Saturday all ready! I am feeling so much better these days and am hoping to continue to better health. Lots more energy that is for sure! When your sugar is way out of line you just feel exhausted all the time... no matter how much sleep you get. So with all that added energy I have been crafting! OF COURSE! Here are some of the projects I completed this week.

This was my "prototype" - I drew this pattern up myself and created this
little bag. I love how it turned out but the flap needed a little fine
The bag on the right is my second creation using the pattern I created and I really love
how it turned out. I want to draw up a pattern for a matching wallet so that I can use
the second bag on days when I want to travel extra lightly and be hands free. The straps are long
enough to wear across my body so as not to put stress on my shoulder. I plan to make
more of these bags to use up some fabrics. Perhaps I will finally work up the courage
to sell my items.

Butterflies I created from "ink blots" I created by folding index cards in half with paint on
one side. I added more paint to them and used a white gel pen to add detail and then sealed
them with Aleene's Glitter Decoupage  
This one is my favorite!

And here you see the four I am keeping turned into magnets using ProMAG Magnetic Paper
and Scotch quick dry glue. They are so glittery!!! Fun and Colorful!

I have set up some swaps for the "spare" butterflies for some online crafting friends and only have two left and I think I am going to send them to some little Crafters just starting out - 10 and 12 years old. I want to encourage the younger set!

I have some other crafts to share but can't until next weekend as they are part of something.

I hope all is well with you all.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Name is Becky... and I AM a Diabetic

Had a pretty good scare on Monday... Blood Pressure and Sugar WAY UP! Went to the Doctor as soon as I got off from work and am now taking Metformin twice a day 1000mg tablets to get my sugar under control. At the Doctors office my blood sugar was 314 and they ran an A1C test that came back at 8.8. SO we are making some changes in our lives to get better.

Scott is at the Dr right now for the same reason. It's serious life changes around here. We are leaning toward going Vegan... any good cookbook or website ideas?...PLEASE share in the comments section. THANKS!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

August has ARRIVED!

We are nearing the end of Summer and it won't be long until all the children are back in school. Each year seems to fly by faster the older I get. I can remember my Grandmother saying, "Don't wish your life away" when I would say things like I wish it was Fall during the heat of the Summer... BOY I KNOW WHAT SHE MEANT NOW!

Scott went up to work on his Uncle's house again Friday and stayed over until Saturday. There is still more to get done but he has done so much the past two weekends that next weekend he is taking off from working on it and we may make it to our nephews 7th birthday party next Saturday. It would be nice to see my family for an afternoon celebration.

I went outside Friday night to try to get picture's of the Blue Moon... well a dark cloud had other ideas... It did not stop me from attempting to get some interesting photos.

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